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    35 Sleeper Sofas That Will Totally Justify Taking More Nap Breaks

    Crashing on the couch has never been so appealing.

    1. A soft, velvet sofa that's super easy to convert into a sleeper whenever you're too tired to make it to the bed after binge-watching the latest season of Lucifer...again. Comes with toss pillows, too!

    2. A small and sleek sleeper chaise sofa with an attached pullout cushion so you won't ever need to worry about extra mattresses or fitted sheets.

    3. A vintage-looking velvet futon that can easily be turned into a twin-sized sleeper for guests.

    4. A queen-sized sleeper sofa that comes in 62 colors so you can match it as close as chromatically possible to the rest of your living room decor to a T.

    5. A stylish futon (unlike the one you had in college) that'll be the centerpiece of the room and can be adjusted to be in a sitting, lounging, or sleeping position.

    6. A modern-looking sleeper sofa – it'll fit in small spaces but still folds out to be a full-sized bed (or just a place to stretch your legs out).

    7. four-in-one sofa that's also an ottoman, a chair, a lounger, and a sleeper so you can get the most bed for your $$$.

    a reclined gray four-in-one sofa bed
    an infographic displaying the ottoman, sofa/chair, lounger, and bed positions of the four-in-one sofa

    Shipping Note: Delivery usually takes 7–11 business days.

    Promising review: "Awesome! Omg I was kind of worried about how stable this would be and how many different ways it makes different positions. Well if you want an ottoman, a chair, and a bed, I would recommend this item. It is so comfortable and STURDY, and the bed feels great. Oh and the skirts have magnets on the ends to keep them from moving around. I can’t say enough about how AWESOME this product is ❤️❤️" –Donna S.

    Get it from Amazon for $359.99 (available in two sizes and 10 colors).

    We've also got you covered with some other sofa recommendations from Amazon.

    8. A simple sleeper sofa with easily removable back cushions for last-minute overnight guests to crash on without them crushing said couch cushions.

    Front of blue sofa

    9. A tri-fold sleeper sofa that transforms from a chair to a chaise and lounger in a matter of seconds so you can get to snoozing that much faster.

    10. A modern wide tufted convertible sofa that takes one second to transform into a twin-sized sleeper.

    11. Or a kids' sleeper sofa, if you're looking for something *much* smaller, much more affordable, and, most importantly, easy-to-clean.

    12. A reclinable faux leather sleeper so timelessly stylish, you'll enjoy looking at it *almost* as much as you'll enjoy taking your afternoon naps on it.

    a brown faux leather sofa
    a reclined brown faux leather sofa

    Promising review: "Just what I was looking for. I needed a couch big enough for visitors to sleep on that didn’t break the bank yet had a polished look and this couch was it. It took about one hour for me to put together but would be much easier with two people. The seat cushions are on the firmer side so you may need a foam pad if you like to sleep on a cushy surface. Expecting my guests to enjoy this couch. Very happy with how it all turned out and is a great deal for the price." –Amanda

    Get it from Wayfair for $599.99 (originally $910; available in two colors). 

    13. An inexpensive sleeper sofa that checks off all the boxes of being modern, versatile, and small enough to fit in a studio apartment.

    14. A 76-inch sleeper sofa with reversible cushions and a pull-out queen-sized mattress that reviewers say is *actually* pretty darn comfortable.

    15. A sleeper sofa that has a reversible chaise so you won't ever have to settle for an awkwardly placed couch again.

    16. A comfy and modern convertible sleeper for an eye-catching piece of furniture that's still totally functional (and will have your guests excited to crash on your couch).

    17. A queen-sized sleek sleeper sofa (try saying that five times fast) that's custom-made to be the sleeper sofa ~of your dreams~ (or, at the very least, your naps).

    18. A reversible sectional sofa with a pullout bed and large storage chaise to put all your blankets in so you'll always be ready for last-minute sleepovers.

    19. A classy 87-inch sofa sleeper that comes in 112 (!!!) colors and folds out to have a queen-sized mattress. Talk about the royal treatment!

    20. A full-sized sleeper sofa that looks like leather but feels like you're lounging (or sleeping) on a soft, plush cloud.

    21. A futon that'll match your modern decor *perfectly*, whether you get it in faux leather, linen, or velvet.

    22. A simple yet chic square arm sofa sleeper to make your living room look like it's straight out of an issue of Fancy Furniture Magazine Monthly.

    23. A weather-resistant outdoor sleeper sofa for nights when you want to ~sleep under the stars~.