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    22 Couches Under $500 That Are Absolutely Nap-Worthy

    These couches are comfy, cute, and best of all, (relatively) cheap.

    1. A convertible L-shaped sofa boasting hidden storage and a moveable ottoman so even the person stuck in the middle seat can get in on the sectional action!

    reviewer photo of a beige sectional couch
    reviewer photo of a beige sectional couch with a matching ottoman at a slant in front of it

    Promising review: "I really love this sofa for the price and quality and size. It was not hard to put together and it fit well with my decor. No problems with the seats inflating, just wait a few hours and it's good to go. It's not overall huge but perfect for normal size room." –Ms. Campbell

    Get it from Amazon for $319.97+ (available in four colors). 

    2. A convertible linen L-shaped sofa made for loungin', nappin', bingin' new TV shows, and just about everything in between. 

    the brown sectional sofa

    Shipping: Arrives within one week.

    Promising review: "I've been through a few cheap couches. But this one actually has quality that matches price. It's built sturdy and easy to put together. The cushions are thick, plush, and supportive. The chaise can be on either side or detached. Very nice couch." –TimeLord

    Get it from Walmart for $249.99+ (available in four colors). 

    3. A faux leather sectional made to be comfy and durable at the same time. It's well on its way to becoming the well-worn, beloved couch of your dreams.

    4. A gray velvet sectional with super-soft cushiness and the glorious feeling of comfort you'll get from sinking into it after a hard day's work.

    gray velvet sectional

    5. A tufted and studded convertible sectional with a reversible chaise, so the ~midday nap~ section of the couch is just one adjustment away.

    the grey tufted and studded sectional sofa

    Shipping: Arrives within one week.

    Promising review: "I love the color and the nail heads adorning the couch brings a touch of elegance to space it is in. It looks exactly like the picture! The instructions were easy to follow and additional tools were required. The cushions are very firm, which is fine by me and my back! The company representative I worked with was very responsive when I reached out to request assistance. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and looking at adding pieces to the decor." –Honeyamber1

    Get it from Amazon for $499.99+ (clip the coupon on the product page to get $150 off this price; available in two colors). 

    6. A comfy and classic three-seat sofa begging for an invite to your next night-in, where you binge a new TV show and eat all of the wonderful snacks that your kitchen has to offer. 

    a blue velvety sofa with throw pillows and blankets on it

    Shipping note: Delivery within two weeks. 

    Promising review: "We absolutely love this sofa!! We put it in our play room and it’s the perfect size and is so comfy! The quality is very good and it was easy to put together – I did it myself in about 20 minutes. The packaging was nice, nothing was damaged and everything was covered individually. It’s very soft and the back cushions are a down material, so you sink into them. I love the wood accents on the legs, making it a little more neutral and casual than a typical velvet couch. The blue is beautiful – it’s not a navy but not a cobalt either, it’s a really nice, muted color in between. We have already had a spill and it cleaned up easily with our favorite carpet cleaner. It’s easy for my kids to get on and off of but it’s not too low to the ground to make it uncomfortable for adults, either. I can comfortably lounge on it and I am 5’11". I think it’s a great sofa, especially for the price point." –Sgibson15

    Get it from Target for $460 (available in two colors). 

    7. A 71-inch mid-century futon for you to recline in and catch some Zzzs after a long day of being your fabulous self.

    8. A 62-inch tufted loveseat reviewers can't stop raving about because it's *that* comfortable.

    9. An eye-catching convertible sleeper with a chevron design on the back cushions so your buddies have a place to crash in style.

    reviewer photo of the blue couch in an upright position
    reviewer photo of the couch in a flat, sleeper position

    Shipping note: Delivery usually takes 9–15 days. 

    Promising review: "I don’t usually write reviews for anything but this is absolutely perfect! The assembly was quick. The instructions were simple and straightforward. It only took about and hour to put together...If you don't mind a firm seat, it’s great. It's not like those couches you sink into. It got to me days before the estimated day. And it's affordable. If you’re considering buying it… GO FOR IT! <3" –Grace

    Get it from Amazon for $349.99+ (available in four colors). 

    10. A brown faux leather loveseat for you to contemplate life's hardest questions in, like, "Why didn't I get this sooner?"

    11. A timeless 72-inch square arm mid-century sofa guaranteed to never go out of style and complement any room you put it in.

    12. A cream-colored, square-arm loveseat with a practical touch: built-in pockets! Finally, your remote and candy wrappers won't end up in the never-ending abyss of the dreaded cushion chasm! 

    a beige loveseat with two pockets on the end

    Shipping note: Delivery typically takes four days. 

    Promising review: "Obsessed with this couch!!! I have had it for a while and it has held up amazingly. The color on point!" –Deborah

    Get it from Wayfair for $306.17

    13. And a smaller 60-inch velvet loveseat so you can have them face each other to create your own matching furniture set.

    14. A handy convertible futon with built-in cupholders (!!!) that you can use as a sofa, lounger, or bed because you deserve all the options.

    a grey futon in an upright position with a middle cushion pulled down to reveal cupholders
    the gray futon laying flat with a blue throw blanket tossed on it

    Shipping note: Delivery usually takes 4–5 days. 

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful little loveseat. Easy to assemble and the fabric is exactly what I was expecting. The seat is high and firm, which makes it easy for my older in-laws and disabled husband to get up and down from. It's not the softest, most snuggly couch, which is fine with me because it makes up for that by being so pretty. I’d buy the matching sofa." –Bobbie

    Get it from Walmart for $259.99+ (originally $679.98+; available in two colors). 

    15. A plushy velvet sofa here to take your living room from "blah" to "fancy pants," which we all know is the highest level of sophistication. 

    a purple velvet loveseat

    Shipping note: Delivery usually takes 1–1.5 weeks. 

    Promising review: "Perfect sized sofa for us. Arrived on time and in beautiful condition. We had it together in no time and shortly thereafter our dog, Linde, christened it and pronounced it a comfy place to lounge." –Sandra

    Get it from Wayfair for $264.99+ (originally $349.99+; available in two sizes and 25 colors). 

    16. Or an armless velvet loveseat if you're looking for a sleek 'n small style that'll still make a big impact.

    the teal velvet armless loveseat

    Shipping note: Deliver typically takes three days.

    Promising review: "We got this in the grey it’s a beautiful addition to the living room! It’s small but super cute!" –Cindy

    Get it from Wayfair for $329.99+ (originally $599.99; available in 14 colors). 

    17. A super stylish loveseat that's basically a requirement for anyone with Parisian home decor.

    18. A velvet futon to help you finally fulfill your dreams of furnishing your home with vintage-inspired decor. And much like George Costanza, if it was socially acceptable you too would drape yourself in velvet!

    19. A comfy velvet couch featuring extra cushioned seats, backrests, and armrests so you'll never complain about that darn couch throwing your back out again.

    20. A square arm tufted loveseat boasting comfy cushions that won't lose their shape after you've spent all afternoon (and night...and perhaps early morning...) rewatching all the Marvel movies.

    21. A 81.5-inch Novogratz round arm sleeper boasting a ribbed tufted cushioned back you'll want to plop yourself down in every time you get a chance.

    green sleeper

    22. A slightly more splurgy and vintage-looking velvet futon you can effortlessly turn into a sleeper for you and your friends after a successful bottomless mimosa brunch.