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    49 Incredible Films You Can Watch In 90 Minutes

    Shortish films, from Stand by Me to The Shallows.

    Dan Dalton / BuzzFeed

    1. Before Sunset (2004), 80 mins

    Castle Rock

    Baby, you are gonna miss that plane. 😭

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    2. Elephant (2003), 81 mins

    HBO Films

    Two disaffected teens plot a school shooting, very, very slowly.

    Where to watch: DVD/Blu-ray only.

    3. Mean Creek (2004), 90 mins

    Paramount Classics

    If you've ever been on a nice river trip with your friends, this is like that, except the exact opposite.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Netflix US.

    4. Slow West (2015), 83 mins

    A24 Films

    Proto-meninist travels from Scotland to Mid-West America in search of his love, enlisting help from an outlaw to stop him being a sulky shit.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Amazon.

    5. Stand by Me (1986), 89 mins

    Columbia Pictures

    Four boys in '50s USA go off in search of a body, only to discover themselves. And the body.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    6. The Squid and the Whale (2005), 81 mins

    Samuel Goldwyn Films

    Two boys try to deal with their parent's divorce in 1980s Brooklyn. Takes them 81 mins.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    7. The Station Agent (2003), 90 mins

    Miramax Films

    A man loses his only friend then makes two more.

    Where to watch: Hulu, iTunes, Google Play.

    8. Airplane! (1980), 88 mins


    When the pilots of a commercial airliner fall sick, a former fighter ace with a fear of flying must help land it safely. One of the funniest films ever made, surely!

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes.

    9. Black Dynamite (2009), 84 mins


    This pitch-perfect parody of '70s blaxploitation cinema finds Black Dynamite up against a vast conspiracy that leads all the way to The Man!

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, iTunes, Google Play.

    10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), 89 mins

    Universal Pictures

    Don't worry, millennials, Gen X were assholes too. Hilarious, hilarious assholes.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, iTunes, Google Play.

    11. Frances Ha (2012), 86 mins

    IFC Films

    A New York woman who doesn't know what she wants to do with her life gets hella whimsical instead.

    Where to watch: Netflix US, Hulu, iTunes.

    12. Hot Rod (2007), 87 mins

    Paramount Pictures

    An inept stuntman tries to raise money to fund surgery for his stepfather, parodying all the best '80s films along the way. This film is hilarious I'll fight you.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Xfinity.

    13. Liar Liar (1997), 86 mins

    Universal Pictures

    After his son makes a birthday wish, a lawyer can't lie for a whole day, honest.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Amazon.

    14. Mannequin (1987), 90 mins

    20th Century Fox

    A struggling artist builds himself a Manic Plastic Dream Girl who only comes to life when no one else is around. Then they bone to Starship.

    Where to watch: DVD/Blu-ray only.

    15. Office Space (1999), 89 mins

    20th Century Fox

    It used to be funny but now it's just your life.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    16. Sleepwalk With Me (2012), 81 mins

    IFC Films

    A failing stand-up comedian struggles with his relationship and bouts of sleepwalking until he's just sad enough to be funny.

    Where to watch: Netflix US, Google Play.

    17. This Is Spinal Tap (1984), 85 mins

    Embassy Pictures

    Nigel: It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    18. The Naked Gun (1988), 87 mins

    Paramount Pictures

    When someone hatches a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II, bumbling detective Frank Drebin is put on the case. Nice beaver!

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    19. The Castle (1997), 84 mins

    Village Roadshow

    Docudrama about a typical Australian family.

    Where to watch: DVD, Blu-ray.

    20. What We Do in the Shadows (2014), 86 mins

    Madman Entertainment

    Mockumentary following a group of vampires in a New Zealand house share. This is one of the funniest films you'll ever see. Watch it.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, YouTube, Redbox.

    21. Zoolander (2001), 89 mins

    Paramount Pictures

    A really, really, ridiculously good-looking model overcomes his personal demons to finally turn left. Magnum!

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Netflix US.

    22. Beauty and the Beast (1992), 84 mins


    Beloved cartoon musical about two furries and their talking crockery.

    Where to watch: iTunes, YouTube US.

    23. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), 87 mins

    20th Century Fox

    Wes Anderson's whimsical, wonderful stop-motion adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic tale.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    24. My Neighbor Totoro (1988), 86 mins


    Two young girls move to rural Japan to be near their sick mother. Struggling with grief and girlhood, they meet forest spirits who take them on magical adventures and oh god this film is just the best I'm sobbing.

    Where to watch: DVD/Blu-ray only.

    25. The Lion King (1994), 89 mins


    A lion cub must first kill his father and then his uncle to finally rule over the jungle.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    26. Blue Ruin (2013), 90 mins


    A violent act sends a drifter back to his childhood home in search of vengeance. Maybe also a haircut. But definitely vengeance.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    27. Enemy (2013), 90 mins


    Not really sure what was going on, but the ending will fuck you up for life.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Vudu.

    28. Fermat’s Room (2007), 88 mins

    IFC Films

    Four mathematicians invited to a conference at a remote mansion find themselves locked in a shrinking room and must engineer an escape before they are crushed to death. Still better than most conferences.

    Where to watch: DVD, Blu-ray only.

    29. Phone Booth (2002), 81 mins

    20th Century Fox

    Colin Farrell's asshole publicist answers a payphone only to be held hostage by a disgruntled sniper. The film led to the rapid decline of the public phone booth. Mobile phones also helped. But mostly this film.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    30. Attack the Block (2011), 88 mins


    John Boyega leads a gang of leisurewear-clad London youths protecting their London housing estate against alien invaders.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    31. Chronicle (2012), 84 mins

    20th Century Fox

    Found-footage film following three teens who develop superpowers and are total millennials about it.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Xfinity.

    32. Circle (2015), 86 minutes


    A group of strangers decide who should die, one by one, based on prejudice and self-preservation. The world's worst focus group, essentially.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, iTunes.

    33. Cloverfield (2007), 90 mins

    Paramount Pictures

    A giant alien lands in New York, which really fucks up a sweet dinner party.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Hulu, iTunes.

    34. Cube (1997), 90 mins

    Trimark Pictures

    When five people wake up in a room with no memory of how they got there, they soon realise they are stuck in a labyrinth of cube-shaped rooms filled with deadly traps. Absolute mare.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    35. Ghost in the Shell (1995), 82 mins

    Anchor Bay

    Highly influential Japanese anime about a cyborg cop tracking a dangerous hacker, with philosophical results.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Hulu.

    36. Commando (1985), 90 mins

    20th Century Fox

    Libertarian bodybuilder exercises his Second Amendment rights against a fetishist who kidnapped his daughter.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, Vudu.

    37. Crank (2006), 88 mins


    Chev Chelios has been given a poison that will kill him before he can exact revenge...unless he can keep his adrenalin levels up. Dunno why he doesn't just read the comments.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    38. District B13 (2004), 84 mins


    A con and a cop team up to fight corrupt officials with parkour.

    Where to watch: iTunes.

    39. Anvil: The Story of Anvil (2008), 80 mins


    Documentary following the exploits of influential but relatively unknown metal band Anvil. Now in their fifties, the guys take one last shot at their dream.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Sony Entertainment.

    40. Overnight (2003), 82 mins


    Documentary about pub bouncer Troy Duffy, who sold the script for crime thriller The Boondock Saints and became both an overnight Hollywood sensation and just a giant asshole.

    Where to watch: YouTube.

    41. Searching for Sugar Man (2012), 86 mins

    Sony Pictures Classics

    When '70s folk sensation Rodriguez fell off the map, his huge South African fanbase thought him dead. Turns out he was just in Detroit.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    42. The King of Kong (2007), 79 mins


    Two grown men bravely ignore family and responsibility in the fight to become Donkey Kong world champion.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Vudu.

    43. When We Were Kings (1996), 88 mins

    Gramercy Pictures

    Academy Award-winning documentary about the 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman in Zaire. Guaranteed goosebumps, even if you're not a boxing fan.

    Where to watch: DVD/Blu-ray only.

    44. Paranormal Activity (2007), 86 mins

    Paramount Pictures

    A film so terrifying Stephen Spielberg put the DVD in a black bag and told his assistant to get it out of his house.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, iTunes, Google Play.

    45. Sightseers (2012), 89 mins

    StudioCanal UK

    A caravan holiday gets a bit murder-y. Presumably like all caravan holidays.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Hulu.

    46. The Evil Dead (1981), 85 mins

    New Line Cinema

    A group of teens travel to a remote cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash evil spirits, which really just ruins everyone's weekend.

    Where to watch: iTunes, YouTube US.

    47. The Monster Squad (1987), 82 mins

    TriStar Pictures

    A gang of kids obsessed with monsters must stop Dracula and friends taking over the world, because adults are assholes, I guess.

    Where to watch: iTunes, Google Play.

    48. The Shallows (2016), 87 mins

    Columbia Pictures

    It's Blake Lively vs A FRICKIN' SHARK. What more do you need?!

    Where to watch: In cinemas.

    49. Zombieland (2009), 87 mins

    Gramercy Pictures

    In a post–zombie apocalypse America, an unlikely group of survivors team up to slay Bill Murray and visit a theme park.

    Where to watch: Netflix UK, iTunes, Vudu.

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