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25 Fancy Kitchen Gifts That Are As Useful As They Are Luxurious

Because a touchscreen toaster is the gift they don't need, but do deserve.

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1. A waffle maker that adjusts the temperature as it cooks so they can leggo their Eggo and have perfectly fluffy waffles every time.

Waffles cooking in opened waffle maker placed on kitchen counter

2. A touchscreen toaster to replace the crusty one they've had in their kitchen for longer than they'd like to admit. It heats much faster than a traditional unit and has a touchscreen that lets them choose their preferred level of crispiness.

Model touching screen on Revolution toaster

3. A moisture-absorbing pizza stone that will keep their pizzas warm and toasty, because there's nothing worse than a cold, soggy pie.

4. A electric corkscrew that can gauge the temperature of their wine before they open the bottle, because they probably deserve a perfectly chilled glass right about now.

Electric corkscrew with temperature displayed on the screen

5. And a wine purifier so they can remove the impurities and really bring out all the flavors of that perfectly chilled bottle.

Model pouring red wine through Ullo purifier into decanter

6. A set of truffle-infused hot sauces for the person who likes it spicy and sophisticated. The set comes with three bottles in increasing levels of hotness, so they can pick how adventurous they're feeling that that day.

Three bottles of Truff hot sauce next to gift box

7. A nitro cold brew maker that dispenses bubbly, frothy caffeinated goodness with the simple pull of the lever. It will basically turn their kitchen into their own personal coffee shop.

Model pouring nitro cold brew from keg

8. A meat thermometer that connects to their smartphone to track the temperature and give them estimated cook times so they can take their steak game to the next level.

Meat thermometer, charging stand, and smartphone with accompanying app on screen

9. A versatile electric pasta maker for the home chef who, unlike Ina Garten, believes store-bought is never fine.

Pasta maker producing fresh spaghetti noodles

10. A stove top kettle that replaces the annoying high-pitched screeching sound with a two-note harmonic whistle. It also looks way more chic than a kettle has any right to.

11. Or an electric gooseneck kettle that can get their water to the exact temperature they prefer and keep it there for 60 minutes, which is perfect for the person who takes their coffee way too seriously.

12. A glassware set for the whiskey lover who wants to chill their favorite beverage without diluting the flavor — and feel like they're in an episode of Mad Men.

Gift set featuring two old fashioned glasses, two whiskey cubes and two colossal cube ice molds

13. A set of truffle oil, salt, honey and mustard for the person on your list who wouldn't dare use regular condiments.

Bottles of truffle oil, truffle mustard, truffle salt and truffle honey

14. A handblown glass oil pourer, because nothing ruins a fancy kitchen's aesthetic like plastic bottles with tacky labels.

Three handblown glass olive oil pourers in Sunrise Pink, Twilight Blue and Seaside Green

15. A Wi-Fi-enabled air fryer they can control from their smartphone so they can schedule meals up to four hours in advance and know exactly when their fried goodies are ready.

Model using smartphone app connected to Cosori air fryer

16. A collapsible cheese board that looks simple at first but is actually hiding some fun secrets. There's a swivel tray that's perfect for fancy hors d'oeuvres and a hidden drawer with three cheese knives.

Cheese plate opened up to reveal swivel compartment with various snacks and toppings, and the hidden drawer opened to reveal cheese knives

17. A ceramic French press with two matching mugs for the caffeine connoisseur who shudders at the sight of a regular drip coffee maker.

Marble-style ceramic French press on serving tray with two matching coffee cups

18. A wine preservation system that simply pierces the cork so they can pour as much as they like and then save the rest of the bottle for later — if they have that kind of self-control.

19. A voice-controlled microwave so they can shout, "Alexa, microwave for two minutes" and truly feel like they're living in the future.

Amazon Basics microwave on kitchen counter

20. A fancy smart mug that will keep their coffee, tea or other hot beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. It lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge, and if they have enough self-control to make a cup of coffee last longer than that, I simply cannot relate.

21. A handcrafted cutting board with their name at the top so everyone knows who runs the kitchen.

Wooden cutting board with Leah & Ben cut out at the top with tomatoes and herbs scattered on top

22. A sous vide that connects to their smartphone so they'll never under/overcook their food again.

A sous vide reading "51.5" placed into a pot of water with meat

23. A device to turn frozen fruit into a creamy soft serve dessert to curb a sweet tooth without all the extra sugar.

Model placing strawberry on top of bowl of soft serve under Yonanas machine

24. A coffee maker that connects to their Echo Dot so Alexa can become their live-in barista.

Reviewer photo of coffee maker on kitchen counter next to an Alexa-enabled device

25. And a smart Instant Pot that's fully programmable over Wi-Fi so they can truly set it and forget it. It's an eight-in-one device, so they'll be able to pressure cook, sauté, bake perfect cakes, make creamy yogurt and more all in the same pot.

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