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30 Gifts For When You're Broke But They Have Expensive Taste

They've got champagne taste, you've got a Bud Light budget.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A set of blending sponges that has inspired over 29,000 Amazon customers to leave a 5-star review. They'll blend their beauty while you count all the dollars you saved.

Five Beakey makeup blending sponges in various colors

2. A set of three mini Voluspa candles – they smell just as luxurious as they look. One of them smells like a PSL, which will appeal to their love of overpriced indulgences.

Voluspa gift set with three mini tin candles in various colors

3. A simple but chic ceramic vase that's so affordable it's almost disrespectful. Even the pickiest of home décor snobs will find a perfect place for it.

4. An elegant bamboo caddy for the fancy friend who somehow always has time to take baths instead of showers.

Bamboo bathtub caddy with book, vase and candles placed on top

5. A set of popular Sephora favorites that lets them try high-end brands like Valentino and Smashbox without you having to spend Valentino and Smashbox money. It also comes with a 15% off voucher for a full-size item, so you'll both end up saving money. Win-win!

Sephora gift bag with six sample-size products

6. A pour-over coffee maker so they can brew that sweet, sweet bean juice in an elegant vessel that looks way more expensive than $20.

Pour-over coffee maker filled with coffee

7. A whiskey set with seven pieces, including a decanter and six matching tumbler glasses that will look oh-so-classy on their bar cart.

the glass set

8. A highly-rated water bottle for when you care about their hydration, but not enough to drop $50 on a fancy name brand.

9. A silk pillowcase that is less than half the price of other popular brands but will still keep their hair flawless all night long — and that's simply priceless.

Zimasilk silk pillowcase in the shade light plum

10. A pair of popular but inexpensive wireless earbuds, because you should never spend over $100 on something you might accidentally throw in the washing machine. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

Model touching wireless earbud in left ear

11. A daily planner that's vibrant and elegant enough to slip into their designer handbag — and a good reminder that 2020 is finally over.

12. A perfume set with six samples of scents from brands like Prada and Marc Jacobs. If that wasn't impressive enough, there's also a voucher for a travel spray or rollerball of their choice. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Sephora gift set with six sample size perfumes and a gift certificate

13. A trial set featuring two of Tatcha's most popular products that will make their skin feel and look like money. Seriously, the Dewy Skin Cream is basically "glass skin" in a jar.

Tatcha Dewy Skin gift box with travel-sized cream cleanser and skin cream

14. A facelift in a bag, which unlike a real cosmetic procedure, will only run you about $22. They'll get three facial treatments to target their forehead, under-eye area and smile lines.

15. A set of vibrating facial massagers with gold-plated tips, which are probably the only tools they don't yet have in their extensive skin care routine. Both are meant to stimulate circulation and firm the skin on their face and body.

16. A dazzling soft-pink nail color that might seem expensive for nail polish, but is actually pretty cheap for Chanel.

17. A zebra-shaped trinket tray from Jonathan Adler that's quirky, eye-catching and surprisingly affordable.

Three zebra-shaped trinket dishes in various colors

18. A rocks glass with a map of their favorite city, which feels like it's from the heart, but won't require much from your wallet.

Model pouring beverage in three rocks glasses with maps of Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City

19. A laser-engraved cutting board for a gift that looks truly expensive and thoughtful. In reality, you paid less than $30 and simply wrote their name in a form. But we won't tell.

Reviewer photo of wooden cutting board engraved to say Ria's Kitchen

20. A layered bracelet that's minimalistic enough to go with basically any outfit, yet eye-catching enough to get them tons of compliments.

Model wearing layered gold bracelet

21. A pair of classic hoop earrings made for sensitive ears, so you can save money without accidentally gifting them an allergic reaction.

22. A layered 18-karat gold-plated necklace that will glimmer in the summer sun or brighten up a cold fall day.

Model wearing layered necklace with disc design

23. A trendy monogram mug with an elegant tiled design that adds a personal touch to the best part of waking up.

24. A pair of huggie earrings that that they'll think you spent 5x the price on.

25. Or a scarf that's extra long and wide so they can dramatically drape it over their shoulders like a shawl.

26. A pair of bestselling sunglasses that look designer at first glance, but are so inexpensive they won't have to feel guilty about inevitably losing them.

27. A sparkling tennis bracelet that will only cost you about $15, but will make them feel like a million bucks.

28. A ring featuring their zodiac sign constellation, which is more meaningful than any designer label.

Model wearing 12 zodiac constellation rings on two hands

29. A pair of slippers with a fuzzy sandal-like design so they can walk around on a layer of cloud-like memory foam.

30. And a surprisingly affordable smart watch so they can view their text messages, e-mails, fitness goals and other notifications at the flick of the wrist. Oh, and it also tells time.

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