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    25 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Say They Get Compliments On

    Ultimately, it should always be about what you think, but a little ~external validation~ never hurt nobody...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of asymmetrical star and moon earrings from Betsey Johnson able to captivate a crowd like the night sky.

    Betsey Johnson / Via Amazon,

    Promising review: "I'm a huge Betsy Johnson fan, and I love these fashionable and unique earrings. The mismatch looks awesome, and I always get compliments when I wear these earrings." –PastMyPrime

    Price: $29.75

    Psst: this item is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    2. A pleated polka dot skirt that's suitably adorable for any occasion!,

    Promising review: "This skirts gets me many compliments whenever I wear it, you can dress it up or down and always end up looking vibrant and fun. Also it doesn’t lose its pleating when you wash it or get wrinkles at all, also the elastic is super stretchy for your heavy eating days! Good length too, I’m 5’4 and I don’t have to shave my legs to wear this since it comes right to my ankles!" –nikou

    Price: $26.89+ (available in sizes S-2XL and eight colors)

    3. A delicate silk scarf to help your wardrobe bloom this spring.

    The scarf in pink tied around a purse

    Promising review: "Beautiful scarf is a wonderful accessory to my outfits. I love the compliments I get when I wear it." –revdrjean

    Price: $11.59 (available in 15 colors)

    4. A smocked cropped tank top that just screams, "This is going to be your summer!",

    Promising review: "Many compliments on this adorable top. Very stretchy bust, which is optimal for any size chest. Not see through, and the straps stay in place." —AlexRN

    Price: $17.99+ (available in sizes S-2XL and 13 colors)

    5. A mini dress that will definitely inspire everyone else to look as run-through-a-meadow-ready as you do.

    A reviewer wearing the dress in baby blue standing in a field

    Promising review: "I am in LOVE with this dress. The fit is amazing. I was actually really nervous because I ordered a size smaller than what I usually do however it turned out amazing! It fit my waist perfectly. I wanted to show off the girls and this dress did the damn thing! I felt gorgeous. I’m going to be purchasing more in different colors. I got endless compliments on it." —Samantha S.

    Price: $11.98+ (available in sizes S-XL and 26 colors)

    6. An adorable cross-body/clutch handbag – it's a basic yet bold staple for you to build your compliment-collecting outfit around.

    The bag laid on a white surface

    Promising review: "So happy I bought this. It’s the perfect size and is well-made. I get compliments on it all the time!" —Jen

    Price: $16.98 (available in three colors)

    7. An eye-grabbing maxi dress to help you make your ~entrance~.,

    Promising review: "I ordered this dress for my mini bachelorette party at a winery! I loved it! I got lots of compliments!! A girl at the winery actually bought this dress while at the winery just because she loved it so much on me. Highly recommend. So comfy." —Leahey

    Price: $28.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and 12 colors)

    8. An absolutely darling pleated A-line mini skirt that'll definitely secure you the style acclaim you deserve.,

    Promising review: "I absolutely loooove this skirt! At first, I was afraid I was going to look frumpy in it, but it's VERY stylish and trendy looking. I receive so many compliments on it. A must have in your closet ladies!" —Fwendy

    Price: $14.89+ (available in sizes S-XL and 33 colors)

    9. A bracelet that diffuses essential oils so you can look great and smell even better!

    Reviewer wearing the bracelet in green over her tattooed wrist

    Promising review: "It is classy and elegant and wears like a watch. It goes with any outfit. It holds up super well, I wear it everyday. It comes with lots of felt colors so you have a variety of options for using oils on. The tree symbol screws on and off and stays in place and doesn't loosen. I get so many compliments on this bracelet and it's the reason I even decided to try essential oils. The felt holds the oils for a couple of days also." —ThatJonesGirl

    Price: $16.99 (available in two colors)

    10. A ruffle-sleeved sweetheart neckline sundress to make you feel like Allie from The Notebook. I can't promise you the white house with blue shutters but I can promise you'll receive lots of flattery.

    Reviewer wearing the dress in brick red

    Promising review: "Beautiful dress! The side does unzip which makes it easy to slide on and off. Breezy, comfortable as hell, romantic vibes, my husband LOVES it. Not too tight. I’m a small and can sometimes fit in an extra-small. I ordered a small and have plenty of room to move in, so don’t size up on this one. True to size." —Espe

    Price: $20.99+ (available in sizes S-2XL, in 11 colors, and two styles)

    11. A pair of pressed flower teardrop earrings to let people know that ~they can call you flower if they want to~ a la Bambi. Style queen would also suffice.

    tear drop earrings with flowers inside of them

    Promising review: "These earrings are the right size, are unique and pretty. I bought two pair in different colors. I get compliments on them due to their uniqueness. The shepherd's hooks are sturdy. They are heavier than most earrings of comparable size but that is due to design and are not that heavy and not uncomfortable. I really like these earrings a lot." —M

    Price: $29+ (available in eight styles)

    Psst: this item is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    12. A pair of high-waisted bow-knot pencil pants that can go from professional to party-ready and still garner the same level of praise.,

    Promising review: "The material is so soft and durable. Seriously, so comfortable, I love them. The pockets are large, the belt fits nicely and the ties in the ankles stay all day. I got so many compliments on these pants I will for sure be buying other colors now that I’ve found the right fit. Great work pants!" —Aly

    Price: $18.05+ (available in sizes S-2XL and 35 colors)

    13. A moon and star medallion necklace to ward off bad vibes and attract adoration-filled comments.,

    Promising review: "Modern piece. I don't like heavy pieces hanging from my neck and this is very lightweight. Got immediate compliments when meeting the girls for brunch the other day. It's the perfect piece to effortlessly pull an outfit together. No having to reach behind your neck to clasp it. Perfect!" —Sharee

    Price: $12.99+ (available in 12 styles)

    14. A puff-sleeve lace blouse that will help you look like the piece of art that you are and acquire you plenty of accolades throughout your day!

    A reviewer wearing the blouse in white with blue jeans

    Promising review: "This blouse is so beautiful. It gets caught on things (because of the lace), so be careful. Seriously though, this blouse gets LOTS of compliments! Good quality." —Susan

    Price: $89 (available in sizes 2XS-XL and eight colors)

    15. A totally mind-bending holographic handbag to help you shine even brighter in the darkness.

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this bag (and wallet). The color when not under a flash is gorgeous and I have gotten many compliments just by that and design alone. Then I say 'wait, check this out,' take a pic with my phone and show them...and everyone is amazed. Everyone who has seen it has loved it and my boss is buying one for her daughter. No, it is not neon when you walk outside, but the description explains that...regardless, the bag has a beautiful iridescence that shows differently in every light setting." —Michele

    Price: $41.99+ (available in 19 styles)

    16. A high-waisted plaid mini skirt that is sure to earn you an A+ from your fashion critics!

    A reviewer wearing the skirt with knee high boots and a white sweater in an orchard

    Promising review: "Love this item! Ordered a size small for a work Christmas party and wore panty hose underneath with a black long sleeve shirt and thigh high boots. Got so many compliments and was super comfortable." —Love!
    Price: $19.99+ (available in sizes XS-XL and nine colors)

    17. A cute and quirky cat necklace for those who really fancy felines. This simple silver pendant will draw compliments like catnip!, Amazon

    Promising review: "My mom is the ultimate cat lover. I gave her this necklace for the holidays and she absolutely loves it. She also says she receives a lot of compliments. As for the quality, if you are reluctant to purchase because you're afraid it will look cheap, that is not at all the case. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cats." —Elizabeth

    Price: $24.99+ (available in two styles)

    18. A pair of striped side-split snap button joggers that will have everyone wondering if you're headed to a dance battle or just always look THAT casually chic and sporty.

    Reviewer wearing the pants in black and white with a white top and sunglasses

    Promising review: "I bought these for my teenage daughter and she absolutely loves them! She said she got tons of compliments at school! Excellent quality." —MMC

    Price: $24.99+ (available in XS-2XL and 14 colors)

    19. A handbag from ALDO to help you hold all the adoration it's sure to receive.

    The handbag in black on a countertop

    Promising review: "Love this handbag! Every time I’ve paired this with an outfit I’ve gotten compliments. Very durable, very thick, well made, and it looks like some of my designer handbags but without the designer price tag." —Jessica

    Price: $56.57+ (available in two styles)

    Psst: this item is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    20. A multipurpose satchel that rivals THE Mary Poppins bag in space and style. I guarantee you'll find some compliments at the bottom.,

    Promising review: "I kept seeing ads on social media for bags just like this but for 3x as much. I love my bag and get compliments on it all the time! Love that you can wear it multiple ways!" —The Perfect Dupe

    Price: $30.90+ (available in 19 colors)

    21. A sunflower print sundress to help you look and feel like the subject of a Harry Styles song, or just like a style icon!,

    Promising review: "I always get a little nervous ordering clothing online. Thankfully this purchase was wonderful! At 5'9, 140 lbs, this dress was a great length on me in a size medium. I got a lot of compliments on it and loved the pockets too." —Victoria

    Price: $14.99+ (available in sizes S-3X and 23 styles)

    22. A flowy flared skirt that can make your comfiest lazy day outfit look flawlessly put together.

    Reviewer wearing the skirt in red

    When they ask why you're all dressed up but you literally napped in your outfit earlier...

    Promising review: "I absolutely adore this skirt and every time I wear it I get so many compliments on it!! It's the perfect combination of cute and comfortable. I can dress it up with some wedges or just wear with a T-shirt and sneakers. Will definitely be ordering different colors for the summer." —Natalie

    Price: $17.99+ (available in sizes S-2XL and 28 colors)

    23. A beautiful bamboo handbag bold enough to set you apart in a sea of fabric purses.,

    Promising review: "I'm not the owner/user of this product, but my wife asked me to buy it for her. I didn't see the appeal in this thing. But, we went to Austin this past weekend where she wore it for the first time. I felt like a dummy...she probably got five compliments about it. People loved it. I guess you can say it's grown on me? It looks great on her, so it will probably look good on you too!" —Mitch

    Price: $37.99 (available in two sizes)

    24. A simple gold beaded choker that will elevate any of your looks with its classic elegance.

    The necklace

    Promising review: "I loooooove this necklace! I think it's my favorite piece now. I paired it with a slightly smaller paper clip choker & they look super cute together, so many compliments. I actually bought another for a friend and will probably get a couple more for myself. I wear them nearly every day & it's still bright gold & looks beautiful. Get it!" —Sunny

    Price: $9.99+ (available in six styles)

    25. And a faux fox-fur wrap to let everyone know you're the ~main character~ and deserved to be complimented as such.

    A reviewer wearing the faux fur wrap in white while on a boat

    Lets bring 1920's style vibes back in 2021!

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful fun lovely addition to any outfit. I'm ordering a couple more in different colors. All our friends really enjoyed it and I had so many compliments. It was better then I expected and the color was perfect." —Rosie

    Price: $45.99 (available in nine colors)

    Happy shopping! I bet you'll be overwhelmed with compliments before you're even done unboxing everything!

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    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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