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    Listen: Why You Cannot Miss “The Nevers” and “Mare of Easttown” on HBO Max, Plus More Shows To Binge

    “You get to hear Kate Winslet doing her best Philly accent. It’s great—just to hear her say ‘water’ alone is worth watching.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Looking for new shows to binge this spring? BuzzFeed’s TV Editor Nora Dominick has you covered. She joined us today to break down the best that we have to look forward to.

    That includes both “The Nevers” and “Mare Of Easttown” on HBO Max.

    We also have new seasons of “Shrill” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” on the way from Hulu.

    On Netflix, we’ve got the highly anticipated “Shadow and Bone” series--an adaptation of a beloved YA book series.

    Listen to hear what else Nora recommends--as well as hear Casey sing the praises of Elliot Stabler’s butt.

    2. Pete Davidson called out Jake Paul over his sexual assault allegations.

    3. Jack Black’s advice from School Of Rock is making its much-needed rounds again.

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