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    John Mulaney’s Fans Thought They Knew Everything About Him — Here’s How The Past Year Proved Them Wrong

    “I [sort of surprised] myself with the amount of empathy I felt towards John Mulaney mega fans who felt really burned by this.”

    On today's episode of BuzzFeed Daily, we broke down the top pop culture headlines AND discussed what exactly a parasocial relationship is and why so many people seem to be in one with John Mulaney. You can listen below or scroll down to read more about the interview!

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    So let's dive right into it! Recently we talked to Madison Malone Kircher about everyone's obsession with John Mulaney. Here's some of what we learned:

    BuzzFeed Daily: Anyone who spends time on Twitter has probably seen the term "parasocial relationship" pop up on their feed over the last few months. But for people who aren't extremely online, can you explain what it means exactly and maybe give us a little bit of the history behind it?

    BuzzFeed Daily: So the reason the term has been all over Twitter this year is everything that's been going on with John Mulaney, from his stint in rehab, to his divorce from Anna Marie Tendler, to his new relationship with Olivia Munn, what is it specifically about him that has everyone going "parasocial relationship this" and "parasocial relationship that"?

    John Mulaney performing stand-up in a gray suit

    BuzzFeed Daily: The title of your piece is "John Mulaney Doesn't Owe You Squat." So I'm curious, why do you think people feel that he does owe them something? And also, what do you think they feel owed?

    John Mulaney performing stand-up in a dark maroon suit

    BuzzFeed News: One thing that's really stuck out to me is how selective people seem to be about his public persona. John Mulaney has talked extensively about being an addict in his stand-up specials. He's talked a lot about how wild and crazy his life has been at certain points. But the thing that everyone seems to grab onto is his relationship with his now ex-wife, which by his account seemed pretty ideal. So why were people only grabbing on to the squeaky clean part of John Mulaney and sort of ignoring the darker things that he'd been telling us about for years?

    John Mulaney performing standup in a blue suit

    BuzzFeed Daily: You brought this up a little bit — a lot of people also seem shocked that he's having a child because he's mentioned numerous times in his stand-up that he and his wife didn't want kids. Now he's not only moving on with Olivia Munn just months after his divorce, but having a baby with her. How much do you think that plays into people's disappointment?

    We also discussed JoJo Siwa calling out Nickelodeon on Twitter about some contract stipulations she’s unhappy about.

    JoJo Siwa performing in a brightly colored outfit

    In other news, it seems that Julianne Hough heard the backlash against CBS’s upcoming reality show The Activist, which would see activists competing against each other to raise money for their causes, loud and clear.

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