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18 Texts Only People From L.A. Would Send

"Actually he strikes me as more of an Uber guy."

1. When hiking isn't always a good idea.

2. When the worst part of a car accident isn't the actual accident.

3. When your date doubles as your driver.

4. When planning a brunch is harder than it seems.

5. When distance trumps lust.

6. When you need a vacation after you just had one.

7. When your East Coast friends realize you've gone soft.

8. When you question the sanity of anyone who dares enter The Grove.

9. When your choice of beach is gravely important.

10. When you've spent 85% of your life looking for a parking space.

11. When you realize that this isn't NYC.

12. When license plates have personalities of their own.

13. When everybody is a somebody.

14. When directions become short novels.

15. When a farmer's market drains your bank account.

16. When even your coffee spot is a partisan issue.

17. When a car chase is a legitimate excuse.

18. When Obama makes you late to work.