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33 Magnificent Tattoos Inspired By Movies

Celluloid meets dermatoid.

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Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

1. This simple homage to How to Train Your Dragon:

2. This clever hint towards Se7en:

3. This splashy Mad Max: Fury Road tribute:

4. This dreamy nod to Moon:

5. This magical Mary Poppins ink:

6. This artistically rendered Donnie Darko image:

7. This clever Fletch memorial:

8. This iconic Back to the Future Part II image:

9. This highly original Blade Runner creation:

10. This simply put (500) Days of Summer statement:

11. This classic nod to A Clockwork Orange:

12. This creative reminder of Léon: The Professional:

13. This cute reference to Zack and Miri Make a Porno:

14. This outlined idea inspired by E.T.:

15. This simple reminder of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

16. This super sweet Spirited Away ink:

17. This morse code memento from Interstellar:

18. This cute, but sad reminder from Raiders of the Lost Ark:

19. This iconic cult image from Reservoir Dogs:

20. This trippy reminder of Total Recall:

21. This minimalistic appreciation of Up:

22. This hilariously cute mash-up of Alien vs. Predator and The Fox and the Hound:

23. This understated tribute to The Godfather:

24. This artistically inked inspiration from Return of the Jedi:

25. This creatively licensed expression from Sleeping Beauty:

26. This minimalistic Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me tribute:

27. This intensely beautiful homage to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:

28. This throwback tat that honors A Trip to the Moon:

29. This epic homage to Lawrence of Arabia:

30. This simple reminder from Brick:

31. This colorfully classic reference to Full Metal Jacket:

32. This wonderful inkling from True Romance:

33. And finally, this lil' chuckle from Mean Girls:

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