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  • How Well Do You Actually Remember The First Episode Of The Office?

    Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. (Warning - mild spoilers ahead)

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  • Which YStreet Staffer Are You?

    Take this short quiz to find out which Y-street staff member you are!

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    Esta ensalada es refrescante y deliciosa. Pruébala bien fría. Me recuerda a mi abuelo, son sabores antiguos y contemporáneos. ENSALADA DE NARANJA Y CEBOLLA 4 a 6 naranjas 1 cebolla morada rebanada 1 Manojo de Rábanos rebanados 3 Cucharas de aceite de oliva Jugo de 1 a 2 limones 1 ½ cucharita de orégano fresco o seco 3 Cucharas de Pistaches o Nueces Sal y Pimienta Las naranjas se pelan con cuchillo para quitar la cáscara incluyendo la piel blanca. Se cortan rebanadas de 1 cm de espesor. Se acomodan las rebanadas de naranja en un platón. Se le agregan algunas rebanadas de cebolla, unas rebanadas de rábano, y se le agrega el aceite, el jugo de los limones, se espolvorea con el orégano y los pistaches. Se sazona con sal y pimienta y se sirve bien fría.

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  • This Corgi Is Ultimate Summer Goals

    No doubt I'd rather be this corgi rn.

  • Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich

    Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich is an easy-to-make breakfast recipe.

  • Boozy Is The Best Way To Enjoy Saskatoon Berries (Juneberries) For Dessert!

    Yes, fancy- looking but super easy and quick to make!

  • Things That Nurses Understand Better Than Anyone Else

    This article throws light on the things that only a nurse can understand better than anybody else.

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  • Insider Guide To Getting The Best Tire Paint Results

    If you decided to make the leap and apply tire paint to your car’s tires, congratulations on your leap into boldness. But you probably still have a lot of questions regarding the specific application of your tire paint that you need answered.

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  • The Biggest Most Epic Makeup Tutorial Ever Created.

    This is not your average makeup tutorial. Fashion, Beauty, Comedy YouTuber Spankie Valentine (SpankieValentineTV / over half a million subscribers) has created a Blockbuster level makeup tutorial/mini movie never done before, complete with an intense Mad Max style car chase, Mean Girls Vs Nerds comedy dance battle, and guest appearances from internet sensations Granny PottyMouth, to Ramsey Aguilera (Instagram) to the Chino Hills High School drum line. Her Round 3 entry video is a FACEAwards Top 12 semifinal submission. The contest is hosted by NYX Professional Makeup. Contestants are given a theme and judged on the creativity of the look, personality of finalist, artistry in makeup application, overall composition and quality of video, and the number of online votes received. Some are saying videos like this are what the cosmetic/beauty industry has been missing. Created with the intent to turn the beauty/makeup world upside down and push the creative boundaries of what a beauty tutorial could be, her goal for this video is to disrupt the oversaturated smokey eye tutorials by presenting more of a Hollywood Blockbuster production which has earned her the label “The Makeup Movie Maker”. The video also includes an underlying anti-bullying message, set in a cyberpunk world, followed by a detailed instructional. Spankie Valentine created this mini movie in ten days with no budget, by harnessing the power of social media collaboration. She invited over 15 social media influencers to participate: from the Director to the PA’s to the cast, the entire team is made up of volunteers who came together to see this vision come to life. When asked about the video, Spankie Valentine said: “Personally for me, makeup isn’t just about pretty Instagram photos or instructional videos (which is awesome for those who do) but also an essential part of every form of media we consume. Every film, every TV show, every magazine, every form of media uses makeup to create story. And I chose to create a story about anti-bullying, as I was bullied my entire childhood and overcame it through art, and wanted to tell that story in an entertaining, funny, inspiring way. Some people are asking why I chose to make a mini movie/tutorial. I’m passionate about makeup, and passionate about making films, this is how I vlog. This is my version of what a beauty vlogger is! I want to push the boundaries of what a beauty video could be, showing that it’s not just skin deep.” Viewers can watch the video in the link below and if interested, can vote for the video through July 21st. YouTube video: Voting: href="" target="_blank"> ### Spankie Valentine is a multi-talented artist and filmmaker, whose YouTube Channel (SpankieValentineTV) has over half a million subscribers. She is also a recording artist, songwriter, and entertainer, often compared to Prince, Beyonce and Rihanna.

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    How Normal Are Your "Game Of Thrones" Opinions?


  • Top 10 Rooftop Bars In London.

    Best Roof Top Bars

  • How to get Recognised at Work

    Is there anybody who does not favor the idea of getting recognized for their capabilities and skill sets? Who does not like to come under the limelight for something good that they’ve done? As humans, we all expect appreciation from those around us - be it for the way we are as an individual, for the qualities that we possess, or for having efficiently carried out a task that was assigned to us. Receiving recognition not only instills a sense of confidence within a person, but also becomes their driving force towards continuing to achieve more professional successes.

  • Porady Jak Chronić Włosy Latem Przed Promieniami I Wodą Morską

    Lato w pełni, słońce, woda morska, warunki atmosferyczne nie wpływają dobrze na nasze włos, dlatego musimy chronić je odpowiednimi preparatami, których jest oczywiście dość dużo na rynku, np: mgiełki do włosów, lotiony, szampony. Kiedy wrócimy do domu, umyjmy dokładnie włosy by pozbyć się produktów, które wczesniej zostały zaaplikowane. Ważne jest też, by chronić włosy pod kapeluszem, bądź chustką. Najlepszym rozwiązaniem jest upiąć włosy wysoko w koczek i schować pod nakryciem głowy. Można też założyć czapek podczas kąpieli morskiej. Najważniejsze by nasze włosy były chronione, bo już każdemu wiadomo, ze lepiej zapobiegać...?

  • Stroke: A Family Guide

    Strokes, depending on the location of the brain affected make everyday life a challenge for both the victim and their family. Following a stroke the damage might prevent movement and lead to confusion and memory problems. However difficult this might be, according to the extent of the damage there are a lot of options available to promote independent and active living that make everyday tasks a lot easier. Make sure the home is as safe as possible in terms of carpeting, lighting, exposure of electrical cords and width of doorways. Have a look at our guide to see how each room can be prepared for a stroke survivor:

  • Who Runs The World

    We do. And it's about time!

  • Cuántos Tipos De Sellado Conoces En Naruto Online

    Recomiendo a los fans de Naruto un juego que no se pueden perder, se llama Naruto Online. La calidad de este juego es excelente, hay muchos de mis amigos que los están jugando, y puedes ver sus anuncios frecuentemente.

  • 10 Things that happen when you go in 10 the standard (in India)

    The weirdest one year you will have as an Indian student

  • Telen Character Quiz 3

    Back at it again for Book 4.

  • Dress Shoes

    handmade crystal women evening party high heel shoes