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    What Are The Most Instagrammable Places To Travel?

    Share your favorite picture-perfect spots from around the globe.

  • Importance Of Social Media Account For Your Business

    There are many benefits of having a Social media account for a business. You can no longer ignore it.

  • Uplifting And Inspirational Quotes From Superheroes

    This graphic is an awesome collection of great inspirational quotes from some of the worlds most well known superheroes from comics, tv and movies.

  • Are You An Addict?

    Preventing Addiction for Beginners. Written by Dr Robert Lefever, directed by Sol Golden-Sato and animation by Jonathan Chen

  • My Top 7 Favorite Musicals

    This a list of my top 7 favorite musicals of all time. Hopefully you can agree with some of my choices.

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  • Iconic Halloween Looks

    Don’t cop out of Halloween and throw on a pair of ears. Turn heads by taking inspiration from style icons to create a not-so-basic Halloween look.

  • Lost City Of Atlantis Writing Contest

    Here is a view of the first and last book of Atlantis. It was written by Apollo and was called his Apollo's Maxims. Later they were to be known as the Delphic Maxims when he presented them to the Oracle of Delphi. with that said... Here is your chance to finally express what Atlantis means to you over the ages. The winner selected by me will get an 8x10 print of this mailed to them. In order to participate the comment must be placed where i have *Imagining Atlantis* in competition for a grant to publish and exhibit this work. This work is not about jumping on any bandwagon but is something that started with discovering my first Cemetery statuary at the tender age of 4. Fifty years later after travelling around the world three times and almost dying three times, I find that indeed I am most inspired by the ancient Statuary of the world and how this art form lasts forever in our memories, shaping our lives in small degrees and furthering our understanding of ourselves through their immortality as sculptures. In ancient Greek Mythology people also came from from the rock and were created from the rock after the great deluge by children of the gods. But thats just me and with that said, if you read this and feel the same way, you can finally do something towards these ideas and express them with clarity of thought to enhance this world for others as it has inspired you. Now this contest is only for folks at Buzzfeed, so put BF at the end of your post. The link to view the images for this show is here:

  • At Home With Ali: Halloween Edition

    It’s the week before Halloween and since you’ve been reading the OA’s Guide to Halloween, you’ve got decorations, safety tips, movies, events, and your costume all ready to go… But WHAT ARE YOU EATING?! Keep scrolling to discover three Halloween recipes that will make you scream in delight! I’ll be sharing two sweet treats and one adorable appetizer on my “cooking show” At Home with Ali.

  • Atlantis Writing Contest

    Atlantis Writing Contest, see below

  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Fuckboys

    Hey fuckboys! Halloween is in a few days, and if you want to impress the ladies, you have to dress the part.

  • Delicious cake Tank mastic

    Delicious cake Tank mastic The dream of every boy to receive such a wonderful cake for a holiday! Why are there child, even a grown man would be glad such a gift, so let us pamper our favorite boys!

  • 7 Ways Breast Cancer Could Be Detected In The Future

    Detecting breast cancer early can give women and men the best chance of survival. This is why Breast Cancer Now is committed to funding research that will help make sure breast cancer is detected at an early stage and with greater accuracy - meaning that treatment can begin sooner. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing some of the innovative research that could change the way we detect breast cancer in the future. We've also developed our free Breast Check Now app to help you get in the habit of checking your breasts regularly.

  • The 10 Struggles Of Being A Boyfriend In The Fall

    Wait to get into a relationship until after Thanksgiving, then you will at least get presents out of the seasonal festivities. (Written by a self-aware girlfriend)

  • I'm Just Not That Good At Languages...or Am I?

    Have you ever heard someone say: “I’m not that not good at languages”? Although the benefits of learning a language are massive, many of us don't attempt it, due to a whole host of reasons. Read on to find the secret!

  • The 5 Types Of Men To Spend Halloween With (a Feminist Perspective)

    With Hallows' Eve just around the corner, and the need to get some planning done pressing on my skull (didn't think ahead, never do) I started replaying Halloweens past in my head, looking for inspiration. What I realized from the power walk down memory lane is, whatever I ended up doing one Halloween or another, it was the child-like joy of spending it with the right people that always put the festivities squarely in the success column. Halloween with the wrong people however - that will suck the joy right out of this celebration, and that's how this list started hatching in my brain.

  • 9 Trick Or Treat Sweets That Are 100% Vegan For Halloween

    Perhaps you have vegan child (adult or infant) and you want them to enjoy Halloween the vegan way. Or maybe you don't want to hand out crushed animal bones to unsuspecting neighborhood children. Or it could even be that you have a vegan friend attending your Halloween party and you don't want them to feel FOMO without treats. This is a list of all the vegan friendly treats you can pick up at any super market! Drag-free!

  • Halloween Freebies

    Halloween is an excuse to dress up in a costume, but it can also lead to spending much of your savings. There are plenty of ways to score a discount and freebies during Halloween, the main thing to keep in mind is to be the first to find it. If you don’t find them quickly, they are likely to be gone before you can say Trick-or-Treat. Check out the best Halloween discount offers below:

  • 8 Recommendations To Learn Typing

    Knowing typing means to find all keys without the need to look at the keyboard and without thinking. It seems that your fingers find the appropriate key automatically, but you do need to get to practice and repeat the movements. It's like wanting to be muscular, if you do not go to the gym to exercise you will not create muscle.

  • Asgardia, 1st Nation In Space

    Asgardia, the space station and independent state, is now accepting applications for citizenship.

  • How Many Of These Scottish Horror Films Have You Seen?

    We're starting to feel about ready for Halloween now, which means time to dust off the collection of Scottish horror films! Ranging from the forties to present day, these are our Top 10 horror films - either filmed in Scotland, set in Scotland, or containing a large Scottish cast. We heartily recommend watching these while curled up in front of the fire in one of our gorgeous lodges.

  • Hashtags On Instagram

    Hashtags are words that are preceded by the symbol # . And in the same way as hashtags on Twitter , you can also use these words in Instagram . In fact, I use them frequently in my account Instagram .

  • 5 Places You Cannot Miss To Visit When In Delhi

    Delhi is a favorite place for many foreigners and people from other Indian states. The city is lively and filled with multicultural and multilingual people. Various historical monuments and famous temples give the tourists a glimpse into the city's past. There are crowded markets, beautiful textiles, mouthwatering cuisines, and vibrant colors all around. Adventure, entertainment, art, exploration - the city has something to suit every taste. With so many places to visit, it is wise to rent a car from a reputable car renting company. Tourists with Indian driving license can go for self drive car rental in Delhi for the ultimate convenience. This blog post lists places you must check out during your visit to Delhi. 1. Connaught Place Connaught Place is one of the most popular commercial business centers in Delhi. Built by the Britishers, this circular market houses a multitude of eating joints and plenty branded and local goods. Connaught Place is also known for its high-end emporiums, state-of-art museums, and art galleries. 2. Akshardham Temple Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex or Akshardham Temple is noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple. The complex comprises of an abhisheka mandap, sahaj anand water show, a thematic garden, and three exhibitions. 3. Red Fort Red fort, also known as “Lal Kila” was the home of mughal emperors for more than 200 years. This iconic structure exhibits beautiful architecture made from thousands of red sandstones. This massive fortress today is the backdrop of various large scale patriotic events such as Republic Day and Independence Day. 4. Jama Masjid Masjid-i Jahān-Numā is commonly known as Jama Masjid. This beautiful mosque is one of the largest architectural works of the mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. This massive building was built by 5000 artisans using a huge number of red sandstones and marbles. 5. Qutub Minar Qutub Minar is another architectural marvel built during the reign of the Mughal Dynasty. This beautiful tower soars at a height of 73 meters. The tower features five storeys, and each story has a projecting balcony that gives a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding areas of the city. Conclusion Delhi is a vibrant city that has numerous places to visit. Its captivating beauty, powerful political aura, mouthwatering cuisines, and friendly people make the visit worth it. The beautiful textiles that give a glimpse into the capital city’s past, the zing during festivals, and other cultural celebrations will leave you enchanted. Rent a car so that you don’t miss a chance to explore every corner of the city. Self drive car rental in Delhi is the best option as it gives you numerous advantages such as flexibility, privacy, comfort and more.

  • BO3 Revelations Funny Moments (Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC 4 Gameplay) The Games Place

    This is a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 funny moments video, featuring gameplay of the latest black ops 3 zombies DLC ( DLC 4 Revelations ) . Hope you enjoy it : )

  • Dhanteras - Story, Puja Vidhi, Muhurats, Laxmi Mantras, Gifts

    Dhanteras, the festival of gold, so to speak, is celebrated on the 13th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month Ashvin (Kartik according to the North Indian belief). Dhanvantari, who is the teacher of all physicians and the founder of Ayurveda, is worshiped on Dhanteras.