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  • Using Your Phone Hands Free

    Frustrated with mirror selfie? Then you need this sticker for hands free selfie!

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  • Were These Hit Songs Actually Covers?

    Everyone knows "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley, but did you know that it was originally performed by Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton in 1953?

  • J Jewels Returns To The Music Industry!

    Massachusetts, U.S.A, 19 April 2017- the world of music is something that moves the world and touches the lives of people in numerous unexplainable ways. Nothing sparks more light in the entertainment world like a combination of raw talent and resilience. It is the ultimate mix that creates superfluous success. Every product of such talent becomes a blessing to listeners all around the globe. The best of such talents is J. Jewels.

  • The Journey Of One Of The Change Maker Of India: Dr Kalpesh Kotecha

    “Include a smile in your diet. Being happy and remaining happy has to be included in your daily regime”, says Dr Kalpesh M Kotecha, Dr. Kalpesh M Kotecha is a dental surgeon.

  • In Egypt, discovered the remains of previously unknown predators

    A new species of predatory mammals, hyenotones, whose petrified remains were found in Egypt, were named in honor of the god Anubis. Description of the remains is presented in the article of American scientists in the journal PLOS ONE. Hyenodons were the forerunners of modern predators living in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Their sizes differed very much: large species reached three meters in length, while small ones resembled modern martens. The found remains belong to the animal size of the skunk. Their age is estimated at 34 million years. The new species received its name, Masrasector nananubis, in honor of the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis, who was portrayed with the head of a jackal or a dog.

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    Only A True "Harry Potter" Fan Can Score 13/16 On This Wizardry School Quiz

    How well do you know Beauxbatons, Castelobruxo, Durmstrang, Ilvermorny, Mahoutokoro, and Uagadou?

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  • The (Un-)Educated Guess

    The assumption that people read just as much as you do (looking at you English majors)

  • Top 3 Choices For The Panther's First-Round Pick

    We are one week out from the 2017 NFL Draft, and for football fans everywhere, this is going to be a long and grueling week. It will be a week of speculation, surprises and lies. That being said, rumors are starting to fall into place with who may end up where (though we are all usually dead wrong until the actual day comes). Here are my top three choices for who the Panthers can select at the number eight spot:

  • The Top 4 Energy-Guzzling Appliances In Your Home

    Everyone who owns a home these days understands the importance of saving energy. Being responsible with your power usage can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bill each month. Even beyond that, it can reduce heat production within your home, and lower usage is not only healthy, but safer for you and your home as well. It can also help the environment by reducing demand on large-scale power sources.

  • Networking In The 21st Century: Building Meaningful Connections With People You May Never Meet

    In today’s day and age, technology has become so advanced that it can feel as though our connections are inauthentic. A text has replaced a phone call and, often, a Facebook message replaces a face-to-face get together. Such technological advances help increase the speed of communication and have opened people up to new worlds beyond their immediate surroundings. However, keeping in touch in the twenty-first century can be tricky with all these new ways to connect (ironically). This article will serve as a “how-to” guide for those of us wondering how we can keep in touch with friends we may never see often.

  • Creative Ways To Add Money To Your Savings Account

    The hardest part about saving is finding additional income to set aside. If you’re like most households, your income is enough to cover the bills, and that’s it. Yet financial experts tell you that you should have at least 3 months’ worth of income in a savings account for rainy days. Sounds good, but how in the world do you save money when your budget tells you have $0 to spare?

  • Oddly Satisfying Video - Inside The Chocolate Factories

    Touring the factory, chocolate academy and office buildings with Isabelle, we learn the following curious facts: 1. THEY PRODUCE 1,000 TONNES OF CHOCOLATE EVERY SINGLE DAY 2. THEY USED TO BE A BREWERY (IT IS BELGIUM, AFTER ALL) 3. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PUBLIC BUS STOP,... And so much the secret about the chocolate on this video, let 's enjoy with us. ➤ Subscribe for watch new episode every day. ➤ Hope you enjoy have a great wonderful day ^^

  • Top 2 Greek Islands That You Can’t Miss This Summer

    Thinking about summer travel? Want to check off another place on your bucket list? Look no further than the Greek Islands. Check out our favorite two and get the insider scoop on where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

  • 5 Ways To End On How To Finish The Semester Out Strong !

    Hey Griffins, we know with school coming to a close and only a few weeks left, you probably are starting ti feel a little burned out. Here are five easy ways to help with the stress and finish the semester on a good note !

  • Dachshund Repairs An Apartment | Dog Builder

    As you know I'm a very gifted dog (but a great braggart, also!). I've said my Dad I can repair our new apartment much quicker and with a better quality then any companies or builders! And what was a surprise for me when Daddy agreed to see what I'm able to do... But what should I do now, though, I really can't do repairs! Help! I need a subcontractor! Disclaimer - A scene with a wall was created using video editing. In the process of filming, not one dachshund was injured and was not exposed to danger. Music by Aleksandr Zatsepin from the great Soviet movie "Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures".

  • Por Que Mulher Gosta Tanto De Chocolate?

    A páscoa já passou mas tenho visto muita mulher ainda falando sobre chocolate. Reclamando que não ganhou ou que ganhou pouco. Quando não é isso, estão reclamando que ganharam peso. Pelo que vejo por aqui, parece muito raro uma mulher que não goste de chocolate. Por isso, fiz um quadrinho em homenagem:

  • Which Pathetic Junior Are You???

    You all know the seniors did this... but since we're already stuck in their shadow, might as well start copying them!!!!!

  • Till Cheating Do Us Part

    7 things about cheating which will let you overthink your next ‘commitment’

  • How I Escaped The Darkness of Mental Illness

    Behavioral science strategies can help you deal with mental illness in a healthy manner

  • 300 East

    Is a family owned restaurant, who have been serving meals in Charlotte for 25 years. In a building that was built in the 1900s. What's even cooler, everything is scratch made.

  • Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9 Episode 5 - Power Rankings

    Kim, there are people that are dying...

  • 10 Reasons To Visit Raana Khan Salon For Every Beauty-Related Issue

    You must be familiar with the name, Raana Khan. If you are not, and I’m guessing you live under the rock, you must have seen those Khaadi and Asim Jofa posters, must have come across some magazines and wondered who makes those gorgeous girls even more beautiful? Raana Khan will take credit for it. Not just that, she is known for subtle, fresh and dewy bridal makeup, yes, not your traditional, cakey, exaggerated look to be found here.

  • What Does It Take To Land An Internship At BuzzFeed *Life Changing Opportunity*

    Hello there, my name is Jipar (Zhypar) and I’m 22 y.o., girl who is passionate about photography and media sphere. And during my junior year in college, I discovered BUZZFEED!

  • The Most Delicious Food

    Hi! Meet Irbis. He is hungry now)

  • Best Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Your Home!

    Do you at times look at your Tampa, Florida neighbor’s home and wonder just how they manage to keep it sparkling clean and striking? Perhaps you might have even tried to stay on top of things, but your busy lifestyle and lack of proper cleaning tips and tools are making your quest daunting.