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  • 'Bossypants' By Tina Fey Review (Not A Cloudy Story)

    Tina expresses her leadership by being thick-skinned and team player. Her many successes consisted of numerous failed attempts. Which made her victory much sweeter because she continues winning in the best way possible, on her terms.

  • 17 Decadent Desserts You Can Make With Honey

    No need to sweeten the pot with this deal.

  • Renowned Nobel Laureate Disappears, NSF Investigates Possible Foul Play

    In a strange confluence of events in this period of heightened national security and conspiratorial suspicion, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and radio astronomer Dr. [ ] have brought forth both an exciting discovery and sad news. On the one hand Dr. [ ] and renowned scientist Dr. Frankenstina de GranBranium have identified a heretofore unobserved class of Gamma Ray emanating from the Crabbe Nebula, a phenomenon that has been independently confirmed by observatories in Australia and Puerto Rico. Astrophysicists are perplexed and excited by this new ray, as it exhibits such a high intensity and sophisticated modulation of frequency that suggests it may not only contain encoded information, but it could be from an extra-terrestrial intelligence. On the other hand, Dr. [ ] claims that Dr. GranBranium has disappeared, along with the original observation of the ray and a formula that could decode the ray’s content. These are dire accusations, indeed, being leveled at Dr. GranBranium. As a multi-Noble Laureate, including twice for the Nobel in Medicine or Physiology, once for the Nobel in Peace, and once, just because, for the Man Booker prize in Literature (whose foundation members noted, with regard to her research, that “this sh-t is pretty much poetry”), GranBranium bears a meritorious name not lightly tarnished. However, it is unclear whether the seizure of data and Dr. GranBranium’s disappearance are related – colleagues at the George Washington School of Medicine close to GranBranium report that she has become increasingly distant over the last several months. Dr. GranBranium, pursuing her most ambitious experiments to date into the ability of the human body to regenerate indefinitely, has withdrawn to her private laboratory in Northwestern DC to focus on her research. Nevertheless, the NSF is investigating possible misuse of public funds. GranBranium’s personal assistant, Mr. Greyson Harris, eager to dispel suspicion of the doctor, has invited NSF Investigator Krystal Laymon and a contingent of associates close to GranBranium, for a vigil this weekend in her private laboratory to hopefully shed light on the disappearance.

  • Top 10 Brunch Restaurants In Philly – Fill Your Stomachs And Hearts

    Mark these 10 awesome brunch worthy Philly restaurants on your list - They are not only fill your stomachs but your hearts too! From cinnamon rolls to honey yogurts, be spoiled!

  • 5 Things To Do This Fall

    Fall has SO many fin activities to offer. Here are the top five to make sure you check off this season.


    Being unmarried at 30 is not easy for a woman, but if you manage to be single, fabulous and happy it´s FANTASTIC!

  • Do You Love An Empath?

    Empaths are very different than most people. If you love one, hold on tight.

  • How A Career Change Helped A First-Time Entrepreneur Find Her Calling To Solve America’s Aging Problem?

    “I lost my position in a non-profit, struggling to figure out how to take care of my grandparents who raised me. I looked into myself and took the leap and started an intergenerational learning center" - Charlotte

  • Russians Implicated As Terror Level Rises To Orange - Trump Supporters Picket, But Forget Why

    The Associated Mess, Washington, DC, 24 October 2016. Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Kutcher announced a rising of the Terror Threat Level to Orange today, the highest level reached since the mid-2000s. The announcement comes in the wake of initial sightings of unidentified, low-flying aircraft that cannot be determined to be of any known civilian design. In a bizarre turn for these sorts of purported “sightings,” DOD officials have, in fact, confirmed radar contacts with the unidentified entities, the official finger not-so-surreptitiously quivering in the direction of Russian intelligence craft as the culprit. Both civilians and officials mutually agree that much of this activity appears to be sited over the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Secretary Kutcher stated that no action would be taken against Russia at this time, although he sends a stern warning to Russia that the nation stands at the ready. Meanwhile, alternative groups have, naturally, rejected DOD’s explanation. Dozens of protesters have picketed the White House that the aircraft are Unidentified Flying Objects of extra-terrestrial origin, and that a reckoning of the sins of humanity draws nigh. The protest soon dissolved, however, as a nearby rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump siphoned off the short attention span picketers.


    Guys this was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was recording my next video for youtube and the worst thing possible happened on camera! There are so many stories about scary crazy and creepy *killer* clowns being caught on the streets scaring kids and adults and now this??

  • Dear Hubby

    How many ways can I count the way that I love you. Let me begin with you’re the best person that I’ve ever met. You have the purest heart and kindest soul. You were truly a God send for my family and I. Being in your presence makes me a better person. You’re funny, smart, and just simply amazing. You have been my rock since day one. I always prayed for a man like my Grandfather and there you came. You’re not just my husband, but you’re truly are my best friend. You found me at my lowest point in my life and you probably don’t know this, but you helped save me from myself. By always being my cheerleader and biggest advocate.You have taken on my family as they were your own. You’re an amazing step father, provider, and care taker. I don’t tell you enough how much I love you and appreciate you and for that I’m sorry. I appreciate you for all of your wonderful qualities, but you also have stayed through thick and thin. We were just married in April and then I was diagnosed in July. You could’ve ran like hell then, but chose to ride this life and it’s crazy turns with me. You have taught me so much. I know now what love is. Again, this is just a small token of my appreciation and admiration for you, my love. There’s not enough words to describe how much I adore and love you. I hope that this can begin to give you and idea though.

  • 10 Lessons I Learned in my First year of Blogging

    I have officially been blogging for over a year now. What a rollercoaster of a year it has been. I have learned so much about the world of blogging. And needless to say I love it. There is so much freedom in writing that gets my imagination flowing. I love having an outlet to unleash my creativeness. As a registered nurse, creativity is not a useful skill in the hospital. I find that having a side hobby that allows me to invent new recipes and generate DIYs keep me sane. Both sides of my family are very arty. My mom’s side of the family are all incredible musicians. My great grandma was playing the piano with incredible ease until her late 90s. My dad’s side of the family are all astonishing artists. My Gido (grandfather in Ukranian), was a portrait painter. My dad is a remarkable sketch artist. When I was younger I would beg my dad to draw me pictures of horses. As you can see, creating and crafting beautiful things is in my blood. Blogging has given me a creative outlet. There are quite a few things I have learned while blogging this year. I am hoping these things help new bloggers grow their blog, as well as show non-bloggers why I love blogging. So lets get right into it 1.I am horrible at spelling… and grammer gammar. Yes the struggle is real. I have serious issues. I have to write each of my posts in my wordperfect just to try and make sure I void making errors… and I still consistently catch myself writing in a different language nowhere close to English. I have learned to always use spell check! … because spelling matters. 2.Blogging takes time. The first time I hit “publish”, I thought I was able to classify myself with the bloggers. I thought that people would be flooding in to read my post… but the truth is… I didn’t start getting followers until 6 months in. If you start a blog to gain a following, become popular or to even make money.. I hate to break it to you but you are in it for the wrong reasons. Don’t get discouraged, you will see results if you stick with it! 3.Social media is your friend. I am constantly using social media to promote my posts and attract visitors to my site. Social media is an easy outlet to help connect with people who have similar interests and hobbies as you. Social media creates friendships! 4.Quality over quantity. It is more beneficial for you to blog less with better content then vice versa. Many people think you need to constantly be posting to attract people to your blog but that is far from true. In my experience, I was reciprocated for the time and effort I put into my posts. When you put out bad content, not only do you not draw in visitors, but you also loose some of your following. 5.Get creative, and be original. Don’t copy what all the popular blogs are posting about. No one wants to read the same old thing over and over again. Publish content that is fresh and innovative. Be original in your posts. Don’t be a copy cat. 6.Don’t read “How To Be A Successful Blogger” posts. Everyone has his or her opinions on how to be a successful blogger. But what exactly is a successful blogger? Someone who has has a million visitors a month? Someone who signs a book deal? Someone who makes a living blogging? Someone who is just content with publishing their thoughts? First you have to identify why you want to blog… then don’t loose sight of that. I write what I want to. When I first started blogging I read that you had to have a “niche” to be a successful blogger. A niche in the blogging world is like putting your blog in a cage, and only writing on one specific topic. I was happier blogging when I was able to post about what ever I wanted rather then on a specific topic. 7.Blog for yourself, not for others. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of blogging. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel obligated to promote his or her product or brand. Your blog is your baby. Keep your values and only blog things that you believe in. 8.Be yourself. I found that I started to enjoy blogging more when I let go of all the rules. I started typing like I talk and took pictures that I found beautiful. I stopped caring what the comments were or if my photos were going to get accepted on certain platforms. 9.Enjoy the journey. Blogging is a journey. Stop focusing on the destination of your blog. Enjoy the evolution of your blog. 10.Have fun! Blogging is supposed to be fun! If publishing posts starts to become stressful for you or make you unhappier, it is time to step back and reevaluate things. Look back at why you started blogging, and try to find that passion again. I am so thankful for the opportunities writing on Nikki’s Plate has given me.. and I am so thankful for the joy it has brought me. Here is to many more years of publishing content on this little hobby of mine. CHEERS ☺

  • Integration Phase: More Than Just A "Status" Change

    As relationships get more serious and people start to call themselves a couple and integrate different parts of their life. How have things changed since the creation of Social Media? Let's take a look.

  • The Truth Is...

    Everyone thinks that I'm handling being sick with Huntingtons great. The truth is I'm falling apart. It's like I have been in a constant state of denial, since August. I was there the day I was told that I had it. I heard it quite clear. I'm even doing research for the disease. However, it didn't feel real until I started to shake really bad and not being able to type. I know this is all apart of the progression, but let's me honest...this isn't what anyone would want for their life. I'm so not trying to be woes me and I'm sorry if I am, but this wasn't in my ten year plan. You see I've always been a fighter. I've been dealt a shitty hand in life (again not trying to be woes me), but I've always been able to overcome the obstacle. With this, there's nothing that I can do. I've completely lost all control. This is the part where my faith is kicking in. I'm learning that I just have to let go. The truth is that I am dying and I've accepted that. My disease is progressing and that's just part of it. I will have good days and bad days. Today, just so happens to be a not so good one. I just have to take this new life of mine one day at a time.

  • Can You Bench 650

    Test your strength partner!

  • Lenguaje Chileno-Mexicano

    Les comparto este excelente vídeo de solo 90 segundos que hizo Un Wey Weon. Me parece muy útil y necesario para toda persona que viaja de Chile a México o de México a Chile y quiere tener conversaciones fructíferas. Si es tu caso, no puedes dejar de verlo!!!

  • Are You Ella, Gemma Or Lily?

    Name a more iconic trio, I'll wait.

  • 5 Fascinating Eco Wonders In The World You Should Visit

    Forget all the amusement parks, go on an eco holiday you will never forget.

  • What Halloween Treat Are You?

    Take this quick quiz and reminisce about the good old days when going out dressed up in a ridiculous costume was acceptable. What Halloween treat are you?

  • “Daddy, will they take you away from us?”

    Reflections of a Muslim American father on the 2016 Election Cycle

  • The Jew Test

    Are you a filthy jew?

  • Halloween Hack: Make A Jack-Orange-Lantern

    Make cute serving dishes for Halloween treats!

  • 11 Of Monte Morris' Biggest Moments As A Cyclone

    Iowa State point guard Monte Morris has had some big moments as a Cyclone. As he prepares for his final year in Ames, we decided to share 11 of our favorites

  • Lost In Atlantis

    A view of a sculpture that was part of Atlantis after it sunk over 9,999 years ago.

  • 5 Best Kept Secrets Of Career Exploration

    Whether it's freshman year or senior year, you can start this process at any time. You don't have to wait ... and it's never too late!