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  • Bringing Your Recycling Knowledge To The Next Level

    You can always do the recycling yourself on a daily basis. These include understanding those little signs and numbers on your glass bottles and milk containers.

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  • What Race Are You From Mortal Instruments?

    Are you a shadow hunter or a downworlder?

  • Tricky Shots To Master In Golf

    Are you planning to play a game of golf and looking for some cool tricks to make you look like a pro? We’ve got you covered.

  • Confronting Your Teen’s Mistakes

    “The difference between the exact right words and the almost right words is like the difference between lightning bugs and lightning bolts.” — Mark Twain Avoiding toxic words and wrong motivations helps maintain a solid relationship while effectively confronting your teen’s mistakes. I haven’t met a teen yet who doesn’t want to know they will continue to be loved when they’ve made mistakes. Loving someone seems easy when everything is going well. It’s a quite different matter when your teen breaks your rules, and their life spins out of control. In those times, the best way to demonstrate your continual love for them is to take care in the way you confront their misbehavior, avoiding toxic words and wrong motivations. The first step is to let your teen know why you are confronting their misbehavior. It is that you love them and want to help them avoid bigger problems later in life. Demonstrate your respect for them by your demeanor, assuring them that you will move toward them in times of difficulty and struggle, not away from them. Tell them that you can’t possibly love them any more than you do, and you’ll never love them any less, not even when they are at their worst. Be mindful that your teen knows what they have done, and it’s already uncomfortable for them without adding verbal or emotional fireworks. Focus on fixing the behavior, not the person. Remember, behaviors can be changed, but people rarely do. Keep the word “you” to a minimum when talking to your teen, other than when praising them or saying positive things about their character. For instance, instead of “You broke curfew,” say, “Curfew was broken.” It seems like a little thing, but as soon as you use the word “you,” the teen feels as though they are being attacked personally. Also avoid using definitive words like “never,” and “always,” in such discussions. Statements like “You never listen to me,” or, “You always come home late,” attack their character, not the behavior. The more you attack their character, the more likely they’ll feel the need to defend themselves and their actions in return. They may even begin identifying with the behavior and work hard to live up to it, thinking “I’m just the black sheep of the family.” So make it clear that they have it within them to do better; that they are a better person than their behavior is demonstrating. Getting what you want from a discussion with your teen has nothing to do with how right you are and how wrong they are. It has everything to do with your motivation and approach. Ask yourself, “Will my approach move this discussion to a positive resolution, or away from it?” “Could my words increase our mutual respect for one another, or decrease it?” And finally, “Will my words encourage my teen to improve, or encourage them to just hide their behavior from me in the future?” So, be sure to also check your attitude and hurt feelings at the door before approaching your teen about an issue that needs to be addressed. Focus on what you are trying to accomplish, not on how you feel about the situation. Inappropriate motivations can all too easily sneak into your conversation, which will interfere with bringing about positive results. Here are inappropriate motivations to be avoided: To unload your frustration. Don’t dump on your teen, they’ll resent it. They probably already have enough frustrations of their own. To prove yourself right and your teen wrong. It is not a matter of who is right and who is wrong, it is a matter of dealing with the matter at hand, and solving the problem. To crush them into submission. This is an ungodly response to a poor choice, and sets a terrible example. It usually doesn’t work for the long-term, and will give your teen the desire to take revenge; another inappropriate response. Never threaten or demean a teenager into changing their behavior. They might appear to make the change when they are around you, but behind your back they’ll do the opposite. To change them into something or someone else. Teens don’t change based on what their parents tell them. They change when they want to and in response to the consequences or pain they experience from making a bad decision. And most kids are already uncomfortable in their own skin, so telling them that they need to change to be accepted by you only makes them more confused and uncomfortable. To threaten them. Anything more than stating that a consequence will be applied should they step over the line is just bullying them. Empty threats are even worse. Your teen will come to know you don’t really mean what you say when you don’t enforce threatened consequences. Now, here are appropriate motivations and goals to focus on as you have that talk: To be clear and concise, and make sure your teen understands your concern for them. To better understand your teen, or communicate you’d like to better understand them. To give them rest from a wearying situation — yes, their transgressions can be emotionally burdensome. To more clearly communicate your household beliefs, rules, and consequences. To solve the problem at hand and prevent it from happening again. You’ll notice that I positioned “To solve the problem” last on that list, not first. That’s because you’ll never get to really solving the problem unless you first work on the relationship. Problem-solving demands a good relationship and trust by your teen that you have their best interests at heart. Please don’t hear me say that a parent should act subservient or apologetic to a teen when they are confronting inappropriate behavior. Say what you mean when you speak, and mean what you say, but choose words that won’t cause your teen to have to defend who they are as a person, and make sure your motivations are right. I also recommend adding some levity to the discussion. It reduces the tension and allows you to focus on the issue without sounding angry or upset. And sometimes it doesn’t need to be a long drawn-out discussion. For instance, when I confront kids I usually do so with a big smile, saying something like, “Wow! You really blew it! What happened? ” Approaching it this way tends to make the teen respond, “Yeah, I guess I did.” Getting them to agree and take ownership for their mistake is a healthy first step. And asking them “what happened?” gives them an opportunity to respond and explain themselves without inferring that it was all their fault. Did you see from this example that I didn’t attack their character nor them personally for making a mistake? In fact, if anything, I told them that they did a really good job of messing up! Moreover, I set them on a path to do a really good job of not messing up again in the future, because I then applied consequences, saying, “Well, I guess you already know that means you’ll be raking a lot of pine needles this week?” (one of the traditional consequence for kids in our residential program who step over the line). “Yeah, I guess so,” they’ll respond. Then, I let the consequences do the teaching. As they rake pine needles (without being entertained by their iPod, by the way) it gives them ample time to think about their behavior and ample reason not to repeat it. After they complete the assigned consequence, we again have a chat. That’ s when I reassure them that the error is now forgotten and that it is water under the bridge; thereby restoring open communications. And I again express confidence in them that they have it within them to avoid making that mistake again. I might even offer some advice from my own mistakes in life to help them from making the same mistake again. The way that you manage confrontation is more important than you may think. How you relate to and interact with your children at such pivotal times will determine the quality of your relationship with them in the future. How you stand with them even in their times of misbehavior will determine if your children will mature into caring, loving and responsible adults. Foster care Adoption Lexington KY, Foster care Adoption Asheville Raleigh Wilmington NC, Foster care Adoption Cincinnati Ohio ,Foster care Adoption McAlester Tulsa OKC ,Foster care Adoption Harrisburg, Foster care Adoption Austin Lubbock TX , Adoption

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    Only Someone Who Had Every Crayola Crayon As A Kid Can Name 13/18 Of These Colors

    Let's be honest, you weren't cool if your crayon box didn't include a sharpener.

  • National Museum – The Insightful National Museum Of Colombo

    If you’d like to discover the astonishing ancient history involving the island of Sri Lanka, then Colombo’s national museum is a great place to start.

  • How Well Do You Know Movies?

    Do you know movies as well as I do? BET I CAN BEAT YOU! (...NO CHEATING...)

  • Yangon National Races Village

    The National Races Village is essentially a breath-taking miniature theme park, and contains many beautiful recreations of Japanese works of architecture.

  • Five Things To Know Before You Visit The Royal Botanical Gardens Of Sri Lanka

    Plant lovers and garden crazies welcome! Perched in the central hills of Lanka, the Royal Botanical Gardens is home to more than 4000 species of plants which attracts over 2 million visitors per year. Scroll down to see what exactly you should not miss when you visit the gardens.

  • For The Lovers Of All Things Pepperoni

    For the lovers of all things pepperoni!

  • What’s The Cutting Quality Standard Of Table Plasma Cutting Machine?

    This article is from SteelTailor blog: There are five reason decide cutting quality of table plasma cutting machine.They are the cutting width,the surface roughness, heat affected area ,the square of the edge and the slag. Table plasma cutting machine width of incision.It is one of the most important reason decide the cutting quality. It also reflects the radius of the smallest circle that CNC cutting machine can cut.It is measured by the widest width of the incision.The kerf width of most plasma cutters is between 0.15~6mm.Firstly,too wide incision will not only waste materials, but also reduce cutting speed and increase energy consumption.Secondly. The width of the incision is mainly related to plasma cutting machine nozzle bore diameter. Generally speaking, the kerf width is always larger than the nozzle aperture 10%~40%.Thirdly.when the cutting thickness increases, often need larger nozzle aperture, incision will also be widened.Forth,CNC cutting machine incision width increases,the amount of deformation will increase. CNC plasma cutting machine surface roughness. If the cutting surface is smooth , it will not need to be reprocessed after cutting. CNC cutting machine square of the edge. It is also an important parameter reflecting the quality of cutting, which is related to the degree of re processing after cutting.General: plasma cutitng machine U value is closely related to the thickness and process parameters.Usually in U (1%~4%) = Delta (delta thickness), laser cutting U = 0.5mm. Table plasma cutting machine heat affected area.This indicator is very important for hardened or heat treated low-alloy steels or alloy steels.CNC cutting machine heat affected zone will significantly change the performance near the notch.The width of the heat affected zone of CNC plasma cutting machine is about 0.3mm. CNC cutting machine slag. It is the amount of oxide, slag, or re – solidified material that is adhered to the lower edge of the notch after hot cutting. The rank of slag is usually in terms of “no”, “slight”, “medium” and “severe”. SteelTailor LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine is an economical and powerful plasma cutting and marking machine with quick switch.

  • Elle MacPherson Not Wasting Time

    Elle Macpherson was spotted cozying up to actor Brad Pitt during a rendezvous in Hollywood. The sighting comes just days after the supermodel split from husband of 10-years, Jeff Soffer. The mother-of-two and her sons Flynn, 19, and Aurelius, 14, have reportedly moved out of the Miami mansion they previously shared with the 44-year-old billionaire.

  • Dad + Mom Photo Formula Doesn't Equal Preggos

    Khloe Kardashian posted some pics from her surprise 33rd birthday party from over the weekend and one in particular has left many speculating the “meaning behind the message.”

  • Splash Night Friday’s at The W Hotel Rooftop

    Trendsetters in Los Angeles are in constant search of the newest and hottest events to overstimulate the pleasure centers in their brain. In LA where the weather is consistently pleasant year-round, there is something special about summer on the west coast. Maybe it was the bubbles floating above the beautiful crowd in attendance, or maybe it was the views overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles, but there was a distinct sensation when it came to attending Splash Night Fridays. The brand Bulldog had their infamous Gin as the sponsored alcohol for the evening. According to recent studies, Gin is slowly making a comeback in the States. As someone who frequently travels around the world, there has always been a strong presence of Gin in the European party scene making it a more “worldly” product.However, those looking to indulge in their liberal side have been slowly recreating that want in a market in search of the best spirits for a night on the town. Upon entry to the event, guests were greeted with Lei’s as this evening themed toward a party in Bora Bora. Each week for Splash Night Friday’s, the staff has concocted a different theme to keep the party fresh. After being “Lei’d,” guests are escorted to an elevator dimly lit with lights that preparing you for the party. As you walk through the large walkway with glass windows to your left overlooking Hollywood, you are walked to the pool area filled with cabanas. A guest DJ is playing Deep House – plan to bring some of your best dance moves. People are jumping in the pool at 10 pm, lounging with cocktails on Floaties enjoying a night swim. As the alcohol flows, with Canard Duchene, in addition a satellite bar dedicated this year to VieVite Rose Wine, low calorie cocktails by SlimChic, Alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails brought to you by Perrier, as well as, two full bars, conversations start getting ramped up, and the connections begin to blossom as you dance and talk the night away. Splash Friday Nights differ from other destinations in Hollywood, as you wonder such a location be so much fun, but on the contrary, this was a very friendly and classy scene where you can feel comfortable. There are only so many beautiful pictures that words can use to describe something like this, but it takes your own eyes to gather what it is – with that said, make sure to check out Splash Night Friday’s every Friday this summer beginning at 9:00 PM at the W Hotel in Hollywood. You will not regret your decision! Can’t wait to see you there!

  • The Jenna Bender Show

    Jenna Bender’s straight outta’ Camden ( New Jersey ) and she’s the hottest daytime talk show host in America! With growing side businesses, a family to keep her grounded and increasing fame, what can go wrong…again?

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin Glorious Leader has BANNED the Rothschild’s evil Bank and KICKED them out of Russia! The War on the New World Order, Illuminati Has Begun!* *REMEMBER Putin is a Master Spy!! He Played them, joined there games to gain their

    *Russian President Vladimir Putin Glorious Leader has BANNED the Rothschild’s evil Bank and KICKED them out of Russia! The War on the New World Order, Illuminati Has Begun!* *REMEMBER Putin is a Master Spy!! He Played them, joined there games to gain their trust, then BAM he turned the tables, closed their banks and seized all their money and properties for mother Russia! Long Live Most Glorious Leader Vladimir Putin!*

  • Top 5 Times Adulting Is Just Too Much!

    Being an adult, a.k.a being responsible, can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Here are the top 5 times, being an adult, is the absolute WORST!



  • Top 5 Career Change Mistakes

    The beginning of your career is a unique period that contains a lot of upheavals: it indicates openness to your adult life and all the opportunities it offers. There follows a great sensation of fear in the face of the extent of possibilities. You just want to change the job, you are bored, feeling lost or unhappy and now at the crossroads of your life or you have to decide between staying in your professional field and moving on to another.

  • Plan A Vacation To Find Out What Bird You Are Most Like

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  • Giving Up Cheese & Going Vegan

    Giving Up Cheese & Going Vegan

  • How Much Do You No About Sam And Colby

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