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  • Who Knows Margeaux The Best? Winner Takes Finsta.

    (If you cheat, I'll know. I can't have cheaters watching over my finsta.)

  • collection

    Parents, Tell Us Your Kid's Worst Tantrum Ever

    You can still hear the screaming.

  • Take This Short Quiz And We'll Predict How You'll Spend Valentines Day

    In bed by nine, or in someone else's bed by nine? Find out now!

  • 3-Legged Pig Paints To Raise Money For Rescues

    Tripp the 3-legged mini pig, who currently weighs in at 52 lbs at 9 months old and has the potential to grow upwards of 150lbs as a mini pig, got his snout in the paint this weekend to help benefit a Facebook art auction called '4 the Love of Art and Animals Group.' Using his snout as a paintbrush, Tripp completed 2 masterpieces to be auctioned off with 4 featured artists; his mom (creator of 4 the Love) being one of them. The auction runs from January 15th to January 22nd and has a great platform in which artists set and keep a minimum bid to repay their material costs, and anything over is given to one of the 4 selected rescues, as chosen by the highest bidder. Tripp's pieces start at an affordable $6 minimum bid, which will go toward the costs of his future wheel chair. Any bid money over will be donated. “Pigs are insanely smart animals and are a challenging pet. They are often smart enough to out-think their owners, and need fairly constant attention and stimulation to keep them out of trouble. Currently, at 9 months old, Tripp can identify 3 colors and do around 15 tricks, including weaving between my legs, ringing a bell on command, pushing a ball, sitting, spinning, and more. One of my favorite activities to do with Tripp is painting, because it acts as an enrichment project to keep him stimulated. It’s a lot of fun if you’re ready for the mess, and he loves the feel of pushing paint around a canvas.” Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, PC, has been instrumental in Tripp’s care and is one of the nominated recipients with an owner assistance fund. Tripp traveled from Utah to be under Rory Clow’s care, and in addition to being 3-legged (born with a deformed front leg), he arrived blind from a condition called Entropion, which causes the eyelids to curl inwards and scratch the cornea. Thanks to Dr. Meyring’s experience with pigs and the owner assistance fund, Tripp avoided needing a costly surgery to reverse the Entropion and regain his sight. Now his artwork will be contributing back to that fund. Three other rescues will be featured this month in the 4 the Love of Art and Animals Auction; rescues that are maybe more to “Tripp the Pig’s liking.” In addition to the Owner Assistance Fund at Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, P.C., Colorado based Hog Haven was chosen by a high school artist by the name of Trinity Wilson, and Kansas City Pig Rescue Network in MO by artist Misty Marie Abney. A second Steamboat Springs artist by the name of Amber Elliot chose Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation as her nomination. Join the Facebook group, “4 the Love of Art and Animals Group” and put a bid in on Tripp's artwork! Find Tripp the 3-legged pig as well as his rescue companions at Compassionate Rancher's Rescue. The auction runs January 15th, 11am to January 22nd, 11am. Watch how smart Tripp is here:

  • 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Started Acting And Influencing Others Online.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing (Corey Campbell, @comedy produced several million impressions online, became one of the most successful millennial influencers on social, and one of the only independent music artists)

  • Yes, You Can Be Your Own Boss While You're Still In College

    If you are in college right now, you might still need to bring in some type of income. After all, you might want to do what you can to avoid going into major student loan debt, so you may want to make some money to help pay for your tuition and books. Additionally, you might need money for living expenses and more. However, you might not like the idea of working for someone else; instead, you might want to be your own boss. Luckily, you don't have to wait until you graduate from college to become the boss of yourself. These are a few ways that you might be able to do this now.

  • Which Social Candidates You Should Vote For

    Who should your next Theta socials be? Take this quiz to find out!

  • What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

    Eating a healthy breakfast is an important way to start your day. Your brain needs proper nutrition in order to function in the best way possible. What you eat not only affects your physical health but your cognitive health as well. No matter what your schedule is or taste in food, everyone is able to eat healthily! Take this 5 question quiz to find your ideal nutritious breakfast.

  • 60 Tail Feathers Of North American Birds

    Ever see an awesome feather tattoo and wonder what bird it is inspired by? Peacock feathers are a popular choice. Truly, there is a wonderful array of birds that grace the skies of North America. While most of them may not be as vibrant as tropical birds, they are still fascinating to study and photograph.

  • What's Your 70's Style?

    Our annual gala "Science Since '77" approaches! The time to start planning your incredible costume draws near. Not sure what to wear? We can help. Answer these six simple questions and discover your iconic 70's style.


    Não mexe com quem tá quieto.

  • Don't Take Advantage Of Your Introverted Coworkers.

    “I don't blame myself or feel guilty for not asking about their weekend. I blame them for talking to me in the first place.”

  • 10 Reasons To Stop Tithing

    Here are 10 very good reasons to stop tithing your 10% every week ... by Keith Giles

  • Make Your Dream Vacation And We Will Give You A Holiday Home!

    Choose each picture to build your dream vacation and we will show you your destined holiday home! For more luxury homes and designs, follow @luxuryarchitecture_ on Instagram

  • 25 Bite-Size Party Foods For A Crave-Worthy Super Bowl Menu

    Because tiny foods are the best party foods!

  • Get Over Virushka! Here Are 5 More Bollywood Couples Who We Might See Ringing Wedding Bells This Very Year!

    All these Dilwalas are apparently more than ready to take home their Dulhaniyas <3

  • 12 Best Options For Wedding Cakes

    Are you looking for the best and amazing wedding cake for your big day? Relax, we got you covered. Check out these wedding cakes options!

  • No Glitter This Time! Twas' A Total Blackout At Golden Globes 2018.

    Oprah had us when she decided to speak..

  • NFL Super Bowl 52 0DDS & Prediction

    The Minnesota Vikings are beyond happy after a wonderful complete that earned them a spot in the NFC Championship Game.

  • These Freezer-Bag Slow Cooker Recipes Will Change Your Life Forever

    For stressful weeks when you just don’t want to cook, do all your meal planning in one afternoon. Then, take a meal bag out of the freezer and dump it right into the slow cooker!

  • The Afforadability Of Water Around The World

    Today, many people would have to spend a great deal more of their income for a simple bottle of water. These graphs paint a more detailed picture of the water affordability situation in many parts of the world. Unlike water scarcity maps, this compares countries’ median household income data with the average cost of a bottle of water. It’s going to get harsher in the upcoming years, and the reality is a lot more dire around the world than we want to admit ...

  • Should Oprah Run or Not Run for President? Just a Local’s Perspective.

    First off, I have to say, I was inspired to write this post by watching a few videos from new YouTubers and YouTube veterans. I’ll be posting my top 3 inspirations below. However, I have no political stance on this and I’m just writing what appears to be the top reasons why she should or should not run.

  • Take This Personality Quiz To Figure Out Which Character From Riverdale You Are.

    "I don't follow the rules. I make them. And when necessary, I break them." — Veronica

  • How Long Will Cryptocurrency Remain The Wild West?

    With Bitcoin and Ethereum the clear cryptocurrency winners, what does the future hold for other variations, and the 2 giants themselves?

  • Top 5 Ways Construction Companies Can Overcame The Labor Shortage

    The main challenges that the construction industry is facing lately includes shortage of labor and increase in the price rise of materials.