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    What Are Your Most Burning Cooking Questions?

    Let the BuzzFeed Food team help you out!

  • Which Foreign Service Sector Should You Find A Career In?

    DPE presents questions to help you figure out your "Big 5" Foreign Service sector.

  • Justin Turner Rally Gnome Project

    Arts and crafts hour results in household Dodgers mascot.

  • Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based On Your Food Choices?

    Can we guess your favorite color based on random food choices? Take the quick to find out and let us know in the comment how well you like this quiz!

  • What To Know About 3D Modeling

    Now 3D rendering or 3D Modeling is the thing. And not only does it make it easier to design your models, but it is also faster too and adds much more detail that the physical human might not be able to add.

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  • Top Five Card Games To Play If You Have Friends

    No Spider Solitaire here


    O CAIPIRUSP ESTÁ CHEGANDO! Faça o teste e descubra quem você vai ser nos 4 dias que ficarão para a história da farma!

  • How This Conversation About Science Changed My Mind About DYSLEXIA

    "Mom", says Sam. "Do you know what a telomerase is?" "No", I said. "I don't. Can you explain it to me? I might know it by a different name. (Thinking to myself that he had got the pronunciation not quite right, but not wanting to alienate him). "Well", says Sam. "You might have not got cancer if you did know". I nearly spit out my tea. "Is that so?" "It's an enzyme", says Sam. "It's like a little machine inside a cell. Which is really useful for understanding cancer". "Wow", I said. "Are you learning this is science? It seems pretty advanced for grade six". "We learned a story about a women", says Sam. "She's a scientist. She. Won. A. Nobel. Prize. Which is like getting First. Place. In. The. World". "You're right", I said. "That is a HUGE accomplishment". "And Mom", says Sam. "She. Is. Dyslexic". "There are lots of famous actors and singers and rock stars that are dyslexic", says Sam. "Because, you know, we struggle at the school part. But she says she is a good scientist because she is dyslexic". "You know", he continued. "Because instead of sees things in a line and in order, our brains are really good at finding unexpected solutions to a problem". I quickly googled Carol Greider and found out that not only did she win the Nobel Prize in science, she also won one of the most respected prizes for work in the sciences - Albert Lasker Award. And was quoted as saying: “I believe that learning to develop my compensatory skills also played a role in my success as a scientist because one has to intuit many different things that are going on at the same time and apply those to a particular problem”€”to not just concentrate on one of them, but to bring many in laterally. Perhaps my ability to pull more information out of context and to put together different ideas may have been affected by what I learned to do from dyslexia.” "Oh yeah", says Sam, "She went to Berkley. I wonder if she knows Marshawn Lynch".

  • Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong To?

    Here you can discover what house you are sorted in, in only 10 questions!

  • Running Terms Explained -Running Slang Terms And Definitions

    The first thing you should know is that it's relatively easy to run longer distance, but you do need to know a few things.

  • 15 Beauty Products Every Lazy Girl Needs In Her Makeup Bag

    Because beauty shouldn't have to take hours.

  • Plan A Perfect Date And We'll Reveal How Your Next First Date Will Go

    Lets see if this date will be worth your time


    The cyber-attack on the inauguration website, behind which were Taras Shumelko’s hackers, stopped hundreds of Americans from attending the most upscale occasion of the USA.

  • 2 Hotdogs Walk Into A Store

    big brother and little brother hotdogs ordering hotdogs at 7-11

  • Is Jessica Rabbit Asexual?

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Jessica Rabbit may be considered "a sexual" icon, but could she actually be an "asexual" icon?

  • Day 69

    Thinking about something, but maybe I am too old for it. Maybe it is daydreaming. Or maybe it would even turn into nightmare. I don't know... But still I need to find out, to get closure... also a lot of things to do... it is not going to be easy .... sometimes I wonder why I must do this to myself

  • Best Types of Exercises for Your Brain

    Just like every other muscle in your body, your brain needs exercise to perform well. While there are many different brain exercises to keep your memory running sharp, you can actually help your brain out quite a bit by lacing up your sneakers and hitting the gym.

  • What Must We Do To Be Pleasing To God?

    What would you tell someone who asked you what a Christian must do to be pleasing to God?

  • The Many Forms of Emotional Release Therapy

    If you haven’t heard of it already, emotional release can play a defining role in helping you to overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and psychological pain. In many cases, where these symptoms and illnesses are showing, it may not even be obvious that emotions are at the root of the problem. Typically, though, they’re lurking in your subconscious, waiting to be dug out and dealt with. Although you may not think you can rid yourself of emotional baggage easily, it is in fact much simpler and less stressful than you would believe. Through simple exercises and therapy sessions, you can start letting go of what has been affecting you, begin releasing stuck emotions, letting go of grief, letting go of anger and healing emotional pain.

  • How Emotions Effect our Bodies

    As highlighted by Emotional Clearing Facilitator John Ruskin, “…the connection between supressed feelings and poor health…” is becoming more widely known and accepted by both health professionals and patients. Sometimes referred to as psychosomatic, conditions or illnesses caused by psychological, mental or emotional issues are extremely common. As the physical pain is merely a manifestation of an emotional problem, treatments aimed at resolving the physical discomfort will only offer a partial solution.

  • How your Suppressed Emotions Effect your Ability to Work

    If employers really understood how emotional release can improve their businesses, then they would do everything in their power to address this issue. In the future, letting go and emotional release therapy will become part and parcel of the working environment. Why? Because it is so effective in getting to the core of problems and challenges. In fact, I would go so far to say that it won’t just be in the workplace that it will make a huge impact. The very core of society will start to get shaken up by this understanding.

  • The Art Of Leonora Carrington

    The Art of Leonora Carrington - YouTube video

  • Are You As Distracted As AG?


  • Evolve of Power Tools in Home Improvement

    The evolution of hand tools from the most primitive stone ax to the sophisticated tools of today parallels the growth of civilization. We have learned almost all we know of a primitive man from the tools he left behind, and later civilizations have bequeathed us such a store of tools that we can trace the ancestry of all the woodworking tools we use today back through the centuries.