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  • 17 Mer-Mazing Things You Need To Buy Right Now

    Summer Goal: Become a Mermaid.

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    What Book Gets You In The Summer Mood?

    Finally some reading weather.

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    What's The Weirdest Thing You Ever Ordered On Amazon?

    Was it weirder than tiny ears that go inside your actual ears?

  • VLT snaps an exotic exoplanet

    Astronomers hunt for planets orbiting other stars (exoplanets) using a variety of methods. One successful method isdirect imaging; this is particularly effective for planets on wide orbits around young stars, because the light from the planet is not overwhelmed by light from the host star and is thus easier to spot. This image demonstrates this technique. It shows a T-Tauri star named CVSO 30, located approximately 1200 light-years away from Earth in the 25 Orionis group (slightly northwest of Orion’s famous Belt). In 2012, astronomers found that CVSO 30 hosted one exoplanet (CVSO 30b) using a detection method known as transit photometry, where the light from a star observably dips as a planet travels in front of it. Now, astronomers have gone back to look at the system using a number of telescopes. The study combines observations obtained with the ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, and the Calar Alto Observatory facilities in Spain.

  • South-East Azia's Undiscovered Islands

    When thinking of islands in South-east Asia, Phuket, Bali, Koh Samui are the names that pop up rather quickly. But when thinking of really getting a tropical getaway without sharing the beach with a 1000 other people, its time the get off the beaten path! We'll share our top 5 islands where you can truly enjoy yourself! They are not necessarily undiscovered, but they’ve so far remained unspoiled by the overdevelopment that can come with mass tourism. And if true relaxation is the goal, that can make all the difference.

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    What Questions Do You Have For Priyanka Chopra?

    The Baywatch star will be answering ~your~ questions!

  • The Big Union Getaway: What Type Of Leader Are You?

    Staffordshire University Students' Union is hosting a getaway where you can learn some valuable things to put on your CV.

  • Pick Some Cute Dogs And We'll Tell You What Touristy City You Should Live In

    Don't get too distracted by the adorable puppies...

  • How To Be The Queen Of Instagram

    The “It Ain’t Me” singer made a comeback on Instagram this year after taking a break from the social media to focus on herself and still managed to reign over it by being the most followed person with an incredible 110 million Instagram followers. With her undeniable hot looks and mesmerizing nature, it is no surprise that Selena manages to capture the hearts of millions all around the world through her selfies but do you ever wonder what it takes to be the queen of Instagram? Well if you have always dreamed of being like Selena Gomez, wait no longer because here is all you need to know to be the next queen of Instagram.

  • 14 Cute Hairstyles You Should Try This Summer

    If I gotta do my hair this summer, I'ma make it look sexy.

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    TS stat

  • Restaurateur? Wondering When To Have Your Own Mobile Food Ordering App?

    Want to have a Mobile Food Ordering App for your restaurant? Don't know when to launch and when to have your own mobile food ordering app. This post is for you. Being a restaurant owner, you must go through it.

  • Which Plato Meme Are You?

    This quiz is the most accurate way to determine which, out of a carefully selected list of memes, is you (in relation to Plato)!

  • Which 2017 Glastonbury Festival Artists Have Performed At The Forum Hertfordshire?

    Glastonbury Festival, kicking off this weekend at Worthy Farm, will see festival goers and artists from across the globe heading to a small, muddy field in Somerset for the one of the biggest, globally recognised highlights of the music calendar. This year, the line up promises to be one of the most diverse and unique in years, with headliners including Ed Sheeran, Boy Better Know, Foo Fighters, The XX and, Katy Perry and Solange Knowles all making an appearance across the weekend. Here is a list of acts that performing at Glastonbury Festival this year, who have also appeared at The Forum Hertfordshire over the years.

  • A Review Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

    [CAUTION] POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT (contains references to events in the play)

  • 8 Protein-Rich Foods You Can Binge Eat As They Are Easily Digestible

    Read this post to know the protein-enriched foods that are easily digestible.

  • What Monsta X Era Are You?

    From Trespass to Beautiful find out which of the most iconic era's you are.

  • How To Stand Out From The Crowd And Make Online Dating Work For You

    Since we depend on the internet for virtually everything, dating online has become increasingly popular. You can find dating sites to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for friendships, dates or long-term relationships. There’s a proper way to handle every situation in life and dating profiles aren’t any different.

  • What Is Overbooking And What To Do In Case You Face It?

    Overbooking is a common issue when you fly to Australia or all around the world. Our tips in case you have to face it.

  • How Much Is Captain Jack Sparrow's Jewellery Really Worth?

    With the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise now out, we look at the iconic Jack Sparrow and ask just how much is his jewelry worth?

  • CSI Awareness Is Working Closely With Tennessee Law Enforcement

    CSI Awareness provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking, and cyber bullying. . Based in Nashville Tennessee, CSI Awareness was founded by Kris Degioia to provide software (they created) and services to victims of cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, and human trafficking. Within the past month Tennessee law enforcement has started implementing their software, to help victims. The co founder of CSI Awareness, Kris Degioia, herself is a victim of one of the biggest federal cyberstalkingcase in U.S. history. The company handles cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and just recently started working with THORN on human trafficking. “Our goal at CSI Awareness was to create software that would be able to help law enforcement but the online predators behind bars, along with offering emotional support, for victims and their families..” Said Kris Degioia, the Founder of CSI Awareness. “We have successfully met that goal within 4 monthsby solving over 200 cases, added co founder Todd Drake. Kris is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, model, and influencer. Moreover, the beautiful and inspiring young woman has been listed as Forbes Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategists, holds 6 AVA awards, and 2 women of influence awards. CSI Awareness provides not only software but also, helping victims with both practical help and advice as well as the emotional support they need to cope and recover from PTSD. . All the members working at the company have been the victims of the same crime and they carry firsthand experience. The company helps individuals, families and organizations alike and fights to take legal actions against the criminals.

  • Greek Chicken Meatball Bowls

    These Greek chicken meatball bowls are a quick weeknight dinner bursting with Mediterranean flavours of lemon, garlic and oregano. The whole dinner is on the table in 30 minutes.

  • Cuando Te Das Cuenta De Que Compartir Piso NO Es Friends

    Independizarse en España en tu veintena ahora mismo es el Dorado, una utopía, una ilusión, y los sueños, sueños son. Pero vivir solo en tu piso es ya tan improbable como que un ángel baje y te toque con su gracia. Pero eso, como todo en una recesión económica, tiene su lado positivo. Y es que los diferentes compañeros de piso cuyas peculiaridades tienes que sufrir hasta convertirte en, al menos, mileurista, te forjan el carácter y te preparan para cualquier eventualidad en la vida, accidentes de avión sobre los Andes incluídos. Aparte de que aprendes 40 formas diferentes de cocinar tortilla de patatas y nociones varias sobre los distintos hábitos de higiene según cada comunidad de la geografía española. Yo, en mi dramatis personae, cuento 23 compañeros de piso a mis espaldas desde que dejé mi casita familiar a las 18 años (sí, 23). Pero si tuviese que elegir los que más me han marcado, en ocasiones “marcado” como eufemismo de “traumatizado irremediablemente y complicado el resto de mis interacciones sociales para los restos”, me quedaría con 3. Las ingenieras Estas son tres, pero van en pack de uno indivisible, como los zumos del Mercadona. Conviví con ellas en mi tercer piso de estudiantes. Eran tres ingenieras químicas que hablaban entre ellas siempre en Euskera y que tenían un concepto de tareas del hogar, digamos, peculiar. A una, mi primera semana en el piso, se le cayó una leche con cereales en el pasillo y decidió que por qué no dejarlo ahí. Al principio no intervine porque pensé que igual la ignorante era yo y la muchacha intentaba hacer una instalación a lo Damien Hirst, que de primeras te repugna pero si observas de cerca te enfrenta a una realidad social muy chunga que te cambia la vida. Pero no, es que la muchacha no debía tener pituitaria así que a los tres días limpié yo el pasillo porque era eso o que nos clausurase la casa la OMS. Otra de ellas tenía el baño tan sumamente guarro (nunca sabré si el lavabo era de verdad beige o eran sólo restos de maquillaje) que las otras dos habían decidido que se lo quedase en herencia y nadie más entraba en aquel laberinto propio de los sueños más Warholescos. La última conversación que tuve con estas tres muchachas me demostró que poco tenía yo que decir ahí, ya que consistió en una tesis deductiva que concluía: “Vamos, que la filosofía está claro que no vale para nada”. Hasta luego, Mari Carmen! El de La Rioja Este chico era tan encantador como desquiciante. Era sumamente gracioso, lo cual salvaba lo impresentable de su persona. Todos los días me pedía que le despertase para ir a clase, confiaba en mí para esa empresa, lo cual yo me tomaba como un gran honor. Durante tres años de carrera que vivimos juntos me ocupé de despertarle todos los días de lunes a viernes. Y la tierra de Tara está por testigo que este muchacho no apareció un día por la universidad antes de la 13.00. Las clases empezaban a las 8.00. Muestra de que “la vida era pa’ el” es que en una ocasión en la carrera, en clase de Oratoria, teníamos que hacer una presentación de 15 minutos sobre un tema que dominásemos, valía cualquier cosa, pero teníamos que enganchar a la audiencia y conseguir que se interesasen por nuestras propias pasiones, hacerles partícipes de algo que nos llenaba. Bien, él hizo una presentación sobre cómo hacer un bizcocho de limón. ¿Y cuál era ahí el tema que él “dominaba”? Hacer algo siguiendo las instrucciones de su madre por teléfono. Simultáneamente. Aramis Fuster napolitana Todo el 2016 viví con una chica italiana que cada cosa que me decía superaba a cualquier escena de El árbol de Vida de Malick en bizarrismo. Ya de entrada se pilló la habitación más grande de la casa porque “era la que iba acorde con su energía en ese momento de su vida”. Probablemente algo tuvo que ver que fuera más grande y con cortina opacante (vivo en Irlanda, aquí las persianas son un gadget del que nadie ha oído hablar). El hecho de si fregaba o limpiaba lo que le tocase la semana, por ejemplo, dependía mucho de alineación de los planetas, la posición de la luna o como sintiese ella las mareas en ese momento. Un día le comenté que estaba pensando en empezar a ir al trabajo andando, que me veía un poco floja y sin resistencia y me dijo que lo que me engordaba no era la comida o la falta de ejercicio, sino las cosas que no decía con la boca, pero sí con los ojos. Le expliqué que no me veía gorda, si no floja. Su respuesta fue “es que tu complejo con los kilos también es de lo que dices con los ojos”. A esta no la echo nada de menos. Si algo he aprendido es que lo mejor siempre es decir sí, por peculiar o espeluznante que te parezca la persona que ha venido a ver la habita que se te queda libre, tú dí sí. Siempre, subrayo: siempre, vas a sacar algo positivo de esa aventura de convivencia. Yo ahora sé cómo limpiar leche pegada a parquet de los 70, cómo hacer un bizcocho de limón y en qué época del año me prenden mejor los garbanzos plantados en yogur. Y todo esto gracias a todos los raritos con los que he compartido vajilla. ¡Ah! y un apunte: si todos tus compis te parecen normales y no reconoces a nadie en las actitudes anteriormente nombradas, es posible que el misfit seas tú. De nada.

  • 5 Remarkable Methods To Make Your Content Go Viral On Social Media

    Every business or most businesses in today’s world rely on ads to grow their social media influence. Ads are one of the most vital tools for growing a business’s influence over social media. The issue with just depending on ads is that it is a source of traffic which a business is not able to be self-sufficient on. Social media platforms exist to provide the best content for those interested. All social media platforms display the most viral, interesting, and original content. People think that originality yields greater impressions, but that is not true. There are many companies and brands which create original content, but they do not achieve any growth.

  • Which CO Member Are You?!

    Ever wondered what it's like to be an honorary member of the BESt committee in FLASH? Well now you can! Take this quiz to determine which member of CO you're most like!