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  • Forget Camping For A Week, Here's A Way To Reset Your Sleep Metronome

    Researchers suggest a week of camping to reset biological body clock & sync hormonal functions. PEMF Therapy resets your Sleep Metronome using Magnetic Fields that mimic Schumann Resonance. Bio-hack your Sleep & Ageing reset your Sleep Metronome with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.

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  • Your Friend Group As Told By Harry Potter Puppet Pals

    If you don't know who fits one, it's probably you.

  • Our Favorite Plays And Musicals Based On Historical Events

    Boston College will be performing Evita this April as our 2017 Spring musical. Evita is about the intelligent and beautiful Eva Peron, who was loved by the Argentine people as she worked beside her Husband and eventual President of the country, Juan Peron.

  • 13 Most Common Things You Hear As a Cheerleader

    Whether it be your coaches or your friends, these are some of the most common things you'll hear if you're a cheerleader.

  • Famous Kids Characters Super Store

    Never pay retail for a purchase. We sell products in the following categories Toys, Clothing, Bath decor, Room decor, Mealtime fun, Party supplies, and many more. Find your favorite character products under one roof.

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  • Signs You've Found Your BFF

    Best friends forever and ever!

  • Being An Alum On Flunk Day

    Why can't the real world have Flunk Day? #FOMO

  • ¿Qué Tan Yucateco Eres?

    Contesta estas 10 preguntas y descubre que tan Yucateco eres. Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marín

  • What Kind Of Uber Passenger Are You?

    *Your Uber is Arriving now* When this pops up on your phone, are you already three sheets to the wind or an introvert dreading the moment the Uber driver asks "How's your day going?" With so much controversy with Uber drivers, people usually don't ask much about the passengers. This quiz will determine exactly what kind of passenger you are, the result may surprise you!

  • CineKink Announces Award Winners At Annual Kinky Film Festival 2017

    CineKink Announces Award Winners at Annual Kinky Film Festival Rounding out multiple days of screenings and parties in its fourteenth annual appearance, organizers for CineKink NYC/2017 announced the recipients of awards in a range of categories during the film festival's closing celebration on Sunday, March 19, 2017. “We’ve all been feeling pretty demoralized since the election, but the works we were able to share during CineKink this year have been so reinvigorating," noted Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director. "Congratulations and thanks are in order, not just to the winners tonight, but to all of the filmmakers for contributing to such a stellar line-up!" Audience Choice Awards for CineKink 2017 were given to "Snapshot" (Shine Louise Houston) for Best Narrative Feature, with "SEX and the Silver Gays" (Charles Lum & Todd Verow) winning for Best Documentary Feature. In the shorts competition, juried festival awards went to "The Erotic Dreams of the Chelsea Hotel" (Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle) for Best Dramatic Short, "Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same" (Marcel Simoneau & Kirsten Russell) for Best Comedy Short, "By the People: 25 Years of Community Archiving at the Leather Archives & Museum" (Christina Court), "Tabook" (Dario van Vree) for Best Animated Short, and "Folsom Street" (Aron Kantor) for Best Musical Short. Honorable Best Mention awards were presented to "Four Day Weekend" (Nicole Jones), "Trinity" (Ms. Naughty) and "The Hutong Vibe" (Fan Popo). Determining the shorts awards, CineKink jurors this year included Viviane Tang, ring-leader of the sex blog "Viviane's Sex Carnival," Bill Woods, a film festival programmer and curator of the New Filmmakers series at Anthology Film Archives, and F. Leonora Solomon, an erotica writer and editor. The annual CineKink "Bring It!" award, determined by audience ballot during a presentation of excerpts showcasing current adult cinema, went to "Merger" (Urvashi). The CineKink Tribute, recognizing extraordinary depictions of kink and sex-positivity in mainstream film and television, was presented to the feature film "Deadpool" (Director Tim Miller; 20th Century Fox), for its "…general reminder that sex is fun and vital, even for super-heroes, and specifically for its introduction of ‘pegging’ to the mainstream silver screen." Honorable mentions for the CineKink Tribute went to the television series "Not Safe with Nikki Glaser" (Nikki Glaser/Comedy Central) and "Easy" (Joe Swanberg/Netflix), and to the feature film "20th Century Women" (Mike Mills/A24). Works eligible for consideration this year were those released or aired in the United States from January 1 until December 31, 2016. Making its 14th annual run March 14-19, 2017, CineKink NYC featured a specially selected program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality. Billing itself as "the kinky film festival," the event is dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television. With offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, works presented at CineKink NYC ranged from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit - and everything in between. Sponsors of CineKink NYC/2017 included Bowery Bliss and njoy, along with Purple Passion, plus Leather Archives & Museum, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Pleasure Salon. Selections from CineKink NYC will be featured in a traveling version of the festival, slated to appear in various cities throughout the coming year. For more information, visit PHOTOS AND GRAPHICS: A range of publicity stills from the CineKink 2017 films and selected event photos: ADDITIONAL EVENT PHOTOS: CINEKINK NYC PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK: CINEKINK NYC/2017 - DETAILED AWARD INFORMATION 1) CINEKINK CHOICE - AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARDS CineKink Choice awards, which go to feature-length works in competition during the festival, were determined by audience balloting at the close of each eligible work's screening. The 2016 award winners are: CineKink Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature: SNAPSHOT Drawing inspiration from film classics such as Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' and Antonioni’s 'Blow Up,' follows freelance photographer and woman-about-town, Charlie, who has her sights set on Danny, an older butch in search of adventure and romance. Just as things are about to click between the two, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murderer, and becomes his new target. With a killer hot on her trail, and a new relationship developing, will Charlie find love — or her own demise? (Directed by Shine Louise Houston, 2016, USA, 66 minutes. Stars Berreta James and Chocolate Chip.) CineKink Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature: SEX AND THE SILVER GAYS Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the NYPrimeTimers members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gatherings, explicitly illustrate their carnal activities, and explain to us who they are, their own shared histories, and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations together for a long as may be possible. A great lesson for us all! (Directed by Charles Lum & Todd Verow, 2016, USA, 70 minutes.) 2) CINEKINK BEST - JURY AWARD FOR BEST SHORTS CineKink Best awards, which go to short works in competition during the festival, were determined by jury deliberation and ranking. The 2017 award winners are: CineKink Best Dramatic Short: THE EROTIC DREAMS OF THE CHELSEA HOTEL An erotic journey in the legendary Chelsea Hotel, as a mysterious woman is led by a voyeuristic man through a series of sexual experiences involving several eccentric characters. (Directed by Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle, 2016, USA, 30 minutes. Stars Cassandra Rosebeetle, Ariel Shafir and James Anthony Tropeano III.) CineKink Best Comedy Short: LIKE TOTALLY HOT COUPLE SEEKING SAME Isabelle and Jean Luc are a normal, uptight, Parisian couple in search of a way to spice up their marriage. So they travel to the one place in the world known for its debauchery... Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Directed by Marcel Simoneau & Kirsten Russell, 2015, USA, 17 minutes. Stars Celine Perra, Roger Contebardo, Marcel Simoneau and Kirsten Russell.) CineKink Best Documentary Short: BY THE PEOPLE: 25 YEARS OF COMMUNITY ARCHIVING AT LEATHER ARCHIVES & MUSEUM Illustrates the rise of The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M), from a co-founder's Midwestern basement to the professional institution it is today...all thanks to the ongoing efforts of those within the communities that LA&M represents. Demonstrates how professional archiving and public display of alternative sex and culture materials are acts of activism, and a path toward ending the stigma and shame that many in mainstream society often seek to place on those with kinky inclinations. (Directed by Christina Court, 2016, USA, 39 minutes.) CineKink Best Animated Short: TABOOK While browsing the bookstore, Gwen is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky erotica. (Directed by Dario van Vree, 2016, The Netherlands, 3 minutes.) CineKink Best Musical Short: FOLSOM STREET A kink and fetish-fueled dance explosion in celebration of the Folsom Street Fair. (Directed by Aron Kantor, 2015, USA, 6 minutes.) CineKink Honorable Best Mentions: FOUR DAY WEEKEND A middle-aged couple, married for twenty-three years, takes a four-day break from each other. The aftermath leaves their relationship shaken and tested. (Directed by Nicole Jones, 2016, USA, 20 minutes. Stars Ben Koldyke and Nicole Jones.) TRINITY "Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit." (Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2017, USA, 6 minutes. Stars Lina Pembe, Parker Marx and Rooster.) THE HUTONG VIBE Two women meet in a B&B along a hutong, or alley, in Beijing. One of them acts unfriendly and bashful, the other is bold and flirty. What will happen when they get closer and closer? Part performance, part documentary, and purportedly the first feminist porn out of China. (Directed by Fan Popo, 2016, China, 19 minutes.) 3) "BRING IT!" - ADULT INDUSTRY SHOWCASE AWARD The annual CineKink "Bring It!" award is determined by audience ballot during a presentation of short works and excerpts showcasing adult cinema. MERGER The excitement and tension of business deals can inspire the participants to engage in other, more physical ways. (Directed by Urvashi, 2016, USA, 16 minutes. Stars Angel and Heidi Cruz.) 4) CINEKINK TRIBUTE - RECOGNITION OF SEX-POSITIVITY IN MAINSTREAM FILM/TV Annual festival award for Extraordinary Depiction of Kink and Sex-Positivity in Mainstream Film/Television. Works eligible for consideration this year were those released or aired in the United States from January 1 through December 31, 2016. CineKink Tribute/2017: DEADPOOL (Director Tim Miller; 20th Century Fox) Honorable Mentions: NOT SAFE WITH NIKKI GLASER (Creator Nikki Glaser; Comedy Central) EASY (Creator Joe Swanberg; Netflix) 20TH CENTURY WOMEN (Writer/director Mike Mills; A24)

  • FOLLOW UP With Kenya Sweetz: How Was CINEKINK Film Festival?

    Q and A with Kenya Sweetz after the CINEKINK Film Festival How was CINEKINK? CINEKINK was so sexy and amazing! Many thanks to Lisa @CINEKINK who organized the entire film festival with the help of her volunteers..Lisa made it look easy #FLAWLESS!! SO many different films and events, it was really a great time. Thanks to Stacie Joy for photography and shoutout to all the films and filmmakers, as well as the audience who came to see my film short ‘What I Like’ on the big screen! That was DOPE! Did the audience dig your film? The audience got a really big kick out of it haha they were loving the kinky femdom scenario and the dialogue. For me I really loved seeing it all on the big screen and I hope to bring more of my adult films to life that way and share with folks looking for that authentic expression of SEX. I can dig it so where can we find your work? Check out my websites and social media and you can order your own original copy of the full-length DVD Kenya Sweetz ‘What I Like’. Cool, and where can we see you again? Next I will be headed to DENVER EXXXXOTICA March 31-April 2 so meet me there!

  • Letter A Song - English Alphabet Abc Super Simple Song For Kids, Children And Beginners

    Letter a song - english alphabet abc super simple song for kids, children and beginners Song about letter a is very simple, that's why it is for beginners, kids and all children.

  • 'Baby Girl' || A Spoken Word Poem For My Daughter

    I wrote this poem as a love letter to my daughter, and as an ode to all daughters everywhere. Every word of the poem is inspired by conversations I’ve had with my daughter, who is 5 years old. I released the video before #InternationalWomensDay 2017 and I hope this message resonates and spreads.

  • Direction Bank Fishing Perth WA Snapper From The Indian Ocean

    70cm Snapper and two large Stingrays caught from the Indian Ocean at Direction Bank Perth, Western Australia. The seas were quite rough but we had an awesome time reeling in these gorgeous fish! We also caught seven Juvenile Pink Snapper, three Tarwhine, Western Red Scorpion Cod and a few Wrasse. We also had a few break offs. Unfortunately my cameraman Leanne couldn't help me reel in these beautys because she's got a muscle tear in her left shoulder. It's on the mend and she's doing well

  • 20 Chismes That Are Normal To Hear Around The House If Your Family Is Mexican

    It's usually our abuelita who starts that shit, tells our mom, who then spills the frijoles to her kids.


    It’s a four-week tournament, and the “WINNER” gets to Walk the Plank the first week of camp!

  • which cactus are you

    xxx mar or ooo ken?

  • One Direction Marches Back Into Madness Final Five?

    Thank you all so much! Midnight Memories is gone and it's a Four/MITAM showdown! We're almost there but now it's time for the Final 4... I mean Final 5! Let's explain, the data was not following the typical Gaussian Distribution and Benford's law detected voter irregularities and statistical anomalies in the Olivia vs What a Feeling Poll (Psych, we have lives outside of 1D so I did absolutely no statistical analysis) But the votes for the Olivia v WAF poll were hella high so while we appreciate the passion, I've recently become all about voting do overs lol So please don't be upset, continue having drama free fun and trash talking! Oh yeah and please VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  • Build a Calzone and We'll Tell You which SU Event You Should Go To

    What Syracuse University event should you attend? With ample amounts of rad happenings on campus at the end of the year, this can be hard choice to make. GOOD NEWS: your calzone preference has the power to make the decision for you!

  • Young Couple Avoids Property Ladder By Buying A Boat!

    With housing prices continuing to soar, what's a millennial to do? Buy a boat!

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    How Has A Sexual Assault Impacted Your Sex Life?

    We'd like to share your stories with others who may have experienced something similar.