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    30 Essential Purchases To Make Before You Turn 30

    Don't even think about turning 30 until you've obtained a slow cooker.

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    1. A bedframe, because you're probably not going to end up in a rom-com with your mattress on the floor.

    2. A new mattress every seven to ten years, based on the National Sleep Foundation's recommendation.

    3. A paper shredder, so you can be more careful about disposing your personal information.

    4. An investment piece of luggage that will be with you for the long haul.

    5. A place to regularly hang your keys, like this magnetic key rack, because you won't always have a roommate to come to your rescue when you get locked out.

    6. A weekly planner, so you aren't jotting down your appointments on random sticky notes (and then losing those sticky notes) anymore.

    7. Reusable lunch materials, like sandwich wrap and bags, to trade in your reputation around the office as the serial takeout-getter for the trendy lunch-toter.

    8. Frames, to update the shabby wall adornments that may have passed as "art" in your dorm but are no longer fooling anyone.

    9. A heavy-duty, odor-free, sensor-activated (and easy-on-the-eyes) trash can you won't mind keeping out in the open.

    10. A vitamin and supplement plan, like Care/of, which sends a personalized pack to your doorstep every month.

    11. Speakers to use around the house that are not your laptop's — like this highly rated Bluetooth option.

    12. A multipurpose chef's knife that you can use to prepare vegetables and meats alike.

    13. A sleeve to give your laptop some added protection when commuting to work.

    14. A mini countertop compost bin, because it's not too late to start caring about the environment.

    15. An easy-to-use blender that'll get you in the kitchen more.

    16. These sworn-by pimple patches to combat the unfortunate reality that is adult acne.

    17. An all-natural leather cleaner and conditioner to reverse all the years of wear and tear on your couch, shoes, and bags.

    18. A tub and tile scrubber, because you've forgotten what color your bathroom floor is supposed to be.

    19. A private workspace that'll encourage you to be more productive at home.

    20. A set of nice decorative coasters to replace the ones you took home from a dive bar once.

    21. A "homeowner's toolkit," which contains all the basic tools you need for fixing problems around your home. (And no, you don't actually need to own a home.)

    22. A uniform set of airtight food storage containers to tidy up your kitchen shelves.

    23. A rice maker, which will do the heavy lifting for you and make daily dinner prep a breeze.

    24. A set of placemats to finally tie together your kitchen decor, which has been in a perpetual TBD state.

    25. A slow cooker, so you can finally join the Crock-Pot cult and talk endlessly about your life-changing recipes.

    26. A handheld steamer to have on hand for special events that warrant a more put-together look. (Or, why not steam a pillow or two?)

    27. A set of classy folders that you can use for important meetings or to organize important personal documents.

    28. A portable fabric defuzzer to make all your aging clothing look brand-new again.

    29. A piece of furniture to plop all the books — and other odds and ends — you've accumulated over the years.

    30. And a 299-piece first aid kit to stay ahead of every possible crisis.

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