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    20 Best Board Games Of 2020

    No better time to engage in some wholesome (well, mostly) fun.

    1. Pandemic, a board game from 2008 that just hits a bit different in 2020 — it's up to you to cure the world of four deadly diseases all in an hour's work. Low stakes, really!

    Pandemic board game box with characters featured prominently

    2. Trekking The National Parks, for when actual travel isn't in the cards, so to speak. This fun-for-the-whole-family event will have everyone reminiscing about visits to the natural wonders or, at the very least, penciling in some new bucket list items.

    United States board with Nation Parks cards laid out against wooden surface

    3. Hella 90s, because I'm a millennial employee at BuzzFeed and am legally required to share this Nostalgia Content with you.

    Hella 90s game box with cards displayed

    4. Root, if you're an experienced gamer who prefers to show no mercy on your teammates. (And has a soft spot for cute woodland illustrations.)

    Root board game box with woodland creatures illustrated on front

    5. Clue: The Office Edition for anyone who is still looking to scratch their Office itch after rewatching all nine seasons on Netflix and burning through the Office Ladies archives.

    The Office-themed Clue board with Dwight on box and cards

    6. Catan, the enduring classic that'll allow your strategic brain to really shine for your friends as you work on creating the longest continuous road or having the largest army.

    Catan board game box

    7. The Hot Seat, which'll please anyone who has ever dreamed of being a guest on a late night show, offering up their witty "off-the-cuff" remarks to an adoring studio audience.

    Hot Seat box with cards and instructions on table

    8. Gloomhaven, if you're not scared off by a 22-pound box and have an affinity for twisty and dark choose-your-own-adventures.

    Gloomhaven board game box with dark, red and black medieval imagery

    9. Codenames, the word association game played in the vein of Battleship, that'll have you strategically picking your words to guide your teammates to victory.

    Codename cards organized row by row with hourglass

    10. Exploding Kittens, the Oatmeal-illustrated cult favorite, in which you simply have one job: Don't draw the exploding kitten card, for crying out loud!

    Exploding Kittens board game box with kitten on front

    11. Superfight, perfect for anyone who'll argue about anything until they're blue in the face.

    Superfight game box with cards displayed

    12. Similarly: I Dissent, the RBG-inspired game, that forces you to be the most compelling arguer of trivial nonsense in the "courtroom."

    I Dissent game box with cards displayed

    13. Scythe, a densely layered, steampunk-laden strategy game for anyone who really wants to lose themselves in another world for a few (six? seven?) hours.

    Scythe board game box with steampunk '20s-era war scene illustrated on front

    14. The Game of Things, which'll give you an occasion to pigeonhole your friends and possibly get into some low-stakes, but heated nonetheless, fights.

    Wooden Game of Things board game box with cards and pencils displayed

    15. Escape Room: The Game, if you've ever thought, "wow I'd love to go to one of those Escape the Room challenges but I also don't want to....escape my room!"

    Escape The Room board game with cards and game pieces displayed

    16. 5 Second Rule, which'll be either your absolute dream or nightmare depending on how much you like being put on the spot to share your trivia knowledge.

    5 Second Rule box with prompt card and timer displayed

    17. Betrayal At House on the Hill for fans of cheesy horror and/or Dungeons and Dragons.

    Betrayal At House on the Hill board game box with spooky haunted house on cover

    18. Telestrations, a game less concerned with how well you can draw and much more concerned with the hilarious trainwreck that ensues when you're tasked with interpreting someone else's drawing.

    Telestrations board game box with notepad and sketched figure on cover

    19. Watch Ya Mouth, the glorified "chubby bunny" challenge that'll invite all your loved ones to laugh at you without apology.

    Watch Ya Mouth board game with cards and timer displayed

    20. And What Do You Meme? which'll challenge you to be the best Content Creator in the room — effortlessly pairing the funniest captions with the selected meme.

    What Do You Meme? card game box with seal meme displayed on stand

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