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    34 Cool Things That Belong On Your Empty Walls

    Because maybe you've hit a wall and need some inspo.

    1. A floating shelf — with an emphasis on the "floating." This one actually conceals every trace of hardware to create the illusion of levitating books.

    2. A can of chalkboard paint to act on your childhood fantasy (just mine?) of turning a massive unused wall into a chalk-friendly surface.

    3. Or, if you're not willing to commit to a permanent chalkboard situation: temporary chalkboard contact paper.

    4. A ceramic wallscape planter, because when in doubt, the answer is usually plants.

    5. A totally customizable wood shelf with intriguing pyramid support.

    6. A trio of whimsical cactus hooks that are anything but dry.

    7. Or, a set of minimalist natural-wood hooks to hang things your way.

    8. An antique print — anatomical, geographical, architectural, you name it — that'll also make for a good conversation piece.

    9. And punctuate it with a classy wood hanging frame — no tricky mounting or installation required.

    10. A geometric mobile for Calder looks without the Calder price tag.

    11. A bare-bones wall clock with stylish brass hands that'll be a perfect accent in any room in your home.

    12. A candleholder wall sconce for some sophisticated mood lighting in your living room.

    13. A wood and rope hanging that makes a big statement with just a few small shapes.

    14. A magnetic map hanging so you never forget your roots (or keys).

    15. A Memphis-style wall hook that belongs in Toy Story 4, which I just remembered is a thing.

    16. A cloudy-with-a-chance-of-toilet-paper storage system to hang up in your bathroom.

    17. A wire storage grid that's perfect for hanging up reminders and photos (or displaying small plants if you opt for shelving).

    18. A cleverly designed dish and rack to drop your essentials in when you come home from work.

    19. A simple oak shelf so you can let your houseplants and favorite trinkets really shine.

    20. A hanging organizer to hold all the odds and ends floating around your place that you've never really had a good home for.

    21. Some photo-clip string lights if you want to go full Stranger Things on your living room.

    22. A stunning dried flower arrangement you don't have to anxiously await the demise of. (They offer a surprising amount of life to a room for being dead and all.)

    23. And a brass deco frame to give them a proper display.

    24. A wooden utility board that comes in handy for a wide range of purposes (storing kitchen utensils and office supplies, displaying plants, and so forth) — the world is your oyster.

    25. A vintage letter board made of quality, long-lasting materials to display whatever suits your mood.

    26. A set of five colorful geo-art pieces you can arrange in any way you please.

    27. A Stendig wall calendar that's timeless (really — it was designed in 1966 and is still fire) and useful.

    28. A vibrant eye mirror to get in on the statement-mirror trend.

    29. An air-plant wall sconce that requires very little maintenance to preserve it in tip-top shape.

    30. A downloadable midcentury-modern print (you can have a specialist print off for you) to save big bucks around the home.

    31. A marbled dry-erase board if you're looking for an elegant take on the utilitarian dry-erase board.

    32. A "scratch the world" travel map that'll incentivize you to finally take that trip to Tokyo.

    33. Plus an architectural postcard pack to start off your shrine of all the places you've visited.

    34. And a cubist floating shelf that'll hold your succulents and offer ample support to rest your books on.

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