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    30 Of The Best Bras And Bralettes In Every Style Because Your Boobs Deserve The Best

    Only the best of the breast — I mean — breast of the best — uh — best of the best for your breasts.

    1. A holy grail bra like this T-shirt style from ThirdLove that has *over* 30,000 five-star reviews. It's equipped with memory foam cups, slip-resistant straps, a double layer smoothing back, and soft jersey knit fabric to keep you comfortably supported all day long.

    Front of model wearing t-shirt bra in mocha
    Side of model wearing t-shirt bra in mocha

    Let me start by saying, I've had this bra for about six months, and I still love it. I tend to be wary of shopping for bras online, as my size varies depending on the maker and style of the bra. ThirdLove made it easy (and educational) to find my perfect fit through their assortment of handy resources like their Bra Size Chart and Breast Shape Dictionary. The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra truly lived up to its hype for me. It provides enough coverage without making me feel bulky, it's made with insanely soft fabric, and it STAYS. PUT. Those slip-resistant straps certainly resist slipping! And I found that the double-panel back moves with me, not against me, so I haven't had to do any scooping, shifting, or stretching in that department either. Now, all I have to do is purchase the bra in all of its wonderful color options, and I will feel unequivocally complete (please, no one lecture me about retail therapy).

    Get it from ThirdLove for $72 (available in band sizes 32–44, cup sizes A–I including half-cup sizes, and 10 colors).

    We featured this bra in "Just 33 Bras And Bralettes That Are Genuinely Comfortable," if you're looking for some other comfy recommendations.

    2. A bra that won't show through your clothes, like this microfiber Calvin Klein T-shirt bra. It's lightly lined for coverage and support, but will remain undetectable under your favorite ultra thin tees.

    Model wearing nude t-shirt bra
    Reviewer photo of them wearing the nude bra under a t-shirt
    Reviewer photo of the nude bra

    Promising review: "This bra is everything I wanted: It's not too expensive, fits like a glove, comfortable, almost invisible, and it passes the white T-shirt test. I was worried about the Fresh Taupe color because I'm very pale, and it's a bit gray, but it works for me. I've already washed it (cold, hang dry), and the cups maintained their shape. I ordered my normal EU size, and there is a tiny bit of gapping in the front, but it's only very slight. I normally wear bras that are double or triple the price, but I'll be buying this in a few more colors." —Julia

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in band sizes 30–42, cup sizes A–DDD, and 16 colors).

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    3. An everyday option for fuller-chested people, like this Wacoal underwire bra that has thick and supportive straps, unlined and seamless cups, and a simple design you can wear with confidence.

    Front of model in black bra
    Back of model in black bra

    Promising review: "This bra is great. I'm a 36DD, and the bra was true to size. I have a variety of Wacoal bras, and they're all wonderful. This bra is not sexy, but it's so supportive and keeps your boobs where they're supposed to be. I feel like this bra was custom-made for me. Like I said, it's not sexy, nor is it very cute, but I don't buy my bras for that reason. I'm not interested in wearing any other brand." —Maryland

    Get it from Amazon for $34.85+ (available in band sizes 32–44, cup sizes C–H, and in 19 colors and patterns).

    We also gave this bra a shoutout in "40 Bras You Can Get On Amazon That'll Actually Fit Anyone With Big Boobs."

    4. And an everyday option for smaller-cupped folks, like the almighty Pepper bra. It gently lifts and accentuates your itty-bitty-you-know-whats without gapping. No, it's not too good to be true.

    Model wearing light pink bra
    Model wearing reddish orange bra

    Pepper is an Asian woman-owned small business that was established in 2017 with a mission to make quality bras for small-chested people.

    Promising review: "I LOVE these bras! I have never had a bra so comfortable before. This bra has become my absolute go-to for my day-to-day. I'm the type of person to not wear a bra if I don't have to, but I completely forget I'm wearing this one!" —Athalia :)

    Get it from Pepper for $50 (available in band sizes 30–40, cup sizes AA–B, and 10 colors).

    We included this bra in "28 Bras To Replace The One You Wear Every Day" if you want to check out some other reliable bras, or you can read BuzzFeeders Allison Jiang and Brittany Gibson's full review of the Pepper bra here.

    5. Or a similar style like this smoothing underwire bra that has a mesh illusion neckline to prevent gapping in your cups, plus double-panel wings that won't dig into your skin. The 19,000+ five-star reviews are an added 19,000+ reasons you'll love it.

    Reviewer image of them wearing the light pink bra
    Review photo of them wearing the black bra

    Promising review: "I had my favorite bra for a few years, and once you find one that you like and feel comfortable in, you wear it until it falls apart. Well, mine fell apart, and it was time to find a new one. They stopped making my favorite kind, so I was on a search for a new one. I ordered several different kinds to try, and once I put this one on, I knew this was it. It fits me perfectly and it has the perfect amount of padding (I don't feel like I am wearing armor, but it is more than just a cloth). I was a little tight in the back the first time I wore it, but after that, it was perfect. I bought three in different colors. I might stock up, though, and get more. If you are looking for a bra that's cute and comfortable, give this one a try." —Natasha

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in band sizes 34–42, cup sizes B–DD, and 22 colors).

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    6. An everyday minimizer bra like the Lilyette by Bali, with impressive minimizing capabilities, plus keyhole detailing and tons of comfort via its nylon and elastane blended silhouette. 

    Reviewer wearing minimizer bra
    before and after of a reviewer with their full bust and then their reduced bust from wearing the minimizer bra

    Note: This bra can reduce your bust projection up to 1.5 inches!

    Promising review: "Why did no one tell me the wonders of minimizing bras?!? But all is forgiven now that my 38DD otherwise unwieldy breasts are now properly contained! All my life, I've worn 'regular' bras, and all my life, they've wiggled, jiggled, pooched over the cups, and I've hated them. But now, I might be OK with a larger chest! This bra is phenomenal. I'm DD, sometimes DDD, and wearing regular bras correctly sized was horrible. Professional fittings, those $70 bras I'd still look jiggly in, and I'd still end up with boobage up out of the cup. Looked ridiculous. This bra nicely does whatever it does to push your breasts down enough that they don't pop out. But you don't look like you have smashed breasts or a uniboob! They stay nicely separated; I've worn it several times and not once had spillage over. I'm ordering two more, pleased as punch. FINALLY, after over 25 years of bra wearing, found what I didn't know I was missing! I hope someone else is able to have the joy of nicely contained boobs!" —3LittleFish

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in band sizes 34–42, cup sizes C–DDD, and seven colors).

    For more bust-reducing styles, take a look at our picks for the best minimizer bras.

    7. A supportive back-smoothing style like this bra that comes in both wired or wireless options, because you deserve to go wire-free every now and then.

    Reviewer photo of them wearing the bra in navy blue
    Back of model in white bra

    Promising review: "I currently own this bra in three different colors. I like it so much. I'm a 40DD, so my bras live a pretty rough and tumble life. I'm not gentle on them, and they've got a big job to do. This bra sits nicely around the band, no riding up, with solid hooks that don't pull out or come loose. The straps are thick (but not ridiculously thick, you can still wear a sleeveless top with it). They don't bite into my flesh, leaving painful red marks or hurt my shoulders, like other bras do. The cups are lightly lined and perfectly shaped to prevent unsightly bulging. No quad-boob, no underarm boob, just two boobs that are sitting at a normal angle on the chest. I've bought tons of bras over the years, searching for that perfect match for my full-figured frame, and I just wanted to share my opinion in order to help other busty gals know this is quite a bargain for the quality product you receive! The bra is comfortable, durable, and fits true to size. I'm very happy with this purchase." —Danielle

    Get it from Amazon for $15.49+ (available in band sizes 36–44, cup sizes B–H, wired or wireless options, and in 39 colors, styles, and multipacks).

    FYI, we also featured this pick in "40 Bras You Can Get On Amazon That'll Actually Fit Anyone With Big Boobs."

    8. A well-rounded, breathable bra like this one by Hanes, which is moisture-wicking, soft, foam-padded, and wireless. Basically, this bra has all of the elements to make it something you won't be itching to rip off at the end of the day.

    Model wearing bra in black
    Model wearing bra in blue

    Promising review: "This bra is so dang comfortable! The first day I got it, I tried it on and ended up sleeping in it. I didn't even realize I had it on until the morning! I brought it to wear to work (I work at a horse barn, so lots of moving and heavy lifting in all types of weather). It was 95 degrees, and my upper body didn't sweat nearly as much as it usually does with other bras. I'm not sure if I would wear it when it's cold, since it's pretty thin, but I'll be wearing more layers in the cold anyway, so it'd probably be fine. Highly recommend!" –Emma

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in sizes S–3XL and five colors).

    You can also check out "33 Moisture-Wicking Bras For People Who Sweat A Lot" for some other great bras that fight against *gulp* boob sweat.

    9. A wire-free yet ~lifting~ option, like this wireless push-up bra. Gone are the days of having to decide between comfort and lift for your boobs!

    Model wearing wireless push-up bra in glacier gray
    model wearing ballet pink wireless push-up bra

    Promising review: "This is one of the most comfortable bras I own! It has no underwire to come out and poke me in the sides. It has the right amount of push-up needed to make you look amazing! If you're on the fence about buying this online, DO NOT HESITATE! It is an amazing bra, and you will not be disappointed!" —Heather

    Get it from Aerie for $38.46 (originally $54.95; available in band sizes 30–40, cup sizes A–DD, and four colors).

    And check out some of our other favorite wireless bra-ptions.

    10. A fun and comfy push-up bra like this lacy one that'll add a full cup size to your bust and become a go-to for a night out (or an *extra special* secret during the day).

    Model wearing pink push-up bra
    Model wearing gray push-up bra

    Promising review: "This bra is EVERYTHING!!! Perfect lift, perfect fit, perfect push-up!!!!! I love it! I need it in every color. Good padding, not too much. I’m so happy I found this. This bra is giving my boobies new life!!!" —1 Hot MaMa of Twins

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in band sizes 32–38, cup sizes A–DDD, and in 15 colors and styles).

    11. reliable plus-size push-up, like this plunging bra from Torrid. It has a microfiber lining to smoothly glide over your skin and a black lacy overlay for a little extra ~something something~.

    Front of model wearing black push-up bra
    Back of model wearing black push-up bra

    Promising review: "I was looking for something in my size to give me just a little 'oomph,' and THIS WAS IT. Sometimes, us bigger-chested girls don't get the luxury of push-up bras, and it was great to find one that fit right!" —Veez92

    Get it from Torrid for $38.67 (originally $59.50; available in band sizes 36–50 and cup sizes B–F).

    Here are some other push-up bras you'll actually want to wear.

    12. Or a convertible push-up bra, like this strap-optional piece from Aerie. This bra provides tons of glorious lift no matter how you decide to wear it.

    Model wearing black bra with straps
    Model wearing black strapless bra

    Promising review: "I've been looking for a nude strapless bra for a loonngg time, but always had issues with support and comfort. This one fits really well and provides lots of support while showing minimal material. The bottom trim is also super cute. I'm so relieved that my search is now over!" –MochiMochi

    Get it from Aerie for $23.97 (originally $39.95; available in band sizes 30–40, cup sizes AA–DD, and two colors).

    We love that this bra is strapless and a push-up, so naturally, we had to include it in our roundups of both of those respective bra types.

    13. convertible nursing style like this pumping bra made to make the lives of nursing folks roughly 100% easier. With removable straps, a zip-closure front, and hands-free pumping capabilities, it's no wonder this lil' number has so many positive reviews!

    reviewer mirror selfie pumping hands-free with bra, straps down
    reviewer photo, thumbs up, pumping wearing the bra

    Promising review: "I was on the fence for quite a while about buying this. Let me tell you, I wish I had bought it sooner. So worth it! I've been exclusively pumping for two months, and it sucks. One of the worst parts is having to hold the flanges for 20-30 minutes at a time, hunched over, not able to use my han