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    16 Minimizer Bras So You Can Go About Your Day Without Worrying About Your Boobs

    See ya never again, uniboob.

    1. A Lilyette by Bali "Plunge Into Comfort" keyhole minimizer bra that's so effective reviewers are calling it a "miracle bra."

    2. A lacy and unpadded minimizer bra because you deserve the best of both worlds: a functional undergarment that's still super pretty.  

    a model wearing a white lacy bra
    reviewer photo of them wearing a red lacy bra

    Promising review: "Got it today and it fits like a glove! True to size! The color is a little darker than I thought it would be, but very pretty! I turned right around and bought another one! It’s a very comfortable underwire bra. It’s the first one that didn’t cut into my ribs. I’m a 40DD. It minimizes really well! Glad I found it!" –J. M. Russell

    Get it from Amazon for $22.49+ (available in cup sizes C–DDD, band sizes 32–46, and 18 colors).

    3. A Glamorise full-figure wire-free minimizer support bra to reduce your bust size by one cup while wicking away moisture for a cool and comfy fit all day long.

    4. A seamless, unlined Spanx "Low Profile" minimizer bra that's so comfy you'll probably forget you're even wearing it.

    5. A Vanity Fair back-smoothing minimizer bra made of four-way-stretch fabric promising to *comfortably* reduce your bustline up to 1 1/2 inches.

    6. A full-coverage seamless Chantelle minimizer bra boasting a thick back band, no padding, no lining, and, most importantly, no discomfort!

    7. A Bali "Passion for Comfort" minimizer underwire bra fully equipped with a silky-smooth lining, adjustable straps, and 16K+ 5-star reviews from people who claim this is *the* best bra they've ever purchased.

    8. A full-coverage side-slimming Soma minimizer bra that can reduce up to 3 inches of bust projection (!!!) while still being comfy and supportive.

    9. An unlined underwire minimizing bra that'll *actually* keep everything in place while you're rockin' that off-the-shoulder top.

    10. A Chantelle Lingerie minimizer bra with supportive cups, seamless underwire, back-smoothing wings, and a shiny floral pattern to top it off (literally). Its magical minimizing power is just an added bonus!

    Model wearing the red floral minimizer bra
    Model wearing the pink floral minimizer bra, slightly turned sideways

    It can reduce your bust up to 1 inch.

    Promising review: "Just love this bra. Bought a couple at the Anniversary Sale and almost immediately ordered more. I am 5'4" and wear a 34DDD, so I am bit self conscious about my large chest. Unlike so many bras, this style does not add any unneeded padding and does a great job at minimizing. My blouses button! Hooray!" –NoVAElite

    Get it from Nordstrom for $45.99+ (available in cup sizes C–I, band sizes 32–44, and seven colors).

    11. A stylish Wacoal "Visual Effects" seamless underwire minimizer bra reviewers say provides plenty of support and no spillage!

    12. A Just My Size wire-free minimizer bra with cushion straps so you can kiss shoulder pain goodbye (along with up to 1 1/2 inches of bust projection).

    13. A Lilyette Bali "Beautiful Support" minimizer adorned with lace and a scalloped trim that's so pretty you'll prob send a ton of Snaps to your BFFs of it before you even put it on.

    14. A seamless and nude minimizer bra, AKA: Ol' Reliable. It's comfy, practical, and features pretty floral detailing, so it'll be a thorough upgrade to the bra you wear every day. Apologies to all of the other bras in your collection that have been waiting patiently to take the top spot. 

    Front of model wearing the seamless nude minimizer bra with tiny floral detailing
    Back of model wearing the seamless nude minimizer bra

    This bra can minimize your bust up to 1 inch.

    Promising review: "Does what it says: minimizes and lifts! My clothes look so much better. T-shirts are less tight across the chest and don’t look ridiculous on me now. The material is not stretchy but that’s what you want if you need to minimize and lift. I kept choosing stretchy material bras which were comfortable but not flattering." –MGPT

    Get it from Amazon for $44.93+ (available in cup sizes C–DDD and band sizes 32–40).

    15. A sheer illusion minimizer bra with gorgeous mesh and lace-detailed cups that only *look* sheer, but still provide full coverage. Plus, it's unlined for comfort and has wide wings for extra support.  

    reviewer photo of them wearing a pinkish red sheer illusion mesh and lace bra
    reviewer photo of them wearing a light blue sheer illusion mesh and lace bra

    Promising review: "This bra is perfect for big chested women! My bra size gets in my way a ton especially since I’ve become a new mom, I’m a 38G. Before baby I was a 36DD which was a HUGE adjustment for me. The wire support is spectacular and the coverage of this bra keeps everything in place! Minimized Boobs and Minimized SIDE BOOB!!! The material even covers my side boob which wasn’t expected, so great surprise there! This bra has been proven to be machine-wash durable too! Yes, I dry my bras and it hasn’t shrunk, ruined the wiring, nor ruined the padding (because there is none). The quality, minimizing structure, and material is great. It’s pretty subtly sexy too ;)!!!" –Madison Cooper

    Get it from Amazon for $24.98+ (available in cup sizes C–I, band sizes 32–46, and 17 colors/styles).

    16. An as comfortable as it is breathable microfiber-lined minimizer bra, because the last thing you need if for your bust to reach boob-swamp territory. 

    a model wearing a sheer black bra with a leaf-pattern overlay
    a close-up of a black lace bra

    Promising review: "It’s a full-coverage minimizer bra that supports and is very comfortable. The straps do not dig in nor shift, which means lots to me. It’s a pretty bra and looks great! I wore an Olga brand years ago that when it was discontinued, I had to literally shop and shop looking for a decent underwire bra that came close to an Olga! The bra will feel better after the first wearing, like a break-in period. Very happy!" –Carolyn 

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in cup sizes C–DD, band sizes 36–42, and 11 colors). 

    You, to your beloved collection of minimizer bras:

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