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    21 Nursing Bras That Will Make Your Breastfeeding Journey A Little Easier

    Because you deserve to be comfortable while feeding a tiny (and very hungry) human being with your own body.

    1. A full-coverage seamless nursing bra with removable foam inserts and stretch fabric for changing boobies, because your body changes enough during pregnancy — your bra should keep up!

    2. A crisscross sleep nursing bra that'll make it a million times easier to whip out your jugs in the middle of the night and allow you to actually sleep comfortably without feeling like you're tangled in your own boob-cage.

    3. A Hatch skin-to-skin bralette with no hardware whatsoever, just super-luxe fabric to clothe your tatas and provide the softest possible canvas for both milk giver and milk receiver.

    4. A pumping bra that's truly the epitome of a lifesaver, as these thousands of 5-star reviewers can attest, because you need your hands, duh. There are chip bags to open and TV channels to change!

    5. A nursing bralette made for folks with larger busts (D–DDD), because being comfortable while you literally produce nutritious milk from your chesticles is the least you can ask for.

    6. A wire-free lace bralette that truly does it all — it's super cute, soft, and, functional, so much so that you'll want to salute and thank it for its service daily.

    7. A wire-free nursing bra that isn't a nightmare to unclasp, because, as you know, when a milk-mergency arises, there's really no time to fumble.

    8. A nursing sports bra in case you want to casually nurse in the middle of a yoga sesh, a brisk jog, or any other aerobic activity that requires you to have both mobility and quick boob access.

    9. A full-bust nursing bra reviewers say provides some sweet, sweet relief for those with larger busts and smaller ribcages, with straps that don't dig and wire-free support.

    10. A silky nursing bra that'll become an extension of yourself, because with the number of times you'll be clasping and unclasping, you shouldn't even have to think about your bra.

    11. A four-pack of nursing bras if you don't need anything with bells and whistles, just some good old-fashioned support for your boobage, with multiple color options because you're bound to go through one a day.

    12. A nursing yoga bra with racer-back straps so you can be sure your milk melons aren't going anywhere (except your baby's mouth).

    13. A clip-on pumping bra that'll completely change your breastfeeding game — just attach this to any nursing bra and voilà! You got two bras in one. At the same time!

    14. A foam wire-free bra that does the job right, and does it well, in addition to being under $15, so you can supplement your breastfeeding journey with a bunch of these babies for your baby(ies).

    15. A rib-knit nursing bra that'll feel like putting on two luxurious sweaters for your tatas, but with the added bonus of real support, of course, lil' windows for your nips.

    16. A leakproof nursing bra with removable absorbent pads that'll ensure that it won't look like you spilled a bowl of cereal on yourself every time you breastfeed.

    17. An ingenious nursing and pumping bra with absolutely no wires and clasps that'll make you feel like the Iron Man of breastfeeding — just pull the outer layer up or down, depending on whether you want to pump or nurse!

    18. A nursing bra with breathable mesh cups, because sweaty boobs + nursing boobs = a big ol' mess, and this bra, aside from being super comfy and supportive, is moisture wicking too!

    19. A nursing bralette with removable pads that will blend seamlessly under your clothes, so it doesn't look like you're smuggling two weapons of milk production (get it??) under your T-shirt (even though you are 😎).

    20. A five-pack of nursing bras that'll give you maximum bang for your buck, especially considering these bras are wire free, easy to sleep in, easy to feed in, and also let your boobies breathe.

    21. And a seamless nursing bra for F–I cups so you don't have to compromise and squeeze into an uncomfortable, too-small boob-prison.

    This is how you'll feel when you find the perfect nursing bra for your boobies:

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or style. 

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