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    • Chwelseaa

      I have two dumb ridiculous broken bone stories, both of which happened when I was around 8 or 9 years old. First, I was at Girl Scout camp over the summer. Number one rule of camp? Don’t run. Me, deciding I really needed to get from the bathroom to the campfire super quick decided to jog a bit because you know that wasn’t technically running in my 8 year old mind. I was scurrying along, tripped over a rock, went to brace myself and broke my wrist.  Most of the camp ‘staff’ was counselors in training with some leaders, and they said I was fine and since it was almost time to go home, called my parents and said they were going to put me on the bus as usual. Fast forward the 45 minutes later, my dad is picking me up and one look and he notices that I broke it, didn’t even have to ask my mom who is a nurse. Second time, I was in my parents’ basement with my younger brother and cousin. For some reason we had a boogie board downstairs and we were taking turns pulling/riding on the back. I didn’t want to give up the boogie board while my cousin was pulling me, so when I jumped (pretending to do a trick), she tugged the string as hard as she could and I caught the very edge of the boogie board that knocked me off balance just enough that I fell and broke my OTHER wrist.  This all happened within about 3 months of each other

    • Chwelseaa

      Okay so this was the year of (I think) 2001. Around July or so, I was at a Girl Scout day camp having a blast as any 8 year old would. One of the basic rules was no running, but I was a rule breaker so I ignored that. One day, I was running around our base camp area near the (not lit) campfire circle, and I tripped over a rock, slammed my head into a log bench and broke my (left) wrist. All of the older counselors said I was fine and sent me home on the bus. My dad got one look at me when I stepped off the bus and knew that I was clearly not fine. THEN, a few months later, I was playing around with my brother and cousin in my basement. We were dragging each other around on a boogie board, and I was ‘riding’ it and my cousin really wanted it, so one of the times I jumped, she yanked it out from under me, I caught it at a really weird angle, fell onto the ground and broke my other wrist (left). Mind you broken wrist number one (right) had just gotten out of a cast about a month before.
      That was a fun conversation for me and my parents to have with some hospital social workers at 2 am.

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