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Camp Counselors, What's The Funniest Thing You Ever Heard A Camper Say?

"My survival instincts are kicking in..."

If you've ever worked at a summer camp, chances are you've heard the campers say some preeeeeeeeetty strange things.

Maybe you took them on an overnight camping trip and heard one camper say that his "survival instincts were kicking in" and he felt like he "could track an animal."

Or perhaps your campers were discussing ~scandalous things~ and one confessed that her older brother "does alcohol."

Or maybe you had to scold a camper and they responded by yelling, "You eat ass!!!" (This may or may not be from personal experience.)

Tell us the funniest thing you've heard a camper say in the DropBox below. Our faves may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!