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    This Little Girl Can't Walk But That Didn't Stop Her From Playing Hockey Like A Champ

    Her favorite player, Duncan Keith made her dream come true. #WhatsYourGoal

    As part of the Chicago Blackhawks' new #WhatsYourGoal initiative, the team has been making dreams come true for some very special fans. The latest fan to have a chance to achieve her biggest goal is the adorable Cammy:

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    Cammy was born without the ability to walk or speak, but that didn't stop her from dreaming of scoring a goal on the ice with her favorite player, Duncan Keith.

    When she was surprised by her idol, Cammy's face lit up!

    Duncan made sure his new teammate had the proper equipment before hitting the ice.

    Using the computer that helps Cammy communicate, the pair got to know each other, and found they had some things in common.

    Game time! Cammy gets strapped to Duncan in a special harness...

    And they are off and skating!

    She shoots, she scores!!!!!

    Victory lap!

    Best. Day. Ever.

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