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Dark Drake • 3 days ago
Dark Drake • 4 days ago

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Demon From "The Conjuring" Universe You Are

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Warrens.

Dark Drake • 5 days ago

Here's Why Jordan Peele's 'Us' Is Better Than His 'Get Out'

Jordan peele's Us is better than Get Out? Lets find out.

Dark Drake • 7 days ago

Would You Rather : Horror Movie Edition

Let's see what really scares you.

Dark Drake • 25 days ago

Only True Pokemon Fans Can Get 100% In This Pokemon Quiz

Lets see if you're the bigggggggeeeeessssssst pokemon fan.

Dark Drake • 28 days ago
Dark Drake • 29 days ago

These Horror Monsters Are Terrifying — But Which Are The Terrifyingest?

It's okay. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

Dark Drake • One month ago