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What Is The Scariest Horror Movie Moment That Gets Absolutely No Credit?

WARNING: This post contains graphic imagery!

Listen, the classic horror movie scares are classic for a reason. Who among us hasn't been freaked out to go in the ocean because of the opening of Jaws, or checked under our beds because of ~that scene~ in Friday the 13th?

But there are for sure some overlooked scary scenes that are EQUALLY terrifying — both in content and how underrated they are.

So — with that in mind — what is the scariest horror movie scene that gets absolutely zero credit?

Maybe it's an overlooked scene from a popular film — like the graphically violent Ättestupa scene in Midsommar — that scarred your dreams for weeks.

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Or perhaps it's a scary scene from a movie that, frankly, just not enough people have seen — like the opening scene in Trick 'r Treat — that turned you off of Halloween decorations for a while.

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Heck, maybe your choice is an amazing jump scare from a sequel to a sequel — like the hospital scene in The Exorcist III — that had you turning your volume alllllllll the way down.

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Share the horror movie scene that you believe deserves more credit for being nightmare-inducing and why you love it so much in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!