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    32 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Products That Are Worth The Money

    A multitasking sunscreen, a miracle-working hair peptide, and other things to help you feel your best.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 literally goes ghost the minute you put it on — and that's why we love it. You'll be hard-pressed to find a scentless, invisible, weightless formula that blocks over 96% of harmful UV rays and blue light from your phone.,

    Promising review: "I’ve only been using unseen for a few days, but so far I’m really loving it. It’s truly a game changer, especially for women with darker skin tones. It goes on so smooth and velvety, and leaves no white cast! Hopefully, it doesn’t make my acne-prone skin breakout *crosses fingers*, or else it’s back to the drawing board." —Joy V.

    Get the standard size from Supergoop!, Sephora, or Amazon for $34 (also available in a mini size).

    2. K18 Four-Minute Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask ventures past the hair cuticle and does what you think your conditioner or protein treatment are doing. Its signature peptides reconnect broken keratin chains by carrying amino acids back into the core of the hair.

    A bottle of the hair mask

    Promising review: "I have very fine, highlighted hair — lots of it! I use this after I shampoo about twice a week (I do not condition my hair beforehand). It makes my hair stronger and softer and all-around more healthy. It's expensive, but I only need a pea-sized amount (my hair is chin-length), so it lasts forever. Highly, highly recommend!" —Sue Schneider

    Get the standard size from Amazon for $79.99 (also available in a mini size).

    3. Fresh Soy Makeup-Removing Face Wash rocks because it's the most effective, gentle cleanser I've ever used — and I have oily skin. This pH-balanced face wash gets the job done without all the agitation or dryness.

    The cleanser bottle

    I switched to this cleaner since my esthetician said my moisture barrier was nonexistent. When I finish cleansing, my skin isn't tight or dry. That could be because this cleanser is pH balanced. So many products are overloaded with active ingredients, which makes me appreciate the simplicity of this face wash. It barely has a smell, and the texture is gel-like.

    Get the value size from Sephora for $44 (available in mini and standard sizes).

    4. Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb has never done me dirty, and it won't fail you either. It's my favorite lightweight, water-gel day cream because it never leaves me too oily or dry.


    I have oily skin, and this product doesn't leave me looking like an oil slick. It's hydrating enough to keep my skin balanced all day. I've alternated between using this and Peter Thomas Roth's Cloud Cream for four years. Both are amazing, but Aqua Bomb works just as well for a lower price.

    Promising Review: "WOW!! MY FACE FEELS SO AMAZING!! One day I was like screw it — my face needs this! I bought the Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb. After drying, my face would feel so soft and moisturized (also, it doesn't get sticky like other products)! I do recommend this product for people with any skin type, due to the fact that it's a small moisturizer and it lasts a long time. It has also helped me clear my acne in a little over a month. I 110% recommend this product!!" —KiarasStuff

    Get it from Sephora or Amazon for $38.

    5. The all-star Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment remains one of the most effective, gentle chemical exfoliants on the market. Although it can be used as a mask, just a pump of this is enough to improve your skin's texture by morning.


    The first time I used this, I was blown away by my skin the next day. Everyone I know who has tried this loves the results but hates the price.

    Promising Review: "I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! Within only a few days, I noticed a huge difference in my skin tone, breakouts, and pigmentation. I have acne scars and other unmentionables on my face that drive me crazy. That is really why I am using this product. I have not found another product out there that is ACTUALLY as effective at decreasing hyperpigmentation. Good Genes is the answer. I did not experience burning or tingling — not even on the first use. If you are considering this at all, take my advice. Give it a go. It is saving my skin one day at a time." —maeganash0314

    Get the value size from Sephora or Amazon for $122 (available in two sizes).

    6. The ultra-moisturizing Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask showed me how soft my lips could be. At first, I was ashamed to spend almost $30 on a lip product — but this one is worth every cent.

    The lip mask

    My ex used to kiss me just to get some of this mask. It's that good. I recently put my roommate onto this, and she fell in love. Now she swears by it. This mask was originally introduced in a box set, but Tatcha started selling it individually because there was such huge demand.

    Promising review: "Best lip product I’ve ever gotten the pleasure of buying for my dry-a** lips. My lips always tend to crack and chap really badly, especially in the winter/fall time. So I started looking into lip masks and chapsticks, and this one is the only one I’ve noticed to make a big difference. It says night mask, but I use it more as chapstick 'cause it’s so addicting and not gross feeling when applied to the lips. This product is amazing. I definitely recommend it. I’ve gotten my mom and best friend hooked on this, and they love it just as much as I do!" —rissarose

    Get it from Sephora or Amazon for $28.

    7. Kate Somerville Recovery Cream comes to the rescue after you go overboard on the treatments or completely strip your skin of all that is good in this world. Peptides, ceramides, and ginger root are here to calm reddish skin.

    A reviewer's jar of the product
    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    I love that it's thick because I apply it after rinsing off the Babyfacial or The Ordinary's peel when my skin is completely raw. My skin is oily, but I use this during winter because the air is so dry.

    Promising review: "I use this as my night cream because it’s thick and it would be too heavy to use twice a day. This was a game changer for me. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels great. I would recommend if you have dry skin. This is cream gold for us dry girls!!" —CarolinaGerck

    Get it from Sephora or Amazon for $70 (available in two sizes).

    8. Youth to the People Green Tea and Spinach Cleanser delivers cold-pressed antioxidants derived from kale, spinach, and green tea that easily remove makeup and dirt, and help rebalance skin's pH., Sephora

    This product is vegan and clean, and it works for all skin types.

    Promising Review: "I am obsessed with this cleanser! It smells incredible and does an amazing job of taking off makeup. The ingredients are amazing and natural. Every time I use this cleanser, it makes my skin feel so clean and so soft! I have bought this cleanser two times, and I don't think I'll ever stop. I am an avid collector in skincare and makeup and am always trying out new products, but I can confidently say this is my FAVORITE cleanser." —ErinaG

    Get the value size from Sephora for $64 (also available in mini and standard sizes), or get the standard size from Amazon for $39.

    9. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment relies on lactic acid, fruit enzymes, and vitamin E to shimmy the dead cells and scarring off your skin. Start unclogging your pores with this treatment so that you don't break out.


    Promising Review: "This product is amazing! I have never used an exfoliating product that changed my skin after one use! Before I get into that, I am obsessed with the way this product smells, and the dark green color of the product makes my heart happy. I first used this in the shower, when I didn’t have any makeup to remove. The next day when I woke up, I was eager to check out my face. My skin was SO smooth, and the texture along my jawline was almost completely gone! I am so amazed. I never would have believed if I was told this product would get rid of my texture so quickly. Now I don’t know that I can be without this exfoliator! Don’t try this unless you want to fall in love — it’s pretty much guaranteed!" —PammyPajammie

    Get the standard 2-ounce size from Amazon or Sephora for $88 (also available in mini and 5-ounce sizes).

    10. Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream is full of helpful proteins that improve skin tone and texture, and increase firmness. Your thirsty skin will love its peptides (hence, the name), pygmy waterlily stem cell extract, and other vegan ingredients that nourish and rehydrate skin.,

    Promising Review: "LOVE. This cream is heavenly. It layers on so nicely over serums or by itself. I have VERY oily skin, and this seems to help keep it at bay. It layers under makeup well, but I usually just use it to plump up my skin before running errands when I don’t feel like putting on makeup. My skin looks brighter, plumper, and more even when I put this on. And I may be crazy, but, after continued use, it has helped my skin achieve those things when there’s nothing on it. Amazing product. Highly recommend!" —rhibee7

    Get it from Sephora or Amazon for $68 (also available in a mini size).

    11. The potent La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Acne Treatment to empty out your pores (yes, including whiteheads and blackheads) with quickness.

    The squeezable product tube and a flower

    Promising Review: "Works great! I have very stubborn oily skin, with closed commodore acne — not whiteheads, just bumps really. This works AMAZINGLY! It’s the best product I’ve used for spots! It doesn’t dry my skin out but really helps tackle inflammation. Results are not instant, but I apply once a day, and the pimple goes down/away within three days. If you are more aggressive and apply it twice or three times a day, you will notice a difference overnight!" —Dermstore Customer

    Get it from Dermstore for $29.99 or Amazon for $19.99.

    12. All-in-one Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment is pretty much everything you'll need to reduce redness, even skin tone, and ward off UV rays. The Centella Asiatica Complex protects from environmental stressors too!

    The open product jar

    Promising Review: "This goes on green and, after rubbing it in, ends up becoming the color of my skin but better. I never wear foundation because I don't like the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin, and I like this more than any of the tinted moisturizers I've tried in the past. It's not traditional makeup, but it acts like it. It's not heavy-duty color, but it's outstanding for everyday wear. It's light, moisturizing, and color correcting, and I still feel like it's my skin that shines through." —Erinfrances07

    Get the standard size from Sephora for $52 (available in two sizes) or on Amazon for $32.49.

    13. Solution may be a really vague name for a chemical exfoliator, but don't let that deter you. It's got salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids that are great for erasing acne scars.


    Promising review: "Although results may be different for everyone, this has worked wonders for my skin. I had been doing my skincare like normal, but it really just wasn’t doing much. Until I found this! Even after just two days, half of my bumps and pimples on my face were gone! It is quite strong though, so I would recommend starting with using it one to two days a week and working your way up. Personally, I found that three times a week has worked best for me." —Siena R.

    Get it from Glossier $24.

    Still not convinced that this cult-favorite product is worth the money? Read this article on Glossier's Solution to learn why it definitely is.

    14. Rich, vegan First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is quite literally a lifesaver for your skin. Tell your flakes and dry patches, "BE GONE," with this oatmeal and shea butter–infused cream.


    Promising Review: "I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer. I’m a total beauty addict, and there isn’t much I haven’t tried in the way of skincare. This product really stands out! It has an amazing, thick texture and a lovely scent. I was blown away when I put this cream on my face. It felt so soothing and took away the redness! I can’t recommend this moisturizer enough to anyone who has sensitive skin, has a skin condition like eczema, or is like me and uses strong skincare products. Plus, it’s insanely moisturizing. That being said, it is not one of those moisturizers that you use and it instantly soaks right into the skin. This cream does actually feel like a cream, but I wouldn’t say that it feels greasy. I will always have a big tub of this stuff around for sure. It really does work wonders on dry skin!" —ilamarie10

    Get it from Sephora for $36 (also available in a mini size).

    15. The leave-on Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask doesn't just protect your lips, it nourishes them. How? Vitamin C, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and a Berry Mix Complex.,

    This product introduced me to the world of non-drugstore lip balms. I low-key used it for the smell alone. Plus it left my lips incredibly supple. You can't go wrong with this; it makes an excellent gift.

    Promising Review: "I absolutely love this product! I have been using it for over a year now, and it makes my lips feel amazing! It smells fantastic and even comes with a little applicator, so you don't need to shove your fingers into the pot. It is a total must-have for the winter months and is great to use after sun-exposure in the summer. Apply to your lips and go to bed. That easy. It will still be hanging around on your lips in the morning. It is very budget-friendly. I love it so much." —Sephora Customer

    Get it from Sephora for $22 (available in five flavors) or Amazon for $16.99.

    16. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer easily took my 4C hair from sopping wet to very straight in minutes. Its state-of-the-art heat sensor prevents it from causing catastrophic heat damage to your hair.

    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    It comes with six magnetic attachments and accessories.

    As a person with Afro-textured hair, heat is sometimes needed to prep my hair for braided styles. So I needed a blow-dryer that could stretch my hair without compromising the integrity of my texture. I'd heard great things about this dryer, but the price is steep. Why should I spend almost $400 on a blow-dryer that may not work for my coily, type-4 hair? I asked master stylist Jon Reyman the same thing. For context, Reyman is probably the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to hair. He loves this blow-dryer because the heat sensor monitors 100 times per second to make sure the temperature never exceeds what is safe for your hair. Generally, I can smell my hair burning to a crisp when it's being blow-dried well. However, this blow-dryer gave me better results sans the frying hair. As a curly girl, I really love pairing the wide-tooth comb attachment with this blow-dryer. It distributes heat evenly through every strand. Most dryers allow heat to build up in the back of the body of the machine. However, this one will cool itself down to protect your hair. Dyson's blow-dryer and flat iron have kept my hair straight for a week without compromising its elasticity or plasticity. It's definitely a splurge item, but the science behind the hype is solid.

    Get it from Dyson for $399 (available in three colors).

    17. Erno Laszlo Firmarine Night Cream contains bio-actives, vitamins, and other great oils to nourish skin. I love this cream because it's not too oily, yet heavy enough for me to wake up with hydrated skin.

    A reviewer with the cream on their finger
    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    This is the most expensive night cream I've ever used. I've been using it since winter, and it is my favorite. Here's why: It's heavy enough to keep my skin moisturized all night, but light enough to not make me feel like a grease spot. It never makes me break out, and I don't have to add anything to make it more moisturizing. As far as the consistency, consider it a watery cream without too much oil. I would 100% buy this again because a little goes a long way.

    Promising review: "Firmarine Night Cream has made my self-confidence improve greatly! I received a sample of this and thought, It’s a nice size sample, but surely I cannot see results with this amount, but I DID! I only used a small amount nightly on my neck and lower-jaw area and have seen quite an improvement, especially in my neck area. It looks firmer and feels more soft and smooth in just a couple of weeks. It goes on smoothly; not a lot of product is needed. It is not greasy or heavy feeling and absorbs beautifully. I apply it at bedtime, and it works through the night. I cannot wait to buy this after my sample is out. Def my go-to from here on out." —STEPHER70

    Get it from Erno Laszlo for $146 or Amazon for $120.

    18. DreamGirls Signature Healthy Hair Care System just might change your life. The before and after pictures speak for themselves 😲.

    A reviewer's hair growth after 10 months of using the system

    The kit includes the TLC Comb-Out Treatment, Renewing Shampoo, Revival Deep Treatment, Renewing Conditioner, and True Essence Oil Treatment. I splurged and got this kit, and my hair is so glad that I did. I noticed much less breakage when taking my braids out thanks to the Comb-Out Treatment. Plus it dilutes well, so you don't have to waste product. All of the products work together like PB&J. There's an instruction sheet to help you get the most out of these salon-quality gems at home.

    DreamGirls is a Black woman–owned, family-run small business based in California.

    Get it from DreamGirls Hair for $125.

    19. Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer, aka the perfect moisturizer — it's on the creamy side but not heavy; lightweight but thick enough to last all day. Plus the ingredients are high quality and paraben-free!

    The product jar

    This moisturizer goes onto my skin like butter. I love a thicker moisturizer because hydration is key to having healthy skin. Plus, the rose extract and hyaluronic acid are so gentle and soothing. The scent doesn't bother me because its a product of the rose extract and a testament to Fresh's high-quality ingredients. If I have the money to splurge on a moisturizer, I'm buying this one.

    Promising review: "This moisturizer is sooooo good for my sensitive skin! And it smells amazing. I use a lot of the Fresh line and have never been disappointed in anything. 10/10." —EpicMama

    Get it from Sephora for $45 (also available in a mini size).

    20. Hairbrella is lined with satin to protect your precious tresses from the elements. It's designed with moisture-wicking fabric, an adjustable band for voluminous hair, and a UV visor.

    A person wearing the product

    Hairbrella is a Black woman–owned brand that "empowers women to conquer the world without worrying about their hair."

    Get it from Hairbrella or Amazon for $39.99 (available in seven colors).

    21. Olaplex No. 3 should be the first thing you reach for after you do something drastic to your hair. Why? Because it heals hair from within and refortifies the hair structure.


    Promising review: "Best Hair EVER! Olaplex No. 3 is a MIRACLE! The only word I can use is AMAZING! After two applications, I could IMMEDIATELY feel a difference in my hair. I color my hair and use heat daily to style, so it is very dry at the ends. After using the No. 3, my hair was silky and felt healthy. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!" —DHuff

    Get it from Sephora or Amazon for $28.

    22. Equinox Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shears are ideal for those who know what they're doing with a head of hair. The blades are so precise that they'll be the last shears you ever have to buy.

    A reviewer's hair that was cut with the shears

    Promising review: "Love these scissors! I wanted to buy some professional scissors to trim my ends without breaking the bank for a haircut. Usually I pay $50 plus tax and tip to “cut” my hair...which is usually a trim on the ends. My hair is very fine and straight, so there is not much to cut. I usually trim my hair every six months by a stylist, and I rarely heat-style (I blow-dry my hair maybe 4–5 times a year, as my hair dries super fast with it being fine, and maybe curl it on special occasions, so my hair is very healthy). Bought these scissors for under $20. I cut my hair today and am very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend buying these, especially if you have fine hair and just need a trim." —Becca Bear

    Get it from Amazon for $25.49 (available in four finishes).

    23. You'll simply adore Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. This will leave your hair buttery and soft to the touch. If things are getting a little dry, spritz some water to reactivate.

    A model with undefined curls before using the product / A model with clearly defined curls after using the product

    Promising review: "I love this stuff! It can be used alone (as pictured), and it will keep my curls soft and nice. If it's humid out I still use a small amount of gel to finish it off to keep it from frizzing out, but I think this is my favorite curl cream by far. I use Moroccan oil to moisturize my curls first, then this, and then gel if needed based on weather. I highly recommend this!" —Erica Bruno

    Get the 8.5-ounce version from Amazon for $34 (also available in a mini size).

    24. Ilia Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara will stretch those lashes to the sky (almost, but you get the idea).

    A model wearing the mascara

    Promising review: "I have tried all the non toxic clean mascaras out there, from drugstore brands to high end, I even considered making my own diy mascara for a moment there. Most clean mascaras sadly just aren't great, so because I was desperate I compromised with less than clean mascara for the last few years. When I saw Ilia sells a mini version of their mascara I thought I would give it a go but I wasn't expecting much. Boy was I impressed! This mascara locks my lashes into place all day, no flaking, no smearing, no mid day racoon eyes! Just beautiful lashes all day, and cherry on top- washes off easily with face wash no makeup remover required. Seriously LOVE this mascara." —Jessica

    Get the full size from Ilia for $28 (also available in a mini size).

    25. John Frieda's Hot Air Brush will fool people into thinking you just stepped out of the salon (and not your bathroom). This is great for creating beautiful waves while increasing the volume of your hair.,

    Promising review: "THIS PRODUCT IS TRULY EVERYTHING!!! It is lightweight, making it very easy to hold. The heat temperature on high is perfect — it's perfect to style hair without causing heat damage, the bristles are soft so hair slides through, and there's no breakage at all. The feature that I LOVE is that it has a cool setting to let curls cool down before releasing them (no need to use hot rollers). CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS HAIR TOOL. How I use it: I use the high setting on the roots all the way down to the ends, I rolled up the ends and leave it there for about 20 seconds (high setting), and then I put the cool setting on for about 10 seconds. Then I start unrolling the brush and gently remove it to reveal bouncy and natural-looking curls. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!" —FashionChic

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in two sizes).

    Read a BuzzFeed Editor's full hot air brush review!

    26. Heat Free Hair "For Kinks" Clip-Ins can be dyed or straightened to blend seamlessly with type-4 hair. And it doesn't have that weird residue or smell fresh out of the package.

    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    I have been eyeing Heat Free Hair for TEN YEARS because they are pricey. Now that I've gotten my hands on some clip-ins, I regret waiting so long because they're totally worth it. For context, I have 4B-4C hair. I'm not used to being able to use hair fresh out the box. However, this blends perfectly with my natural hair. Mind you, I installed these in like 20 minutes with minimal stretching. All I did was lightly detangle the hair and put it in where my hair was less dense. It's soft and doesn't have that weird "new hair" smell or waxy residue. You can tell that these were created by and for Black women. If you're a naturalista looking for an extra full Afro or a ponytail, try these — you won't regret it.

    Heat Free Hair is a Black woman–owned small business that makes hair extensions and wigs for Afro-textured hair. They sell lace fronts, wefted hair, full lace wigs, and clip-ins in a variety of textures.

    Promising review: "This is my third purchase of For Kinks in two years. I wear For Kinks full time, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! The texture is perfect, and I realize now the importance of buying from Black woman–owned businesses. We understand how curly hair is supposed to look, act, and function. For Kinks maintains a curl pattern no matter how many times it’s washed, and I consistently get compliments! I’m very happy using Camille Rose’s Curl Love, or Fresh Curl, or As I Am products to moisturize. In this last purchase, the color was a bit more medium brown than I was used to getting. A demi-permanent dark brown dye/rinse solved that issue quickly with no change in texture or quality from the hair. I’m interested in trying out other textures eventually, but this texture is my first love. :) If you’re on the fence about getting For Kink clip-ins, get the 20-inch — you won’t regret it." —Alison H.

    Get it from Heat Free Hair for $189+ (available in three sizes and four textures).

    27. Or Yummy Extensions Soft Kinks Clip-Ins will match slightly looser curls that have just a little more shine. Every set contains five clips and has cuticles that face the same direction to behave like your natural hair.

    The clip-ins
    Yummy Extensions

    I love wearing these clip-ins when my hair is slightly stretched. If I had 3C-4A hair, I would wear them more often. The hair is shiny, bouncy, and full of volume — without the weird new hair residue. The clips stay in place. Plus, they come in a very durable pink bag that's perfect for long-term storage.

    Yummy Extensions is a small, Black woman–owned brand that sells high-quality, virgin hair wigs, wefted hair, and clip-ins, in a variety of textures. Each piece is created with longevity, movement, and luster in mind.

    Get it from Yummy Extensions for $150+ (originally $175+; available in three lengths and three textures).

    28. Ilia's Necessary Eyeshadow palette features six blush tones that'll look great on anyone and travels well. It also comes in a warm version that has two shimmer and four matte shades.

    The eyeshadow palettes

    Promising review: "This is my second purchase of this palette, and the shades are beautiful and soft. I'm also going to try the warm palette. These shadows don't irritate my eyes or my contacts, and I love that they are cruelty-free." —mary jane l.

    Get it from Ilia for $38.

    29. Simplehuman's Sensor Mirror lights up as soon as it "sees" you. It's worth the splurge because stepping into better lighting and then realizing your makeup sucks is demoralizing.

    Mirror lit up and styled on a vanity

    It also magnifies up to 5x.

    Promising review: "I was very happy to find out Simplehuman offers this mirror. I prefer it over the other (wireless) sensor mirrors after reading countless reviews about the charger malfunctioning. The 5x magnification is perfect; I can see stray brow hairs without my contacts, and there is enough space between the mirror and my face in focus and full-view for makeup application. Brightness isn’t adjustable but is perfect — not too bright that it will hurt your eyes and bright enough for blending foundation and concealers so they look seamless. And at $150, I think it’s reasonable given the quality." —C

    Get it from Simplehuman for $300 or at Amazon for $299.99.

    30. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer opens your pores to make serums, exfoliants, and extractions more effective. Doing weekly steams with this can help you save money on facials.

    The steamer next to some beauty products
    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    After months of contemplation, I finally got my hands on one of these steamers. It's been a crucial part of my skincare routine ever since. Steam is great for opening pores for deep cleanses, serum application, and exfoliation. Using this steamer has saved me so much money on estheticians. All I need to do to nail a basic extraction between facials is this steamer and a pore vacuum. Since I test a lot of products, I found my skin relatively dry. Luckily, this steamer wonderfully hydrates my skin and wakes me up in the morning. The smell some reviewers have mentioned goes away after a few uses. It's definitely a splurge, but steaming has helped my skin a lot.

    Promising review: "My skin has never looked better!! This facial steamer purifies and hydrates my skin like no other. I’m left with clear, glowing skin every single time!" —jen101

    Get it from Sephora for $149.

    31. TonyMoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream hydrates all skin types. It's so, so lightweight and features more than 63% of green tea extract. This way you can retain moisture without getting too oily.

    The jar of cream

    "Chok chok" refers to ~super dewy, bouncy skin~ in Korean! 💦💦

    Promising review: "This is my favorite moisturizer for many reasons. Even though it doesn't have a lot of fancy ingredients, it's gentle, and the ingredients that are in it have low CosDNA (acne ingredient checker) scores. Its texture is really interesting as well; it's halfway between a jelly and a cream, and it melts into your skin easily. I've been cutting down on the products that I use in my skincare routine because I've realized that more products does not necessarily equate to better skin. For me, it's better to optimize my routine so that it's short but covers all the essential steps of skincare (cleansing, actives, and moisturizing). This is the ideal moisturizer for my oily, sensitive skin, so it's remained a staple in my routine." —Charlie

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (also available in toneressence, and lotion).

    32. iS Clinical Active Serum deposits mushroom extract and sugarcane into your skin for increased cell turnover and less discoloration.

    The serum and its dropper

    The brand is cruelty-free but not certified; their website says, "We never test on animals and do not use ingredients sourced from animals."

    Promising review: "HOLY GRAIL of skincare, almost as good as a retinol. Keeps breakouts at bay, heals existing ones. It also assists with smoothing out your complexion — just use it consistently, and you will see results." —Paul

    Get it from Amazon for $84+ (available in two sizes).

    Note: Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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