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Is Becky G's New Song "Break A Sweat" About Bottoming?

Take a deep breath before you proceed.

Even though Becky G had us singing in the shower last year, the Latina pop princess is back with a new song and it wants us to break a sweat all over our freshly showered bodies.

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BUT, from my personal experience, this song isn't just about breakin' a sweat at the gym — it's totally about bottoming. Let's take a deep breath and examine the evidence:

Bottom G starts the song off with lyrics that echo in every power bottom's ears while taking anything from a Vienna Sausage to a soda can. Take a moment to read for yourself:

Although some might say Becky is singing this chorus to her masc top, a bottom would know she's actually referring to herself here. Bottoming is a very mental and psychological career path — G is clearly just pumping herself up for the D.

Just like the lyrics in the third and fourth lines of the song, a bottom CANNOT and DOES NOT get tired until the job is done.

After refusing to get tired, a bottom always proceeds to "keep on doing it, doing it" — the same words Becky sings at the end of this bottom-centric chorus.

With the presented evidence and my experience in the field, I conclude the repeated chorus is Becks getting her head in the game... while the head is in her game.

Unlike the chorus, Becky G is now singing to her dom-top in the first verse. Please read over this verse a few times before you proceed:

As you probably noticed, this verse is all about a bottom letting the pending top know they are, in fact, a bottom.

How is this verse indicating one's bottom preference? Note these bottoming buzz words:

The pre-chorus that follows the first verse is JUICING of the bottom lifestyle. Observe for yourself:

I mean, the last two lines are BASICALLY the job description of a bottom.

Moving on to the second verse, it's finally time for the bottom to hop on the saddle. The whole song has led to this "GET IT IN ME" verse. Read for yourself:

"Oh me, oh my" stands out in this verse. Literally every bottom has thought "Oh me, oh my" upon entry. Even if your a black belt bottom, the initial arrival is always a shocking one.

If you haven't been convinced yet, the fourth line is a CLEAR giveaway this song is all about bottoming. You'd only talk about your bottoming hole in this fiery manner.

Now comes the bridge — LITERALLY. Read:

Who knows for certain the exact spelling of "coming" Becky G intended here, but she makes it pretty clear she wants "it" to keep "coming" — THE SOLE DUTY OF A BOTTOM.

She then begins to conclude the bridge with the line, "That's just the way I want it." Very suspicious because THAT'S ALSO THE WAY BOTTOMS WANT IT.

The chorus is then sung again for a final time as the outro begins to finish the song with an entirely new lyric "woo."

Similarly, once a bottom's duty is fulfilled, they are discharged of their responsibilities and typically celebrate. "Woo" is a celebratory word, no?