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    Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Couldn't Give Us A Serious Answer While We Interviewed Them With Puppies

    "I can't concentrate! There's too many puppies here!"

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    From their respective seasons on Saturday Night Live to leading box office hits on the silver screen, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler have become Hollywood's King and Queen of comedy. The hilarious duo recently combined forces for their upcoming movie The House, so we decided to ask them hilarious fan-submitted questions by members of the BuzzFeed Community with the help of some furry (and distracting) friends.

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    1. What's the funniest story from your Saturday Night Live days?


    Amy Poehler: When Will was there, it was my first year, so I was still trying to figure out where the bathrooms were.

    Will Ferrell: You didn't find out.

    AP: I never did. I always went where I stood.

    2. Did you learn anything new about each other while filming?


    WF: I learned that Amy loves reading palms...

    AP: Will, give your palm! I can read anyone's palm! [Looks at Will's palm] Lifeline, loveline, success, failure, these are your kids, the middle of your palm talks about what you want, the top of your hands talks about what you have...

    WF: It's a little obnoxious.

    AP: I learned that Will drives one of those recumbent bikes to work. He likes to lean back... that's how he gets everywhere in LA.

    WF: It's a good arm workout.

    AP: It takes him a really long time to get to set and he's gotten in quite a few accidents.

    WF: But I'm in really great shape!

    3. Who would win in a fight: Leslie Knope or Buddy the Elf?


    WF: I feel like Leslie Knope...

    AP: I think Leslie might win. I just feel like she knows a little bit more.

    WF: Buddy would just cry.

    AP: Buddy has the size...

    WF: He might inadvertently hurt Leslie. Like, fall on her.

    AP: Like an Of Mice and Men situation?

    WF: Exactly.

    4. What should I use as my senior quote next year?


    AP: I think the best yearbook quote would just be, "Covfefe."

    WF: Yeah, "Covfefe."

    5. What's the craziest thing you've done for your kids?


    AP: Did you ever bring your kids home a puppy?

    WF: I did...and then I had to take it away, like an hour later. It turns out they didn't deserve it.

    6. What's the most awkward moment you've had on set?


    AP: This is an awkward moment! [Points at two puppies licking each other]

    WF: Get a close-up, they're making out!

    AP: I guess it's when you try to do that and then your co-star's not ready for it.

    WF: Right. When you go to kiss them and then after a couple kisses, you try to kiss them in the private area โ€” that's an awkward moment! Which is what just happened.

    AP: These two puppies are reenacting a scene that Will and I did that got cut for time. It didn't test well.

    WF: It didn't test well.

    7. Is there any movie or TV show you did that you regret?


    WF: I really wish I hadn't gone back for the last season of ER.

    AP: That you had gone back?

    WF: No, that I hadn't! Because I had a great run as Dr. Peter Willoughby and they asked me to come back for one more season and it was done.

    8. If you switched bodies for a day, what would you do?


    AP: Gosh, what would I do? I'd probably get on the subway and just manspread as much as I could! I'd take up SO many seats!

    WF: If I were Amy, I'd love to buy an economy ticket on any airline and pretend like it was a king-size bed.

    9. What are Leslie Knope and Ron Burgundy up to now?


    AP: I can't concentrate! There's too many puppies here!

    WF: Does she [Leslie Knope] run a pet store now?

    AP: Yeah, I don't know, let me think of something! Um, she runs a pet store now with puppies running around!

    WF: Ron Burgundy is on his sailboat right now.

    To keep the laughs coming, make sure to check out Amy and Will in The House when it hits theaters on June 30th!

    And to learn more about how to adopt these insanely adorable puppies (or many others looking for a home), visit Wags and Walks Los Angeles Dog Rescue for more details.


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