Kim Kardashian's Attempt At A Kate Middleton Joke Has Sparked Strongly Divided Reactions

    Oh, Kimmy.

    Kim Kardashian made a Kate Middleton joke like a lot of other folks, only some readers didn't find it funny.

    Kim Kardashian in a strapless outfit at an event

    As you know, there's been a bunch of jokes and memes about Kate's whereabouts lately, as she's barely been seen since undergoing abdominal surgery in January.

    Kate Middleton smiling, wearing a blazer with long wavy hair, at a public event

    While Kensington Palace has insisted she's okay and "making good progress," speculation (and jokes) about her health increased after Kate shared a terribly edited photo of herself last week.

    Kate Middleton wearing a fascinatior and matching coat, earrings visible, smiling at an event

    So, yesterday, as the speculation about Kate continued, Kim posted a photo outside of her car, saying she was going to "find" her.

    Kim Kardashian taking a selfie in a car, wearing an off-the-shoulder outfit

    Some thought it was hilarious.

    "Not on my way to find Kate LMFAOOOOO," one person wrote.

    Instagram comment by user 'shamilrosario_' saying "Not on my way to find Kate LMFAOOOOO" with 9,050 likes

    "Why would you say that," another mused.

    A third fan called the caption "fucking incredible."

    While others called it "stupid" and "insensitive."

    Image of a social media comment by a user named 'liz_montes' with the text "Stupid caption" and 714 likes

    "Nothing like a celebrity who allegedly hates rumors, spreading rumors," one critic wrote.

    Social media comment critical of celebrity behavior, garnering numerous likes and replies

    Another person said it wasn't a laughing matter, noting that Kate is "probably going through hell."

    Instagram comment: "Not you trolling Kimmie, Kate probably going through hell" with 1,095 likes
    A screenshot of a social media comment reading "so out of touch" with 6 likes

    While a third wondered, "How low can you go, Kim? Poking fun at a wife and mother who has [been] and is seriously ill? Just wow."

    The image shows a screenshot of a social media comment criticizing Kim Kardashian's behavior

    Kim hasn't commented on the responses she received, but if she does, we'll let you know. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the joke below.