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The 31 Most Important Pugs Of 2013

2013 was the year of the pug.

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5. One of the many pugs who took over vine.

9. The chill gangster.

11. Norm the pug who revolutionized the world of pet selfies.

12. The pug who does not appreciate the loaded threats. Also, arguably the most important vine of all vines.

14. The fair ground pug.

17. The critic pug proved this year that he could critique more than just food.

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22. Rocco the pug wowed the world with his many wigs and basically redefined the wig industry as we know it. / Via

25. And remember how guilty Bandit felt this year??

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(the vid is from 2011 but it BLEW UP this year)

28. The pug who loves Homeward Bound as much as the rest of us was finally recorded.

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