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The 31 Most Important Pugs Of 2013

2013 was the year of the pug.

1. Obviously, we should start with the winner of all costume contests, human or otherwise.

2. The pug battling a hair dryer.

3. Xander, the blind therapy pug, overcame his own ailments to help humans in need.

Steve Silton / Via

4. The quintessential left out pug made a name for himself.

5. One of the many pugs who took over vine.

6. The vaseline bandit.

7. The pug who taught us all how to flirt.

8. The pug with his best friend.

9. The chill gangster.

10. All the pugs who helped with this romantic proposal.

Wendy Frink/The BarkPost

11. Norm the pug who revolutionized the world of pet selfies.

12. The pug who does not appreciate the loaded threats. Also, arguably the most important vine of all vines.

13. The extremely worried photobomber.

14. The fair ground pug.

15. The pug who went to a beach party and fell in love with a corgi.

16. The pug who fell in love with a lamb.

17. The critic pug proved this year that he could critique more than just food.

View this video on YouTube

Which, of course, gave us this gem of a GIF:

18. The pug who represented all of us, suffering from anticipated FOMO.

19. The Explorer, most likely the first pug in a boat. He was brave, he was terrified, he was pug.

20. All of these pugs who made this woman's life worth living.

21. These Avengers.

22. Rocco the pug wowed the world with his many wigs and basically redefined the wig industry as we know it.

23. And Pickles continued to astonish the world, modeling Etsy hats.

24. The delicious pugtato was "baked" this year.

25. And remember how guilty Bandit felt this year??

View this video on YouTube

(the vid is from 2011 but it BLEW UP this year)

26. Jesus Butt Pug.

Once again, this was from a different year, but it had a strong second coming this year.

27. Penny entered the world's ugliest dog competition and obviously lost because she's an adorable treasure.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / Via

28. The pug who loves Homeward Bound as much as the rest of us was finally recorded.

View this video on YouTube

29. The suspicious pug.

30. Pugs were FINALLY named "most majestic creatures" thanks to brave, magical pugs like this. / Via


31. Finally, the pug fest happened which allowed THIS magic to happen and we were all so thankful.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP / Via

Basically pugs were the most important part of 2013, hands down.


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