41 Reasons Why Pugs Are The Most Majestic Creatures On Earth

Pugs are pretty much better than every animal and person on this planet.

1. Let’s get right down to business… Pugs are majestic little lumps that emit rays of happiness and sunshine.

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2. They know how to get around town in style.

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3. They have a phenomenal work ethic.

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4. When you wrap them in blankets, they look like tiny clumps of joy and beauty.

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5. They barely even take up any space.

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6. They play a mean hand of poker.

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7. They jump up the stairs like tiny balls of lumpy cotton candy.

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8. They have a literally flawless sense of fashion.

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9. They’re basically dog royalty.

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10. Other animals respect their regal authority.

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11. They’re very classy eaters.

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12. They have a healthy distrust of babies.

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13. And they’re perfectly comfortable stealing the limelight when it rightfully belongs to them.

(Which is always.)

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14. They enjoy sticking their heads between peoples’ legs.

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15. They’re very determined.

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16. They have an extremely healthy appetite and know how to get what they want.

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17. They have fabulous wardrobes.

ID: 1647783

18. And flawless accessories.

ID: 1647887

19. And wonderful hair.

ID: 1647894

20. They know how to emote.

ID: 1647892

21. They know when to stay calm…

ID: 1647946

22. And when to get excited.

ID: 1647931

23. They can pretend to be humans and will probably take over the world at some point in history.

ID: 1647966

24. They know exactly when to wear the right pair of slippers.

ID: 1647984

25. They disprove of addicting habits.

ID: 1648034

26. They are pretty much always drop-dead gorgeous.

ID: 1648035

27. They are all actual Disney princesses and princes.

ID: 1648036

28. They have delicious taste.

ID: 1648037

29. They’re almost always wildly insane.

ID: 1648905

30. They know when to wear practical shoes.

ID: 1648302

31. They can take the perfect selfie.

ID: 1648324

32. They know when to defy the rules.

ID: 1648307

33. They can operate heavy machinery.

ID: 1648381

34. They know how to rightfully steal attention from other, less important beings.

ID: 1648383

35. They know when they need to keep each other in check.

ID: 1648390

36. They’ve mastered the perfect head tilt.

ID: 1648362

37. They are always beautiful and flawless.

ID: 1648912

38. And they have the most attitude out of any animal pretty much ever.

ID: 1648370

39. They are sassy and perfect.

ID: 1647755

40. They literally poop rainbows.

ID: 1648364

41. And they are basically the most magical and majestic creatures on this earth.

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