The Most Fabulous Pug Wig Model

Meet Rocco. He is gorgeous and so are his wigs.

Rocco is a pug that owns a lot of wigs. He models his wigs for his thousands of his Instagram followers. He is a beautiful free soul, and doesn’t give a fuck what you think about what he does in his free time.

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2. During the week, Rocco’s all business. It’s all so boring, corporate, and monotonous.

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3. But on the weekend, the wigs come out.

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4. His “wigspiration”, yes that’s a thing, is none other than Bret Michaels.

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5. “Every rose has its thorn,” says Rocco & and also Bret Michaels.

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6. He also loves his Christina Aguilera “Come On Over” music video wig.

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7. This is his wild look.

ID: 1741054

8. This one is more demure.

ID: 1741059

9. Katy Perry flair.

ID: 1741060

10. Blue babe bitch.

ID: 1741063

11. Who doesn’t love a good fro?

ID: 1741052

12. Shhh!… it’s a wig!

ID: 1741061

13. “It’s just fun to experiment with my looks,” says Rocco.

ID: 1741062

14. Dress up with a good friend.

ID: 1741066

15. So much fun.

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