24 Pug Puppies That Should Be Illegal

This is just not OK.

1. This little ball of pug stuffing.

Charges: Seven counts of napping under the influence.

ID: 1947548

2. This pug puppy who was very surprised by this empty bowl.

Charges: Four counts of eating all of the food in the bowl and pretending like it was empty the whole time.

ID: 1947496

3. These very happy running friends.

The Pet Collective / youtube.com / Via thehassasin.com

Charges: Three counts of eating grass and then throwing it up on the carpet.

ID: 1947497

4. This stumbling pug puppy and his very confused friend.

Charges: Seven counts of second-degree poop eating.

ID: 1947499

5. This hiccuping little bundle of fur.

Charges: Eleven counts of sleeping for 17 hours a day and not getting out of bed to use the bathroom.

ID: 1947528

6. This pug who is trying desperately to resist making out with his sleeping friend.

Charges: Three counts of snuggling under the influence of narcotics.

ID: 1947501

7. This puppy who’s just very confused by everything happening around her.

Charges: Four counts of ripping up the carpet and pretending not to know what really went down.

ID: 1947503

8. This bubble-bearded pug.

The Pet Collective / youtube.com / Via babyanimaltongues.tumblr.com

Charges: Six counts of peeing in the tub.

ID: 1947504

9. This pug who was so suddenly overcome by his own insufferable cuteness.

Charges: Two counts of first-degree face licking.

ID: 1947534

10. This puppy who cannot handle either this blade of grass or his more rambunctious puppy friend.


Charges: Eight counts of pooping a half-eaten balloon from the birthday party we had three weeks ago.

ID: 1947507

11. This wide-eyed little puddle of pug joy.

Charges: One count of eating the leftover Indian food he found in the garbage last night and three counts of horrific gas.

ID: 1947509

12. This puppy who’s fallen victim to his mom’s embarrassing pranks.


Charges: Five counts of third-degree nibbling of the face.

ID: 1947513

13. This pup who can barely contain her enthusiasm for this day.

Charges: Eighteen counts of spinning around so fast, throwing up and then licking it a little.

ID: 1947532

14. These Frenching pups.

Charges: Seven counts of gross public display of affection.

ID: 1947514

15. This pug puppy who is just very overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in the world.


Charges: One count of getting really excited about a toy and then never playing with it ever again even though it cost a lot of money.

ID: 1947518

16. This puppy enjoying a very nice chomp on her new toy.

Charges: Eleven counts of eating the plate of noodles someone left on the couch and pretending nothing happened.

ID: 1947527

17. This pup who wants very much to give you a nice hello.

Charges: Twenty counts of smothering.

ID: 1947535

18. This very happy pug puppy who is enjoying a nice afternoon in the arms of her best friend.

Charges: Twelve counts of bitter jealousy and intense violence when approached by another dog.

ID: 1947537

19. This pug who simply cannot handle the joy of this warm hair dryer.

The Pet Collective / youtube.com / Via pugs-are-amazing.tumblr.com

Charges: Two counts of third-degree rolling in a pile of dust after a bath.

ID: 1947539

20. This pup who has given up on his own life because he cannot handle his own adorableness.


Charges: Seven counts of gross neglect of responsibilities.

ID: 1947545

21. This pup who is very proud of her tiny teacup home.

Charges: Six counts of trying to get you to forget about your responsibilities by distracting you with a tiny teacup.

ID: 1947546

22. This hot dog.

Charges: Six counts of not enough ketchup.

ID: 1947579

23. These puppies who are very excited to be friends and to be running and to be puppies.

The Pet Collective / youtube.com / Via meeshmatched.tumblr.com

Charges: Eleven counts of gross and disorderly slobbering.

ID: 1947531

24. And this winking pup who knows just how innocent he really looks.

The Pet Collective / youtube.com / Via reddit.com

Charges: Seven counts of third-degree murder and armed robbery.

ID: 1947628

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