17 Of Your Favorite Celebs In Amazing Foreign Commercials

Who knew Nic Cage sang so passionately for a pin ball machine?

1. Here’s Britney Spears sellin’ some candy in Japan.

2. And Tommy Lee Jones hangin’ in Japan with a famous Shiba.

3. Chuck Norris is a wuss in the Czech Republic.

4. And Snoop sings in German?

5. Hugh Jackman get his dance on.

6. Nicole Kidman is really thirsty in French.

7. As is Uma Thurman.

8. Arnold is….well, still Arnold in Japan.

9. Leo doesn’t care about no Oscars in this Italian flower field.

10. …and then remembers when he goes to Japan and cares a lot about whiskey.

11. Cameron Diaz is also in Japan where she shows off dancin’ and talkin’ on the phone.

12. While Bruce Willis is super sleepy there.

13. Ben Stiller is literally Derek Zoolander.

14. Madonna likes to dance (duh).

15. This Hulk Hogan ad is basically a nightmare.

16. Harrison Ford can’t find his family.

17. And the best for last: a compilation of all of Nic Cage’s jaw-dropping commercials:

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