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20 Houses That Looks Like They Have Faces

Ever walked in a street and stared at a house and you feel like it looks like it's looking back at you? Your not alone. If you're looking for different house designs, check out different houses with faces!

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

The Restaurant’s Guide To Food Quality Control This Mother’s Day

Foodborne illness is a no-no. Customers trust restaurants to give them the best quality of food and service. Learn some restaurant’s guide to food quality control this Mother’s day!

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

A Toast For Sherlock

While waiting to Sherlock returns have some toast with these awesome British drinks. ~Brought to you by Learn2Serve

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

Top 5 Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that 1 in four deaths in the United States are caused by a heart ailment? That’s about 600,000 every year! This much is true, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. ~Brought to you by Learn2Serve.

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs You May Find In Your Kitchen

Looking for a way to put yourself and your significant other in the mood? Look no further—aphrodisiac foods you may not know about may just be hidden somewhere in your kitchen. Brought to you by Learn2Serve.

Cess Padilla 5 years ago Helps Cupid's Undie Run Raise Fund For CTF

Ready... Get Set... Go!!! Make your Valentine's Day count. Help raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation to help make people with Neurofibromatosis improve their lives.

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

Hot Restaurant Menu Trends For 2014

Food choices have definitely come a long way this year based on a number of industry forecasts released early this year. Here’s a compilation of the top food and beverage trends that we’ll be seeing more this year.

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

Sliced Ham Products Recalled For Listeria Monocytogenes Risk

The U.S. FSIS (U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service) announced that Gusto Packing of Montgomery, Illinois recalled approx. 67,113 lbs. of their sliced ham products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Cess Padilla 5 years ago

30 Easy Ways To Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is something most of us have been putting off for a long time. Be it lessening our carb intake or cutting down on sweets, we’re always off to a good start then lose the zeal to sustain it. Here’s a partial list of the ways you could eat healthy without having to restrict yourself and your diet. Brought To You By Learn2Serve

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

How Coffee Perks You Up—Literally And Figuratively Speaking

Now, there, there, calm down. I’ll tell you something you didn’t know—some fresh research on coffee! (I’m still actually dying to talk about mixing cocktails, TABC License, and Food Handlers Permit but let’s give it a rest for now. But we need some variety in our lives sometimes so let’s talk coffee.)

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

Five Perks Of Food Safety Training That You May Not Know About

What's so special about food safety training that it's a must for F & B professionals? Learn more about it.

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

17 Super Bowl Ads About Food And Alcoholic Drinks

Ever watched a Super Bowl commercial? Well you should some of those are really pretty good and some were also terrible. This list will get you entertained during the breaks and even some of the celebrities’ performances (that is if you didn't like 'em.) Super Bowl commercials about different food and alcoholic drinks.

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

Best Christmas Prank Ever!

If you have a history of heart attack or several other reasons... You might want to rethink watching this video...

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

Funny Scary Ghost Elevator Prank In Brazil

Just saw this video this morning and I thought I will be surprised (although it was really scary stuff) or something but then I found myself laughing so hard... Check it out!

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

5 Pinoy Foods You Should Try This Christmas

Christmas (or "Pasko" in Tagalog) is one of the best holidays of the year. Like in other countries, Filipinos also got there own list of must-eat foods in this coming holiday. Try out some of this food picks:

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

40 Images Of Santa And Crying Kids

We all know Santa Claus. He's on every songs, pictures, toys, and many more every Christmas. Most importantly he's the image of Christmas itself. But why is it that he makes kids cry...?

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

10 Christmas Songs About Food

Christmas is near and yes there will be lots of food picks but this list will make you even hungrier. Here are 10 Christmas songs that mentions food and/or drinks in their lyrics.

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods And Recipe

Having troubles in choosing your menu on Thanksgiving? This might get you an idea on what to prepare.

Cess Padilla 6 years ago

Something You May Have In Common With A Celeb (Food-Wise)

You’d think that with all their money, influence, and access to people of great persuasion celebs would choose something fancier (or healthier, at least).

Cess Padilla 7 years ago