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Hot Restaurant Menu Trends For 2014

Food choices have definitely come a long way this year based on a number of industry forecasts released early this year. Here’s a compilation of the top food and beverage trends that we’ll be seeing more this year.

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Locally-Sourced Food


The National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot in 2014 forecasts that a farm-to-table or sea-to-table trend will be taking over this year. Locally-sourced meat, seafood and produce will only become more in demand this year as consumers become more interested in the food they eat and where their food came from.

Tea-Flavored Everything


Tea is no longer just for drinking. Expect to see a number of tea-flavored desserts and entrees on restaurant menus in 2014 and beyond. Hospitality consultant Andrew Freeman also believes tea cocktails will be hot this year, in his interview with Nation's Restaurant News. This growing tea craze isn't a surprise, following the recent launch of Starbuck's tea bar, Teavana.

Ice Cream Sandwiches


Forget about cronuts. predicts that ice cream sandwiches will be a new menu staple in restaurants and food trucks across the states. (Can't wait to try one in salted caramel flavor or peanut butter!)

Cobb Salad


This year is the year of the humble Cobb salad, which has been reinvented this year, thanks to health buffs and foodies who are continuously rediscovering veggies and fruits (i.e. sweet potatoes, avocadoes and chanterelles) to use for this healthy and refreshing salad. Check out Martha Stewart's healthy version.

Bye, Bye Birdie


Say goodbye to everyone's go-to meat: chicken. According to Freeman's webinar, restaurants are exploring new territories by ditching chicken, and substituting it with "less conventional proteins" like catfish, goat meat and pork belly.



According to the New York Times, Today's Dietitian magazine predicts that gluten-free diets will be one of the biggest trends this year, based on the magazine's survey of over 500 dietitians in the US. The gluten-free Paleo diet will also receive some attention from the health-conscious types.

Craft soda


Just like craft beer, craft soda will be taking center stage this year, thanks to the market launch of homemade soda machine-makers like Sodastream. (With Scarlett Johannson being proclaimed as the brand's new ambassador, we won't be surprised if more homeowners, foodies or restaurant owners get in on this trend.)

Which menu trend would you like to see more this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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