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Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on Dec 18, 2013

Hot Guys With Huge Nips

This is for everyone who has ever wondered what Ryan Gosling would look like with massive nips.

10. Ryan Gosling's natural nips:

Ryan Gosling with cookie nips:

9. Channing Tatum's natural nips:

Channing Tatum with roni nips:

8. Harry Styles' natural nips:

Harry Styles with really puffy nips:

7. Robb Stark's natural nips:

Robb Stark with pancake nips:

6. Joe Manganiello's natural nips:

Joe Manganiello with baloney nips:

5. Matt Bomer's natural nips:

Matt Bomer with saucer nips:

4. Taylor Lautner's natural nips:

Taylor Lautner with frisbee nips:

3. Justin Bieber's natural nips:

Justin Bieber with dinner plates (for nips):

2. Jared Leto's natural nips:

Jared Leto with manhole covers:

1. Dave Franco's natural nips:

Dave Franco with legitimately terrifying nips:

Thank you for your time.