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Hot Guys With Huge Nips

This is for everyone who has ever wondered what Ryan Gosling would look like with massive nips.

10. Ryan Gosling's natural nips:

Ryan Gosling with cookie nips:

9. Channing Tatum's natural nips:

Channing Tatum with roni nips:

8. Harry Styles' natural nips:

Harry Styles with really puffy nips:

7. Robb Stark's natural nips:

Robb Stark with pancake nips:

6. Joe Manganiello's natural nips:

Joe Manganiello with baloney nips:

5. Matt Bomer's natural nips:

Matt Bomer with saucer nips:

4. Taylor Lautner's natural nips:

Taylor Lautner with frisbee nips:

3. Justin Bieber's natural nips:

Justin Bieber with dinner plates (for nips):

2. Jared Leto's natural nips:

Jared Leto with manhole covers:

1. Dave Franco's natural nips:

Dave Franco with legitimately terrifying nips:

Thank you for your time.