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    20 Houses That Looks Like They Have Faces

    Ever walked in a street and stared at a house and you feel like it looks like it's looking back at you? Your not alone. If you're looking for different house designs, check out different houses with faces!

    1. The Amazed House #1

    Flickr: joseanavas


    2. The Angry Bird House

    Flickr: ziopaopao

    Definitely looks like the yellow angry bird.

    3. The Ho Ho Ho and Bleh House

    Flickr: thedentures

    1st house: "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

    2nd house: "..." (Why do I have to be built next to him...)

    4. House That Ate Way Too Much Candy

    "Do you have a candy?"

    5. The Cat-faced House

    Flickr: sreed99342

    "OMG! Where's my ears!!!"

    6. The Cute-face House

    Flickr: thedentures


    7. Demon-face on a House

    Flickr: courregesg

    (Way too creepy!)

    8. The Dog-looking House

    Flickr: rust

    "Wooof! Woooof! Wooof!"

    9. The Domo Look-a-like House

    Flickr: zhuang77

    Definitely looks like Domo-kun.

    10. The House that Feels Blue #1

    Not sure why this house was down but it definitely is painted all over it's face.

    11. The Funny House

    "Even the kids love me..." <3

    12. The Smiling Clown House

    Flickr: kosmonautica

    A clown with a red pointed hat!

    13. The Amazed House #2

    "Ha! What's That!"

    14. The Fat-Hairy House

    Flickr: mandragor

    "I think I need to have a new haircut..."

    15. The Happy-looking House

    It's having a good feeling today...

    16. The Bright and Happy House

    "Hello sunshine!"

    17. The Hitler-looking House


    18. The House that Feels Blue #2

    Flickr: marcel-more

    Another house feels blue.. and looks blue.

    19. The Amazed House #3

    20. The Idol-looking House


    The owner must love idols.

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