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46 Things Every Grown Woman Should Know

Approach adulthood like the boss bitch you are. (Or at least know how to fake it.)

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4. How to ask for a raise.

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You should be getting paid what you're worth. Not happy that Mike does the same thing as you but gets paid more? Bloody well do something about it. (Whinging about it in the pub after work doesn't count as "something".)

7. What your actual bra size is.

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Go to your local department store, see one of the nice ladies in the lingerie section, and GET FITTED. Bearing the wrong bra size is not only uncomfortable, but it can actually damage breast tissue. Precious, precious breast tissue.

9. When to stop waiting for him to call you back.

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Did he say that he'd call you and he hasn't? Remember that "he's just not that into you" thing? Yeah. This is a case of that, and that's OK.

17. Stop hanging out with people you don't have fun with or feel uncomfortable around.

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If you feel judged or like there just something isn't right about your friendship with someone, what's the point in stressing yourself out over it? Break up with them — both online and IRL.

20. ... and take up some sort of physical activity!

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Whether it's Bikram yoga or cycling or hiking or maybe even some ridiculous dance class, work out your body. As Caitlin Moran put it, exercise your body like it's a dog. You make sure your pet has enough exercise, why aren't you doing the same for yourself?

25. How to say no more often.

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Say no to dinner, say no to the charity worker who wants to stop you in the street for your bank details, say NO to person who wants you to move your bag off the train seat so they can sit. JUST SAY NO, it will make you feel ALIVE.

28. How to tell a hairdresser the way to cut and style your hair.

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If you don't like fringe, or a side part, or how they hack off four inches at a time when you just wanted a trim, bloody well tell them so.

34. If you're in a shop that makes you feel 100 years old, you probably won't like the clothes that much.

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If Forever 21 makes you feel Forever 87, get the hell out of there and head for Gap. Don't do that to yourself, girl.

36. Know your own mental health.

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Learn how to respect your own, highly unique mental health. Everyone deals with things differently, so be kind to your mind. If you're struggling to deal with stuff, there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting it or getting help from your GP or a therapist to help you cope. Your mind is a beautiful thing, nurture it.

46. Give yourself a damn break, girl.

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You're harder on yourself than anyone else even could be.

Take a hot bath. Order a stuffed-crust pizza. Order champagne. Do whatever makes you happy and feel relaxed. TREAT YO'SELF.

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