22 Things Only A Boss Bitch Will Understand

You don’t compare yourself to others because there is no comparison.

1. Your confidence has often been described as “intimidating.”

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2. And because people are intimidated by you, you’ve learned to deal with haters.

As in: You brush them off your shoulder the moment you meet ‘em.

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3. Because you speak your mind people often hate on you, but you don’t take shit from anyone ever.

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4. You’re about 10 steps ahead of everyone else, which tends to be a problem.

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Truth time: Not everyone can keep up with a boss bitch. That’s just their lot in life.

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5. Your ambition knows no bounds, and you aren’t afraid to cut a bitch if they get in your way.

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6. Significant others can have a hard time understanding how fiercely independent you are.

But the fact is your happiness doesn’t come from other people, it comes from yourself.

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7. But when you are in a relationship, you OWN THAT SHIT.

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8. You’ve learned to rein your boss bitch ‘tude in when you’re around basics.

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9. It’s really hard for other people to insult you, like, nearly impossible.

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10. Finding a role model to look up to can be difficult, because you’re typically at the top of your game.

You don’t compare yourself to others, because there’s no comparison.

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11. You don’t need anyone to crown you in order for you to be the ~queen~.

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12. You’ve been described as “cocky,” when really you’re just confident.

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13. You don’t hate on others’ success, but you know you could do it better.

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14. You’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain to others that you are THE bitch, not THEIR bitch.

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15. You’ve mastered the fine line between being assertive and a jerk, but even so, some people can’t handle that.

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16. You give credit where credit is due… but the problem is that it’s usually due to you.

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17. Because you have strong opinions, people think they can call you names. (But you know better.)

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18. Some people have accused you of working “too hard,” as if that’s even a thing.

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19. You have a hard time connecting to people who don’t share your insane work ethic.

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20. Because you’re so on top of your own shit, others assume you can also do their work for them.

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Nope, you can’t, actually.

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21. Getting paid what you deserve (and more) isn’t always easy, but you’ve thrown down to get what you want.

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22. Bottom line: You love yourself inside and out, and if others can’t handle that… get out the way.

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P.S. In case you’re not a boss bitch yet, here’s your official guide. You’re welcome.

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