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    28 Of The Best "Saturday Night Live" Characters Of All Time

    Drunk Uncle, at your service.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Saturday Night Live sketches. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. The Spartan Cheerleaders


    Played by: Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell

    Highlight: When Arianna and Craig do roll call at a seriously heated chess tournament. And, remember...they don't do drugs — OK, Craig did them once — so check them out!

    —Sophie Reynolds, Facebook

    2. Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker


    Played by: Chris Farley

    Highlight: Yup, that divorced guy who lives down by the river definitely just broke that table in half. Feeling motivated yet?

    —Sophie Reynolds, Facebook

    3. Debbie Downer


    Played by: Rachel Dratch

    Highlight: Let's all say it together in one...two...three...THE DISNEYLAND ONE. Dratch attempting to keep it together in "Debbie Downer: Happiest Place on Earth?" is always wholly gratifying.

    —Elizabeth Michael, Facebook

    4. Sue (who loves surprises)


    Played by: Kristen Wiig

    Highlight: "Oh. My. God." takes on a whole new meaning when Christopher Walken clues Sue in on a surprise party. SHE JUST CAN'T HELP IT, OK?!

    —Keila Nicole Mingo, Facebook

    5. Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb


    Played by: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

    Highlight: The "Barry Gibb Talk Show" stars' make eye contact around the 2:30 mark and you just know a breakdown is coming.

    —Sam Kay, Facebook

    6. The Festrunk Brothers


    Played by: Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin

    Highlight: When the two wild and crazy guys prepare to have two American "foxes" over for some Czech brother fun.

    —Ashley Michalak, Facebook

    7. Chippendales Dancers


    Played by: Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze

    Highlight: You know, around 1:50 when Farley's shirt comes off.

    —Kally Rogers, Facebook

    8. Roger and Virginia Klarvin (from "Love-ahs in the Hot Tub")


    Played by: Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch

    Highlight: Not only is "Love-ahs in the Hot Tub" memorable for Jimmy Fallon losing it, but it's also impossible to forget the image of Dratch and Ferrell enjoying spiced meats together while soaking in hot water with strangers.

    —Renee Miller, Facebook

    9. Stefon


    Played by: Bill Hader

    Highlight: When the outrageous city correspondent returns to share his Halloween tips. Everyone's going to Jellybowls later, right?

    —Alexandra Konigsburg, Facebook

    10. Gilly


    Played by: Kristen Wiig

    Highlight: When Gilly chucks a cherry pie at Sofia Vergara and then hides behind a female anatomy statue. But it's OK because she's really sorry, you guys.

    —Ana Annicchiarico, Facebook

    11. The Various "-Ville" Characters


    Played by: Justin Timberlake

    Highlight: Let's all remember the OG "OmeletteVille" sketch where J.T. sings his heart out in the spirit of eggs.

    —Brittney M. Chaloupka, Facebook

    12. Alex Trebek


    Played by: Will Ferrell

    Highlight: There's nothing quite like watching a stone-faced Trebek try and calmly deal with Connery when he says something like, "I'll take 'The Rapists' for $200."

    —Erinne Beachler, Facebook

    13. Phillip the Hyper-Hypo


    Played by: Mike Myers

    Highlight: When he has a pleasant chat with six-year-old Nicole Kidman about where "milk comes for the babies."

    —Glen LeBarr, Facebook

    14. Drunk Uncle


    Played by: Bobby Moynihan

    Highlight: When Drunk Uncle had a lot to say about Christmas and faxing hugs.

    —Delphine Meyer, Facebook

    15. The Samurai


    Played by: John Belushi

    Highlight: Any time Belushi takes out his sword to do pretty much any task.

    —Chris Coyle, Facebook

    16. The Gap Girls


    Played by: Chris Farley, David Spade, and Adam Sandler

    Highlight: At 2:35 when Farley politely and calmly tells his gal pals to lay off him.

    —Jennifer Haynie, Facebook

    17. Kaitlin


    Played by: Amy Poehler

    Highlight: When Kaitlin's excitement about being a co-junior bridesmaid goes to her head and results in her talking about her dreams of getting married under a waterfall and rainbow.

    —Danielle Beth, Facebook

    18. Garth and Kat


    Played by: Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig

    Highlight: Just because Garth and Kat are late doesn't mean they don't have several joyous spring-themed songs to sing.

    —Harry Alty, Facebook

    19. Mister Robinson


    Played by: Eddie Murphy

    Highlight: When Mister Robinson teaches his viewers how to make some money during the summer by being an "ontapanure."

    —Molly Pletenycky, Facebook

    20. Gene Frenkle (from "More Cowbell")


    Played by: Will Ferrell

    Highlight: That. Belly. Tho.

    —John Romaro, Facebook

    21. Wayne and Garth (from "Wayne's World")


    Played by: Mike Myers and Dana Carvey

    Highlight: When Wayne and Garth discuss the best and worst of summer 1991. Sorry, Patrick Swayze.

    —Kiki Kubacki, Facebook

    22. Roseanne Rosannadanna


    Played by: Gilda Radner

    Highlight: Roseanne Rosannadanna has a lot of feelings about smoking and her killer body that she's not going to waste on a bunch of ladies in a health club.

    —Joelle Jordan, Facebook

    23. Nadeen


    Played by: Cheri Oteri

    Highlight: Literally anytime she says, "simmah down now."

    —Shamarie Horn, Facebook

    24. Target Lady


    Played by: Kristen Wiig

    Highlight: When Target Lady chats with a customer about lesbian stereotypes and her adult slide that is just way too fast.

    —Kaitlyn Whiteside, Facebook

    25. Diondre Cole and Co. (from "What Up With That?")


    Played by: Keenan Thompson and various cast members

    Highlight: Honestly, it's always the musical intro. Always.

    —Emily McCadden, Facebook

    26. The Californians


    Played by: Various cast members

    Highlight: "Get back on San Vicente, take it to the 10, then switch over to the 405 North, and let it dump you onto Mulholland where you belong."

    —John Romaro, Facebook

    27. Enid Strict, The Church Lady


    Played by: Dana Carvey

    Highlight: When the Church Lady accuses everyone and their mother about being a little too cozy with Satan.

    —Azure Adams, Facebook

    28. Mary Katherine Gallagher


    Played by: Molly Shannon

    Highlight: In "St. Monica's Spelling Bee" when Mary Katherine Gallagher casually smells those sweet, sweet fingers.

    —Matt Cormier, Facebook

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