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11 Printable Holiday Cards That Perfectly Represent Your Family

Looking for the perfect holiday card that’s “so you” this season? We got you covered! Express your creativity when you print your cards at home with a Canon PIXMA printer!

15 Signs You're Completely Useless Without Technology

When phones fail, the world is an unfamiliar place. Use the Canon PIXMA before you're forced into a digital detox.

15 Useful And Artsy Things You Never Knew You Could Print At Home

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15 Ways To Flawlessly Capture Your Vacation In Ways People Actually Want To See

Make magic — the power is yours. Explore and capture the world with Canon’s breathtaking lens offerings.

What Kind Of Photographer Are You, Actually?

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20 Photos That Prove Alaska Is Pure Bliss In The Summertime

It's summertime up north, and the living's easy. Here are what 21 hours of daylight look like from behind a Canon lens:

13 Signs You Were Born With A Camera In Your Hand

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16 Dogs Who Refuse To Let Winter Win

A cold walk is better than no walk at all. Warm up to these bundled pups, all captured on a Canon PowerShot camera. If winter isn't getting to them, why let it get to you?

12 Glorious Street Foods That Deserve To Be Photographed

Foodie photographers unite! Check out these gems we captured at a Brooklyn food market, and you'll want to grab a Canon PowerShot to do the same. The most glorious food comes out of a paper bag.

19 Styles You'll Find On One Williamsburg Street Corner

Fashionable people alert! Check out this wide array of looks captured in a single afternoon with a Canon PowerShot camera. You'll start to believe that Williamsburg is just as trendy as TV told you it is.

18 Moments You Must Capture Before Fall Ends

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it — grab a Canon PowerShot AND SNAP A PIC BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

16 Photos You'd Never Believe Were Taken In New York City

Don't be mistaken — this concrete jungle has some real jungle too. Check out what two BuzzFeeders were able to find with just two days, five boroughs, and one Canon PowerShot camera.

14 Things You Can Only See In New York

New York City's a place like none other. You never know what amazing sights you'll come across in the Big Apple, so always be ready to capture the moment with a new Canon PowerShot camera.

A Guide To Five Things You Should Do In NYC This Summer

NYC isn't just Times Square and Broadway shows. Canon brought amazing 3D art to the streets of New York to show that awesome things are all around you if you just keep your eyes open. The 3D art they created is the inspiration behind this great tour of NYC. You never know what sights you'll come across, so always be ready to capture the moment with a new Canon PowerShot camera.

24 Reasons Why 3D Street Art Is The Best

Things are not always as they seem. Be ready to capture all those special moments with a new Canon PowerShot.

16 Pet Portraits That Belong In A Museum

Or maybe they deserve a museum of their own. Start taking better pet pics yourself with a new Canon PowerShot.

14 Unique Perspectives On Travel Photography

There's no better artistic inspiration than travel. Upgrade your own vacation scrap books with a new Canon PowerShot.

14 Architectural Photos That Will Make You Look At Buildings Differently

They're not all right angles and two-by-fours. Discover what shots you can capture with a new Canon PowerShot.

30 Amazing Summer Sunsets To Help You Feel Zen

Feeling stressed at work today? Put on some Enya and imagine a cool summer breeze blowing through your hair - then enjoy these gorgeous sunsets and discover the power of the shot with a Canon camera. Then use our Canon photo-strip tool to upload your favorite pics. See how you stack up to other BuzzFeed users and share them with your friends.