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36 GIFs That Will Immediately Take You Back To Your '90s Childhood

Nostalgia is good for the soul.

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Ah, the '90s, when being a kid meant:

1. Wanting to have everything in Arnold's room.

Nickelodeon / Via

Is there even anyone else on his level?

2. The emotional blow that was this scene.

Disney / Via

"Help.. somebody... anybody..."

3. The wise wise man that was Mr. Feeny.

Is there even anyone else on his level?

4. Being impressed by TOTALLY colorful neon graphics!

5. The wonderful feeling of renting a new game or movie at Blockbuster.

Could life get any better?

6. Getting the one Rugrats watch you wanted in your Burger King kid's meal.

Totally tubular Tommy!

7. Being reenergized after the opening titles of Kablam!

Nickelodeon / Via

*Preps self for Action League Now*

8. Drinking the delicious leftover cookie milk after Oreo O's.

The perfect balance of sugar and creme.

9. Aspiring to be as cool as Daria.


Those glasses...

10. Trying not to get hit in the face while playing with a Sky Dancer.

"She's so beautiful."

11. Reliving the story of Aladdin in video game form.

Sega / Disney

*blows into cartridge*

12. Getting home from school and checking out your favorite artists on TRL.


Get it Britney.

13. The joy you got from making Push Pop fingers.

The sticky, weirdly sexual joy.

14. Dreaming about the day you could be a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Nickelodeon / Via

Team Green Monkeys all the way!

15. Being totally creeped out by Lickitung's tongue after school.

4Kids Entertainment


16. Memorizing every dance move from the "Say You'll Be There" video.


17. Knowing Stick Stickly was the greatest afternoon host of all time.


"Write to me, Stick Stickly, P.O. Box 963, New York City, New York State."

18. Dancing along with the WB frog.

WB / Via


19. Trying your best to recreate the Leaning Tower of Cheese-a with Cheez Whiz.


And watching "Dr. Looney's Remedy" before the movie started on VHS.

20. Being completely freaked out by Gushers commercials.

... and secretly wanting to turn into a strawberry.

21. Learning the greatest dance ever.

"Jump on it!"

22. Doing this at every family party.

23. Craving Strawberry Bubble Yum (with 2% APPLE juice concentrate).

"But moooooom, it's made with real apples."

24. The frustration of trying to keep your Tamagotchi alive.

And if it died, you could just reset it with a paper clip and pretend you weren't a horrible digital pet owner.

25. Waking up early just for 1 Saturday Mornings...

ABC / Disney


26. ... and Pepper Ann's sass.


Too real Pepper Ann, too real.

27. Desperately wanting your fortune read by Miss Cleo.

28. The struggle of wanting to be a Zoom kid.

PBS / Via

I can craft and tell funny knock-knock jokes too.

29. When all you wanted to do was eat at Good Burger.


"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?"

30. Wondering if you had a secret twin out in the world...


I just know it.

31. ... because they were popping up everywhere.


32. Trying to get all the red coins on your way to Bowser.


Freakin' electro-orb things...

33. Stocking up on all the Goosebumps books.

*turns off all the lights and hides under covers*

34. Being mesmerized by this screensaver.

Microsoft Windows


35. Getting absurdly frustrated trying to connect online with dial up...


And the ear-shattering shriek it made as you struggled to connect to the world.

36. ... and finally mastering the art of IMing.

AOL / Via

BRB trying to craft the perfect away message.

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