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    30 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Were Over 12 In 1999

    And yes, this was almost 20 years ago.

    1. Getting McDonald's gift certificates from your relatives that looked like this:

    2. Using Google meant having a homepage that was, um, more janky looking.

    3. Remembering to carry around your Subway Sub Club card so that you could earn that FREE sandwich.

    4. Not really getting why Britney Spears' Rolling Stone cover was so controversial.

    5. Living for the "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketches (mainly for Daryl Hammonds’ Sean Connery) on SNL.

    6. There being a Millennium edition of EVERYTHING.

    7. Reading movie guides at Barnes and Noble and never buying them.

    8. Wanting every Gap fragrance (to wear on different days in the week).

    9. Singing along to the Gap's "Everybody In..." commercials.

    10. Ordering CDs through Columbia House's Play (and still not paying for them).

    11. Not being able to step into a store without seeing Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace merchandise.

    12. People waiting in line in front of movie theaters for DAYS before The Phantom Menace opened.

    13. Getting excited about DVD technology, but realizing it was so expensive.

    14. Janine Lindemulder staring at you from the cover of Blink-182's Enema of the State.

    15. Downloading MP3s on Napster.

    16. Fruitopia (aka the nectar of the gods) vending machines.

    17. Owning this soundtrack because of Lenny Kravitz's cover of "American Woman" and Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger":

    18. Wanting Old Navy's item of the week...which was usually performance fleece.

    19. How cool TLC looked dancing in a futuristic space ship in their video for "No Scrubs."

    20. Watching Backstreet Boys' fans shutting down Times Square when the guys appeared on TRL.

    21. Loving Lauryn Hill's iconic Grammys sweep.

    22. Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover of every teen magazine.

    23. And all of these being the ultimate teen movies:

    24. Watching Diana Ross grab Lil' Kim's breast at the VMAs.

    25. Anytime you thought of Ricky Martin you pictured him dancing in front of a checkered background with frosted tips in the music video for "Livin' la Vida Loca."

    26. ~Wondering~ how Jennifer Lopez had such a clear webcam video in her music video for "If You Had My Love."

    27. Owning a portable CD player that looked like a mini-UFO.

    28. Wanting an EVERY color.

    29. Carrying around money that looked like this:

    30. And finally, there being Y2K warnings everywhere: