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Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2014

29 Movies That Are Turning 20 Years Old In 2015

Basically every movie you loved as a kid came out in 1995.

1. Babe


Fun fact: Babe was played by 48 different pigs — also they were all female.

2. Clueless


Fun fact: Sarah Michelle Gellar was offered the role of Cher Horowitz but was forced to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with her filming schedule on All My Children — the TV show she was appearing on at the time.

3. Casper


Fun fact: Casper was the first feature-length movie to have a CGI character interact with live actors.

4. Friday

New Line

Fun fact: Friday was the first feature-length film Ice Cube ever wrote. Since then he has written 11 more.

5. Empire Records

Warner Bros.

Fun fact: Tobey Maguire — who was at the time an unknown actor — played a character named Andre in the movie, but all his scenes were cut from the final film.

6. Billy Madison


Fun fact: In the dodgeball scene some of the kids did really cry after being hit by the ball.

7. The Brady Bunch Movie


Fun fact: Christine Taylor, who played Marcia, also played the same role three years earlier in The Real Live Brady Bunch — which was a stage show that recreated classic Brady Bunch episodes.

8. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar


Fun fact: It took Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo six hours to get into full makeup, hair, and costume, at which point they had to shave their faces again.

9. Apollo 13


Fun fact: The weightlessness scenes were real. They were filmed using NASA’s zero-gravity airplane, the KC-135A.

10. Showgirls

United Artists

Fun fact: It was the first NC-17–rated film to get a wide studio release.

11. Kids

Miramax Films

Fun fact: The movie was both Rosario Dawson's and Chloë Sevigny's very first film roles.

12. The Usual Suspects

Gramercy Pictures

Fun fact: The film's director, Bryan Singer, convinced each of the main cast members — Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, and Kevin Pollak — privately that they were actually the mysterious crime boss Keyser Söze. It wasn't until an early screening of the film that the whole cast found out the true plot twist.

13. Casino


Fun fact: Madonna was director Martin Scorsese's original choice to play the role of Ginger; however, Sharon Stone convinced Scorsese to give her the role. It paid off: Stone was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.

14. Seven

New Line

Fun fact: Denzel Washington turned down the role of David Mills, because he felt the film was too dark — the role then went to Brad Pitt. Washington later regretted his decision after seeing the film.

15. Bad Boys


Fun fact: Arsenio Hall turned down the role of Mike Lowry; the role was then offered to Will Smith.

16. Die Hard With a Vengeance

20th Century Fox

Fun fact: Sean Connery turned down the role of Simon Gruber; the role then went to Jeremy Irons.

17. Heat

Warner Bros.

Fun fact: After the movie's release, a strange rumor spread that Al Pacino and Robert De Niro never appeared in the same shot together. This was totally untrue, as they appear together in the restaurant scene and toward the end of the film.

18. GoldenEye


Fun fact: Pierce Brosnan has never liked his portrayal of James Bond.

19. Braveheart


Fun fact: Both Braveheart and Apollo 13 were nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture — which Braveheart would go on to win — and as a gag, Mel Gibson took out an ad which read, "For Your Consideration Best Moon Shot," and accompanying it was a photo of the scene of Scottish army mooning the English.

20. Pocahontas


Fun fact: Disney thought that Pocahontas would be a more successful film than The Lion King — both films were produced at the same time. Disney even put their top "A-Team" animators on the film, while their “B-Team” animators worked on The Lion King.

21. Now and Then

New Line

Fun fact: This was the second movie that year that featured Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa as boyfriend and girlfriend — the first was Casper.

22. Waiting to Exhale

20th Century Fox

Fun fact: Forest Whitaker, who directed the film, also directed Whitney Houston's music video for "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)," the lead track from the movie's soundtrack.

23. Sense and Sensibility

Columbia Pictures

Fun fact: Emma Thompson was only able to write the script after she convinced herself that the movie would never be made. Thompson went on to win the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

24. Don Juan DeMarco

New Line Cinema

Fun fact: Johnny Depp agreed to star in the film only if Marlon Brando co-starred.

25. A Goofy Movie


Fun fact: The character of Powerline was modeled after Michael Jackson and Prince.

26. Batman Forever

Warner Bros.

Fun fact: Tim Burton was originally supposed to direct Batman Forever — with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman — but after the second installment of the franchise, Batman Returns, was deemed too dark for children, he was dropped from the project and replaced with Joel Schumacher.

27. Tom and Huck


Fun fact: The film was Jonathan Taylor Thomas' second Disney film that year. His first was Man of the House, co-starring Chevy Chase.

28. Jumanji

Columbia Pictures

No-so-fun fact: The movie is scheduled for a remake.

29. Toy Story

Disney/ Pixar

Fun fact: The movie almost didn't get made. In 1993, Pixar showed Disney early reels and storyboards for the movie. Disney was unimpressed, as they felt that both Woody and Buzz were sarcastic, unlikeable characters and that the movie was not fun. Fearful that Disney would kill the project, the film's director, John Lasseter, along with the producers and writers, set out to turn the movie around, and they did it in just three months.

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